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for select citizens living In ZIP Codes

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(upstate areas in South Carolina).

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We have developed very important

education services for select citizens

 living in these ZIP Code areas

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"Qualified visitors"

      "Qualified visitors" are natural-born American adult citizens, who are Christian-oriented, and who are responsibly patriotic towards the United States of America (the USA)  and they live in selected ZIP Code areas of upstate South Carolina - as explained below.      

     This private educational website presents very important education for many "qualified visitors" who live in their primary permanent home or residence with an address ZIP Code of 296 - - or 293 - - (They do not live at their parent's home or residence or at a friend's home or residence - or any other temporary address - hotel, motel, etc.).

     This private introductory educational website was developed especially for these SC "qualified visitors."  

     Some "qualified visitors" may be excluded from participation in our educational services as explained in the LEGAL NOTICES that are presented down below.   

     Lon Willoughby will explain herein why he and his wife Janie Willoughby strive daily to help "qualified visitors" learn how to enjoy a much healthier and safer lifestyle than American adult citizens generally know how to achieve.

     The practical value of this remarkable private introductory education can be enormous - more valuable than "qualified visitors" can even begin to comprehend at this early point in this private introductory educational presentation. 

    This website will introduce a goldmine of vital health-care concepts that can enable "qualified visitors" to understand the conventional medical health-care systems in America much more clearly and much more responsibly than they have ever understood them before.

Communication with ABC of Health

     "Qualified visitors" can communicate with ABC of Health in multiple ways: by Email sent from their Email system, by Fax, or by Text message, or by USPS Mail, and by telephone calls to our office phone number (864) 329-0004. 

     This is as convenient as we can make it for "qualified visitors" in a practical modern-day business communications system.  

Email Suggestions for "qualified visitors"

     We get a lot of Emails daily (100+) so it is good to also call us (phone) and leave us a voice mail message about your Email: please identify the main purpose of your Email, and the date and time of day when you sent us your Email. 

     This important information will enable us to quickly search for your Email among a large number of Emails that we  receive daily. 

     We get many company Emails daily (inquiries and advertisements wanting to do business with us in various ways), important natural health-care Emailed newsletters, and we get education customer and website visitor Emails. 

     Your phone call voice mail message to us about your Email will help us quickly find and respond to your Email.

Introductory Information

       As shown above, we are in the Natural Health-care Concepts Education Business The founder and president of our company, ABC's of Health, Inc., is Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon Will o bee). 

     He is the author of the private health-related educational report presented herein.  This is an incredibly important health-related educational report that can help improve life in remarkable ways for "qualified visitors" to this website.

      These special South Carolina citizens ("qualified visitors") are enthusiastically encouraged to review this very important and very valuable "free to review" educational website.

     This private introductory educational website presents very important health concepts and natural health-care and wellness concepts for "qualified visitors" who would like to learn how to be healthier, have better judgment and be smarter, and become stronger American citizens, and maybe also join with other patriotic minded "qualified visitors" in helping build a better America in their local upstate areas of South Carolina

     This vital private education will help "qualified visitors" review and understand some health concepts and natural health-care and wellness concepts that can be very important and very valuable to these fortunate selected South Carolina American adult citizens.   

     "Qualified visitors" should review this "free to review" health-related report as if the quality of their life in future years depends upon their understanding of these special educational concepts - because it really does. 

     This vital special health-care education can help "qualified visitors" protect their precious natural health in important ways and likely help them live a much better life.

     These special private educational services are not available anywhere else in the USA in this very helpful "free to review" educational format. Reviewing this website is a "once in a lifetime" special educational opportunity.


     This is a private educational website for education of select "qualified visitors" in upstate South Carolina.  This website is not open to the general public and available for review by the general public - the way most websites are. 

     This special private website was developed for education of special natural-born American adult citizens who are Christian oriented and who routinely live in their primary permanent home or residence that is within one of these  major ZIP Code areas: 296 - - or 293 - - .  

