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on April 13, 2023

     Lonnie Willoughby is the founder and director of our Americans 4 Justice-SC educational services.

     As educated, trained, and experienced educators, Lon and Janie Willoughby wanted to develop very important and very valuable badly needed natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services for selected patriotic-minded natural-born American citizens who are also Christian-oriented.

     Lon and Janie also wanted to develop a commission payment system that would generously reward A4J club members who voluntarily help ABC of Health find "qualified visitors" who might be interesting in joining our Americans 4 Justice Private Education Club(Our A4J private education club members) 

     Working together as an education team, Lon and Janie Willoughby worked on developing a new website for ABC of Health, and that project turned into a lengthy two-part autobiographical report about Lon's life.

     This website project consumed thousands of hours of their work time over a period of about nine years.  They got a lot of this revolutionary new introductory educational website work accomplished for preliminary Internet display by December 21, 2021

     However, they were not yet ready for ABC of Health to begin offering natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services for sale to selected "qualified visitors" in the upstate area of South Carolina.  Lon and Janie still had to develop a practical marketing and sales program for ABC of Health.     

     This introductory educational website also needed to enable ABC of Health to educate "qualified visitors" about the exciting network marketing sales program that Lon and Janie responsibly developed since December 21, 2021

     That developmental work involved a lot of complex website development work and Internet type work and "network marketing" type computer software work. That work was almost completed by July 1, 2023

     Our A4J club members will now have access to six very important categories of educational services that can enhance the quality of their life. 

     Lon and Janie developed an exciting innovative "network marketing" advertising system that can enable our A4J private education club members to earn generous affiliate awards (commission income) in a very easy, dignified, and very convenient part-time "work from home Internet advertising education business" that is very important to their future. 

     This very important part-time "advertising work" can be accomplished conveniently from home by A4J club member sales affiliates who have good access to the Internet at their home. 

     Remarkably, this very easy "advertising work" does not require much time or much effort for A4J sales affiliates to begin earning sales affiliate    awards (finder's fee commission income).

     New A4J club members will be "qualifiable American adult citizens" ("qualified visitors") who  want to learn very important and very valuable information about some of the six-category vital education subjects that ABC of Health presents for education of our A4J private education club members

     Lon developed a very good way for ABC of Health to reward A4J club members financially when they help us find new A4J club members.

     ABC of Health will provide each A4J private education club member with opportunities to help us (ABC of Health) advertise our vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services to some of their known local apparently "qualified visitor" contacts

     From Lon Willoughby's years of past experiences with Multi-level Marketing (MLM) sales type companies, he realized that "network marketing" sales concepts was the ideal way to accomplish our objective of enabling A4J club members to have many opportunities to earn easy-to-achieve affiliate awards (finder's fee sales commissions). 

     These affiliate awards will exceed $140 each, and they can be $200, $250, $300, or even more in some new A4J club membership situations.

     The commission amount varies according to the first-year club membership dues fee amount paid by a new club member.  That amount can vary with each new club member as explained later herein.

     A4J sales affiliates earn a generous percentage of the first-year dues fee that a new A4J club member pays for their first year of educational services.

     Those are very generous affiliate awards for  referring an apparently "qualified visitor" to this introductory educational website and then  following up with them afterwards to encourage them to responsible review this very important and valuable website

     The affiliate award will be paid promptly by ABC of Health for each apparently "qualified visitor" who goes forward and qualifies security-status wise and then voluntarily joins our Americans 4 Justice private education club for their first-year of remarkable educational services.  

Lon's MLM Marketing

Sales Experiences

     Fortunately, during a period of 30+ years, Lonnie Willoughby had gained some very valuable MLM experience while working with several MLM type marketing companies.

     He understood well that the "core concept" of Multi-level Marketing (MLM) sales companies was "network marketing" for sales of special quality products or special services by direct sales by MLM sales affiliates

     Lon recognized this as a truly brilliant sales concept, and he wanted to use some of those remarkable marketing and sales concepts in developing a marketing and sales program for ABC of Health to use for our revolutionary natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational sales services.

      "Friends helping friends" learn about special products or special services to purchase is typically the core sales concept of MLM type sales companies.      

     That remarkable MLM "network marketing" sales concept recognizes that many people of good character and responsible work abilities and ethics have a "circle of influence" - a network of personally known people who have a level of confidence about the MLM affiliate's honesty and integrity and good judgment.