     In order to be qualified for very important and valuable  education at this website, "qualified visitors" must also be responsibly patriotic toward the United States of America (the USA) and have an allegiance to the USA that is much stronger than their allegiance to any other country on Planet Earth. 

     Lon Willoughby defines those special South Carolina adult citizens herein as "qualified visitors."

     This private introductory educational website is strictly off limits for any person who is not a natural-born American citizen (was born within one of the 50 U.S. States).  

     "Qualified visitors" will generally live within one of the ZIP Code areas identified above, and they will live in their primary permanent home or residence within one of these ZIP Code areas:  296 - -  or 293 - -

     However, a natural-born American adult citizen who meets these personal characteristics, but does not currently live in one of these designated ZIP Code areas, can apply to ABC of Health by US Mail if they would like to be granted "qualified visitor" access status to this special private educational website by Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., as president of ABC's of Health, Inc

     Upon inquiry, Lon will explain the personal information that he needs from the applicant to evaluate their request. 

     Lon encourages dietetics practitioners and other nutrition consultants, and other health-care practitioners such as acupuncturists, chiropractic physicians, dentist, eye-care practitioners, medical doctors, medical nurses, and also pharmacist to encourage their clients, customers, and patients to review this private educational website if they appear to be "qualified visitors" - as defined above.

      Why should they do this?  Because we help educate "qualified visitors" about being healthier Americans, and becoming more ethical and more responsible American citizens, and we also provide them with very important opportunities to help build a better America in their own local community. In other words, our special education services are very good for America.

Restricted Access Information

     This private educational website is strictly off limits for any "qualified visitor" who has completed one year or more of education at any law school, is an attorney or lawyer, or works for or with any attorney or lawyer, or is closely associated with them in any way (family members, close relatives, employees, close friends, romantic partner, contract associates, etc.). 

     This private introductory educational website is also strictly off limits for any "qualified visitor" who works for, or has worked for, or is associated closely with any judicial department (city, county, state, federal) or any law enforcement department in the United States of America.  

     A detailed explanation is presented herein for other "qualified visitors" about these special access restrictions.

     After non-excluded "qualified visitors" review the unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt legal system actions that caused these special access restrictions, they will understand that these special access restrictions are fair, reasonable, and are appropriate actions.  

Risky and Dangerous Education Work

     As "qualified visitors" complete a review of this website, they will also learn why it is risky and dangerous for Lonnie and Janie Willoughby and ABC of Health to present the very important and very valuable education that is presented at this private introductory educational website

     If ABC of Health promoted a review of this special website in additional South Carolina ZIP Code areas that were further away from the downtown area of Greenville, South Carolina where the federal court is located, the risks and dangers would likely become greater for us for people in locations outside that federal court's judicial jurisdiction. 

     That is one of the major reasons that Lon restricted our education territory to Zip Code areas of 296 - - and 293 - - (Lon will explain those situations later in this report).  

     Whether or not Lon will enlarge our education territory at some point in the future will depend upon the amount of responsible interest demonstrated by "qualified visitors" to the special educational services offered by ABC of Health at our educational websites

     Responsible and competent "qualified visitors" will understand these very important issues better as they complete their review of this private educational website.

     Our Terms of Use Department presents penalty information for violations of these special private access restrictions. 

     All access restricted persons are hereby granted limited permission to review this private education website up to and including this "Legal Notices" subject and they can then review our Terms of Use Department

     These two specific website areas are the boundary limits for all visitors to this website who are not "qualified visitors" as defined previously. 

     These same boundary limits are applicable to excluded "qualified visitors" as stated above (legal system affiliates, judicial system affiliates, and all law enforcement system affiliates). 

     The two red horizontal lines below identify the end of information in this Home Department that is available for review by excluded visitors as defined above. 

     All website visitors should be responsible about reviewing this very special private educational website.  Our Terms of Use Department explains serious penalties that may be involved for visitors who violate our Terms of Use.

      The educational information presented below this point in this Home Department is available only to "qualified visitors" who are not in an "excluded" category, as defined above.  Visitors who are in an "excluded" category should read no further in this Home Department.