     Word of mouth advertising is generally the best form of advertising for a new product or a new service.  MLM sales generally work well because the sales affiliates are usually proposing sales to people that they personally know - people that have confidence in their integrity and trust-worthiness. 

     Therefore, those personally known people are more inclined to purchase products from known MLM sales affiliates than purchase products from an unknown person.

     In addition to being very effective advertising, MLM is also sensible advertising for the MLM company because the sales affiliates (affiliates, associates, or distributors) that choose to work with the MLM type sales company are "independent contractors" that work cooperatively with the MLM company. 

     We use the term "affiliates" in our "network marketing" home based business opportunity (rather than using the term "associates" or "distributors") for our A4J business sales opportunities.

     MLM sales affiliates are not employees so they pay for their independent business operating expenses, just like other independent businesses do as a routine matter. That same situation applies to our A4J sales affiliates.

Turn-key Business Opportunity 

     MLM sales affiliates typically have a "turn-key" ready to go business opportunity to work cooperatively with an MLM type sales companyMLM affiliates can use the company's advanced level marketing knowledge, use their developed Practices and Procedures, purchase the company's well-developed sales literature in small quantities, and purchase the MLM company's quality products in modest quantities to get started in business as an independent contractor easily and quickly.

     MLM sales affiliates can be in business for themselves as "independent contractors" without having to take years of work activities to learn how to develop an MLM sales business; they also do not need to fund many thousands of dollars of initial developmental startup cost.  The MLM company has already done those important things for them.

     Individuals can join with an MLM sales company and quickly get into business as an independent contractor sales affiliate and be established quickly to begin making reasonable commissions for the products or services that they will help sell by working with an MLM sales company

     MLM marketing really is a remarkable business opportunity if the person can find an MLM sales company that is offering quality products or special quality services that they are personally interested in advertising to their known potential customer contacts or to newly developed customer contacts.

     Like other self-employed business persons, MLM sales affiliates pay for their own marketing expenses, including all auto travel expenses, their computer and telephone expenses, mail expenses, and other types of advertising expenses.   

     They usually purchase products or services from the MLM sales company at the sales affiliate's wholesale cost (plus shipping costs), and they typically sell those products or services at the suggested retail prices to family members, friends, business contacts, and other personally known contacts.

      MLM sales affiliates usually sell products to the same customers on a recurring basis (such as monthly) and they routinely deliver the products to the customer, or ship the products to their network of customers.

     Those sales events enable the MLM sales affiliates to earn a reasonable profit margin for their detailed complex knowledge about the various special products that they sell, and for their responsible sales education efforts in making those recurring sales. 

     MLM sales affiliates typical sell special quality products or special quality services that are generally not available in the conventional public marketplace.

     MLM sales affiliates give customers a sales receipts for each sale and some MLM sales companies require that sales affiliates send photo copies of all new sales receipts to the company each month.  Otherwise, they will not be paid their earned override commissions from their down-line affiliate's sales.

   MLM sales affiliates charge and collect sales tax on the retail value of the products or services that they sell, and they pay those sales taxes to the state periodically (monthly or quarterly).  

   Most of the MLM sales affiliate situations described above also apply to our independent A4J sales affiliates even though we are not an MLM sales company. 

   An MLM sales company pays sales commissions on multiple levels of sales affiliates. 

   Our A4J sales affiliate commission program pays sales affiliate commissions on only one level so it does not qualify as a Multi-level Marketing Commission Program.

   There are many MLM sales companies operating in South Carolina, and some of these companies have been operating here for many years. 

   Some of these MLM sales companies have been in business in America for 40+ years and some of them are very successful.

    You may be familiar with some MLM sales company names like Amway, Avon Products, Herbalife, Juice Plus, Mannatech, Mary Kay, Melaleuca, Morinda, Inc. (Noni Juice), Nature's Sunshine Products, Neways, Nu Skin Enterprises, Shaklee, The Body Shop, USANA Health Sciences, Watkins Incorporated, Young Living, and others

   These are some of the MLM type sales companies that routinely have MLM independent sales affiliates (associates or distributors) doing business in various towns and cities in South Carolina.

Pyramid Promotional Schemes

   Let's take a little time to review the nature of pyramid promotional schemes because many people are confused about MLM type sales companies, thinking that they may be illegal pyramid promotional schemes

   First of all, we need to understand that pyramid promotional schemes are not allowed to operate within the State of South Carolina, pursuant to Statutory Law Title 39, Chapter 5, Section 710.  (Pursuant to the South Carolina Unfair Trade Practices Act.)

   Lon Willoughby has many years of experience working with Multi-level Marketing (MLM) type sales companies, and he learned how to identify illegal pyramid promotional schemes.

   Anyone seriously considering working with a MLM type sales company needs to learn how to distinguish between a legitimate MLM sales company and an illegal pyramid promotional scheme sales company. Why?  Because many people are confused about these issues and will need a competent explanation of legal vs. illegal special sales companies. 

     Over the years, Lon learned that many people in South Carolina are confused about this important subject, and he knows how to clarify this subject

     Lon will show herein that it is easy to  distinguish between the two types of sales companies - one is legal and the other is illegal in South Carolina and also illegal throughout the entire United States of America (USA)

     Many poorly informed people think that any sales business whose organizational employee structure has a pyramid shape (or a triangle shape) is probably an illegal pyramid promotional scheme.

    As shown below, that is an oversimplified opinion that is a serious misunderstanding about the pyramid shaped (or triangle shaped) employee organizational structure - that commonly occurs for almost all medium to large size companies or for government organizations (state or federal levels). 

     Most large businesses in America that sell products or services actually do have a triangle shaped employee organizational structure. 

     With that shape of company employee structure being common for most medium to large size companies (or government organizations) in America, it should be very clear that the triangle shape of the employee (personnel) structure is not an identifying feature of an illegal pyramid promotional scheme

     It is unfortunate that the government agents at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) chose that title (pyramid) when the FTC was evaluating MLM type sales companies 50+ years ago.  Those government agents apparently thought that all MLM type sales companies were unfair and unethical pyramid promotional schemes

     Complex litigation occurred with some of those early MLM sales companies.  Eventually that litigation proved in court that the MLM sales concept is not an unfair or unethical sales concept.  It was in fact a brilliant sales concept that the government agents did not understand properly. 

     The disputed MLM sales programs enabled independent contractors to work cooperatively with an MLM sales company (as independent affiliates, associates, or distributors) to develop part-time "work from home" independent businesses that could be very helpful for many thousands of American adults who wanted a good reliable way to earn some additional income. 

     The litigation also showed that those disputed MLM type sales provided important and valuable product sales services for many customers living in America.

     Let's think responsibly about that situation for a few moments.  Most large size organizations, whether they are sales companies, or federal government agencies, or state government agencies, have a triangle shaped employee (personnel) organization. 

Shape Clarification Terminology

     A triangle shape is a more accurate description of large employee organizational structures.  None of those organizations have a three dimensional pyramid shaped employee organizational structure.

     That terminology was in error from the beginning of the FTC's initial litigation about MLM sales organizations (50+ years ago). 

     The typical large size organizational structure has a person at the top as the president or the CEO or other named head of the organization

     That leader is represented by the sharp point at the top of the organizational triangle shaped employee organizational structure. 

     Down below that sharp point there are usually two or more people who are department heads of two or more divisions of the large organization. 

     As we go downward in the organizational structure, we usually find more people working at the lower levels so the shape of the organizational structure gets broader. 

     This situation is common in most large size employee organizational structures. 

     The lower level of the triangle shape is where most of the employees are who do most of the work that must be done by employees in order for the organization to accomplish its ultimate objectives.

     This is the wide base of the triangle shape of the organization's employee structure.

     Many of the people in the middle and higher levels of the organization also do important essential work but some of their work is usually of a managerial or planning or supervisory nature.

     Consequently, we cannot identify an illegal pyramid promotional scheme by simply looking at the triangle shape of the employees' organizational structure. 

     We must look at the way the company actually does business to identify an illegal pyramid promotional scheme.       

     After a lot of very expensive Federal Trade Commission (FTC) activated litigation with some MLM type sales companies (50+ years ago), the litigation concluded that:

     An MLM sales organization that is focused primarily on selling products or services to consumers, is not an illegal pyramid promotional scheme

     An illegal MLM type sales company was defined (for the first time ever) as being focused primarily on selling progressive sales level positions within the MLM sales organization, and the company also pays sales affiliates (associates, or distributors) compensation based upon the progressive sales level purchased by the newly recruited affiliate (associate, or distributor). 

     That extensive complex litigation established for the first time in America a definition for an illegal promotional pyramid scheme.  [Pursuant to FTC Act 15 U.S.C. 45(a).]

Simplified Explanations

     If the MLM sales company is focused on selling products or services through its MLM sales affiliates (associates, or distributors), for the purpose of being sold to their personal customers, and the company also pays affiliate compensations based upon the value of the products or services that are being sold to customers, it is a legal MLM promotional sales company. 

     However, if the MLM sales company is primarily focused on selling progressive sales levels within the company's sales structure (at progressively higher prices), and the company then pays affiliate (associate, or distributor) sales compensation that is based upon the cost of the sales position that the newly recruited sales affiliate purchased, then the MLM sales company was defined as an illegal pyramid promotional scheme[Pursuant to FTC Act 15 U.S.C. 45(a).]

     In the legal MLM situation, the company is selling products or services, and the company pays affiliate compensation based upon the value of the products or services that are sold to customers. 

     In the illegal MLM situation, the company is selling progressively higher cost sales positions within the MLM sales organization, and the company also pays affiliate compensation based upon the price that a new affiliate paid for the sales position that they purchased in the MLM sales organization. [Pursuant to FTC Act 15 U.S.C. 45(a).]

Evaluation of A4J - SC

     Now let's evaluate Americans 4 Justice-SC to determine whether or not our A4J sales affiliate awards compensation program is a legal sales compensation program, or an illegal pyramid promotional scheme

     Everyone that joins our A4J private education club pays first-year annual membership dues for  access to our six category educational services

     A new A4J club member does not purchase a position within the company's organizational structure.

     If the new A4J club member then voluntarily chooses to become active in our optional A4J   "network marketing" affiliate awards compensation program, they do that at no additional costABC of Health does not charge a substantial fee for that sales affiliate activity option. 

     NOTE:  An illegal pyramid promotional scheme would charge a substantial fee to acquire a sales position in the affiliate sales organization.

     ABC of Health will provide the special educational instructions that each A4J sales  affiliate needs - to learn how to be a responsible A4J sales affiliate. 

     That easy education is called the A4J Sales Policies and Procedures.  In our A4J educational membership operation, the A4J Sales Policies and Procedures are very easy to understand and very easy to comply with in a responsible manner.

     Each new A4J sales affiliate needs to review and understand the A4J Sales Policies and Procedures (very easy to understand operational guideline instructions for each A4J sales affiliate). 

     All new A4J sales affiliates begin at the Bronze performance level (the entry level for all A4J sales affiliates - there is no cost to acquire that level). 

     There are three more affiliate performance levels for achievement in our A4J sales affiliate performance program (Silver, Gold, and Platinum).

     There is no way for anyone at the Bronze entry level to purchase one of those higher performance sales levels.  Those sales performance levels must be earned with actual affiliate advertising sales performance achievements

     NOTICE:  An illegal pyramid promotional scheme, as defined by the FTC litigation, would try to sell the new sales affiliate a higher performance level position such as a Silver or a Gold or a Platinum performance level (at progressively higher prices for one of those advanced sales affiliate performance levels).

     Consequently, as a result of the FTC litigation more than 50 years ago, It is still illegal for a sales company to pay compensation to the recruiting affiliate (sales associate or distributor) based upon the higher promotional sales position level that was purchased by the newly recruited affiliate (sales associate or distributor).

     Those actions would be violations of the pyramid promotional scheme prohibitions that were established by the FTC's MLM operational standards[Pursuant to FTC Act 15 U.S.C. 45(a).

     Those federal prohibited MLM operational sales standards, that were established more than 50 years ago, are still applicable to all MLM sales companies operating anywhere within the United States of America (USA).

     So you now know how to recognize an illegal pyramid promotional scheme

     It is illegal for any MLM company in South Carolina to be focused on selling different promotional sales level positions within the company's organizational structure. 

     To be a legal MLM sales company, they must be focused on selling products or services to new customers or new members or new affiliates (sales associates or distributors). 

     The illegal sales actions identified above are prohibited at the federal level, and they are also prohibited by South Carolina statutory law as an illegal MLM sales promotional scheme.

     It is unlikely that you will ever find one of those illegal MLM sales companies in America simply because they are illegal anywhere within the United States of America (USA) by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) authority pursuant to the federal Unfair Trade Practices Act (applicable throughout the USA)[Pursuant to FTC Act 15 U.S.C. 45(a).]

     The State of South Carolina also has a state level Unfair Trade Practices Act that prohibits the same types of improper sales practices.  Statutory Law Title 39, Chapter 5, Section 710.  (Pursuant to the South Carolina Unfair Trade Practices Act.)

     It is clear that ABC of Health is focused on selling first-year annual membership educational  services in our A4J private education club

     Our primary sales product is our first year educational services for A4J education club members

     We also sell lower cost renewal annual club memberships for A4J private education club members - if they choose to renew their private education club membership services for another year of very important and valuable education services

     Those vital educational services are updated and improved annually as new relevant information becomes available in any of the six categories of education subjects that we provide in our A4J private education club membership program

     Renewal of their A4J private club membership is required if an A4J club member wants to be active as an A4J sales affiliate for another year. 

     You can clearly see that our A4J sales affiliate awards program is not an illegal pyramid promotional scheme because we do not sell any promotional sales levels - we only sell A4J club membership educational services.  

     The primary product that we sell is our remarkable first year A4J private educational club member services - that have six categories of very important educational services 

     Those six categories of education can greatly enhance the quality of life for natural-born American citizens who are Christian-oriented and live in selected ZIP Code areas in the upstate of South Carolina - where we currently operate our sales program for our A4J private education services for club members.

     Our sales affiliate awards compensation program is a well-designed legal compensation program (finder's fee commission system) that was developed by Lon Willoughby for our A4J club member A4J sales affiliates.

     Our A4J sales affiliate awards compensation program enables each A4J sales affiliate to have opportunities to earn income in an easy and dignified responsible "advertising" work manner.

     The A4J sales affiliate awards program is very easy to accomplish and it takes little time or effort to get started. 

     These sales affiliate advertising actions can be continued for many years - for competent sales affiliates who voluntarily choose to renew their A4J club membership each year.

     These very important patriotic sales affiliate advertising actions help ABC of Health provide very important education to many American adults that can help develop a better and stronger America

     This is where the A4J sales affiliate's advertising actions become very important patriotic actions

     Those advertising actions help ABC of Health educate American citizens about building a better America in six very important educational subject areas, as explained in some detail at our websites.

     Each A4J club member can focus their work efforts on helping ABC of Health with any one or more of the six educational subject areas that they personally have an interest in promoting in their local area. 

     Lon and Janie Willoughby realize that American adult citizens throughout America need to be educated about our remarkable breakthrough "free to review" Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational services, as explained in this website. 

    However, as explained in some detail at this website, the "health marketplace" in America is much too dangerous (in a competitive manner) for Lon and Janie to attempt to advertise our ABC of Health educational services at locations that are distance from our home office. 

     As explained at this introductory website, that is one of the very important reasons that Lon and Janie needed to establish our Americans4Justice private education club (our A4J Club).

Locating A4J Club Member Prospects

     Lon and Janie also realized that ABC of Health would need a lot of help (in the selected upstate areas of South Carolina) in locating "apparently qualifiable" prospects for our A4J private education club membership

     They understood that ABC of Health would need very important help from our A4J sales affiliates with their advertising work to their personally known prospects - by simply referring them to this "free to review" introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website

     This is the very easy helpful way that Lon and Janie developed for introducing many "apparently qualifiable" prospects to our Advanced Natural Health Concepts Educational Services.

     "Qualified visitors" to this Introductory educational website will learn that the listing of MLM type sales companies that we presented previously are legal MLM sales companies.  They are not illegal pyramid promotional schemes

     If they were operating as illegal companies, the SC state legal authorities that monitor MLM type business operations would have prosecuted them for violations of a state crime and would have terminated their operations in this state.

     The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can also prosecute illegal pyramid promotional schemes for any violation of the federal Unfair Trade Practices Act[Pursuant to FTC Act 15 U.S.C. 45(a)   

     Like ABC of Health, MLM type sales companies generally understand what is legal and what is illegal, and they carefully avoid conducting business in an illegal manner. 

     It will likely be devastating financially for any company to be prosecuted for violating the federal Unfair Trade Practices Act, or for violating this  state's Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Overview Summary of Our
Natural Healthcare Services

     IMPORTANT NOTE:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a summary of the very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services that ABC of Health offers to "qualifiableAmerican adult citizens.

     This same summary is presented in some other departments because key words are contained herein that help Internet Search Engines work better with this website.

     After you have reviewed this helpful summarized information one time, you can simply scroll down past this overview summary when you review other departments that contain this same summarized information.

     Natural Health Education Services: Two of our education websites contain special natural health concepts that are "free to review" for "qualified visitors" as explained in this website. 

     Those "qualified visitors" can also help other apparently "qualified visitors" learn about this special introductory educational website

     This website can help other apparently   "qualified visitors" understand why it is very important to improve their lifestyles (enjoy a more enjoyable and likely less expensive and longer healthier life) 

     However, in order to begin using some of our copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts, "qualified visitors" must agree to comply responsibly with the Conditions stated in our Copyright Information Department and the Conditions stated in our Terms of Use   Department - as published at our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website (www dot ABCofHealth dot com/)

     ABC of Health also offers Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Consultation Services with Lon Willoughby by telephone for A4J club members (they live in the upstate area of South Carolina - within a 60-mile radius of downtown Greenville) 

     We have a very reasonable fee structure for these Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Consultation Services.

     Lon can conduct convenient consultations by telephone that may be very helpful to A4J club member individuals, or married couples, or families (with children living at home with their parents).

     Lon suggests that all consultations be conducted with a landline type telephone connection if possible - to avoid cell phone type radiation into the very sensitive  head area for an extended period of time.  That radiation can be damaging to brain, ear, and eye tissue.

     If there are teenagers in a family, and a landline telephone with speakerphone capability is available for use - it may be important to include teenagers in the family telephone consultation session

    Lon Willoughby can structure the telephone consultation to also be beneficial to teenagers, in addition to the consultation information that is provided for direct benefit to the parents (This situation depends upon the personal sensitivity of the healthcare information that will likely be involved in the consultation session).

     Our telephone consultations can quickly inform A4J club members about how Lon Willoughby can help with some very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     Telephone consultation services offer the advantages of being a fast and convenient way for A4J club members to learn about some specific alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be helpful for specific healthcare concerns and issues

     These very convenient consultation opportunities can enable A4J club members to quickly obtain very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts information at very reasonable cost.

     The copyrighted Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts that we teach in our six-lessons A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Educational Services will educate our A4J club members about some very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts

    Lon knows how to teach these special healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy for A4J club members to understand and easy to learn, and our natural healthcare and wellness concepts will be easy to use in achieving very important improvements in the personal lifestyle of A4J club members.

     These remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts improvements can benefit A4J club members in very important ways

     Our special copyrighted education can enable A4J club members to live more enjoyable lives that will likely have more productivity and more achievements and more success than they would have likely had with their previous diet and lifestyle.

     Our very important and valuable six-lessons A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Services are available only from our company (ABC of Health) because we own numerous copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are presented in the healthcare education services  that we teach our A4J club members.

     We are the only company authorized to teach our natural healthcare education services  because we must carefully control the security-status evaluation of applicant's qualifications for joining our exclusive A4J Private Education Club.

     Our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website educates our A4J club members about very important natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that are involved with a broad variety of natural healthcare subjects such as:

healthcare consultations, healthcare classes, healthcare concepts education programs, herbs, enzymes, minerals, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, vitamins (food derived and manufactured), etc.  

      Lon Willoughby also presents important education about:

air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters, bathtub filters, shower filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI styled exercisers, quality-built rebounder exercisers, and far-infrared (FIRportable saunas.

     The natural healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of important  healthcare issues that our resident natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant and healthy lifestyle consultant is knowledgeable about(Lon Willoughby)    

      Lon has acquired special advanced level  natural healthcare and wellness concepts education and experiences with many important  health-promoting products and alternative health  and "complementary health" type natural  healthcare and wellness concepts and services.

Natural healthcare actions = healthcare actions

without using pharmaceutical type drugs.

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     We check our E-mail Junk File and Spam File daily, and we frequently have some good emails that got sent to one of those files instead of being sent to our E-mail Inbox 

     We understand that emails that get stored in our E-mail Junk File or our E-mail Spam File will be deleted automatically after ten days of storage (if we have not taken actions to move any good emails into our E-mail Inbox before the 10-day period expires for each individual email)

     When we find important emails in our E-mail Junk File or Spam File, as we frequently do, we simple move them into our E-mail inbox.  

     We do that easily by selecting the three-dot icon (or three-line icon) at the top right of the display screen and then select the "move" function in the listing of actions that appear vertically.   We routinely move those good emails to our E-mail Inbox.