What Health-care Education is Introduced Herein?

     In order to present a broad overview of the education that is introduced herein, Lon Willoughby will first explain what is not presented herein

     He will not attempt to teach "qualified visitors" many of the natural health-care concepts that they need to learn about to protect their natural health in future years (many practical, responsible, and sensible healthy lifestyle actions that can be taken at home by properly educated persons). 

     Some of those important healthy lifestyle actions are a part of the natural health-care education business that Lon and Janie developed for ABC of Health, and we charge a reasonable "first-year" private education club membership dues fee for new club members to have generous access to our very important and very valuable educational services.  

     That "first year" of membership in our Americans 4 Justice private education club is a very special education opportunity that is not available anywhere else in America. 

     These special A4J club membership private educational services will be explained briefly during this introductory health-oriented report

     Lon Willoughby has developed an additional website that explains in some detail the six subject education services that we offer to A4J private education club members.  That special website will be introduced at the appropriate time.

     The private introductory education presented herein will introduce some very important natural health-care and wellness concepts, and Lon will also encourage and help motivate "qualified visitors" to take a more responsible interest in taking good care of their precious natural health

     Some of the very important natural health-care and wellness concepts introduced herein can help "qualified visitors" learn that it is desireable to make important health-care improvements in their daily lifestyle.


Tens of thousands die prematurely each week

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that tens of thousands of American adult residents die prematurely each week that passes (die before the age of 90 years) - primarily because they did not have a good opportunity to get educated about the incredibly important health-care concepts that are introduced in this very special private introductory educational website.

     Lon encourages "qualified visitors" to understand and accept the truly exciting and challenging opportunities that are offered by ABC of Health to help make their life in America a healthier life and a more successful life as members of our Americans4Justice private education club. 

     A4J Club members have outstanding opportunities to learn how to enjoy a life that is more productive and more rewarding and more enjoyable than other American adult citizens generally know how to achieve.

"Storybook Fashion" Report

     Lon Willoughby carefully developed this revealing health-care-related private report in an autobiographical "storybook fashion" about his life for two main reasons

     The first reason was to present this vital health-related education in an interesting, informative, and entertaining manner.  In presenting this very important report, Lon used multiple short stories that will make it much easier to remember the very important educational subjects that are  presented herein.

     The second reason was to inform "qualified visitors" about Lon's life experiences in sufficient detail that they can get to know him well and develop confidence in his natural health-care and wellness concepts educational abilities

     "Qualified visitors" will also learn herein that Lon has acquired very important legal system knowledge that can educate "qualified visitors" about unfair and unethical litigation schemes and tactics and extremely corrupt judicial actions that are self-serving for many members of the legal profession - but can be very detrimental to many American adult citizens

     You will likely be shocked, appalled, and astounded by the extreme levels of unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions that Lon Willoughby honestly reports and exposes at this special educational website

     You will learn herein that Lon has also reported and exposed extreme judicial corruption at other websites that he developed for special education of our Americans 4 Justice club members and other selected American citizens (such as state and federal legislators, investigative reporters, and newspaper editors, etc.). 

Formative Life Experiences

     As the author of this private autobiographical health-related true report, Lon reveals some of his formative life experiences to help "qualified visitors" understand the person that he matured into as he aged over 85 years

     You will learn about some of the challenging life experiences that gradually helped Lon become a competent natural health-care consultant, nutrition consultant, and natural health-care and wellness concepts classroom educator (and now an Internet educator). 

     Over a period of 40+ years, Lon learned how to educate millions of American adult citizens about taking much better care of their precious natural health and their vital natural health-care assets (natural functions in the human body that routinely strive to maintain good health)

     Lon understands that millions of those American citizens likely seriously impede these natural health protecting functions by frequently doing things that interfere with these vital natural health-care protecting functions.

     These very important natural functions can work more effectively if citizens learn how to avoid doing harmful things that interfere with those vital natural functions

     Lon Willoughby knows how to teach our A4J private education club members how to avoid interfering with these natural functions, and he also knows how to teach our carefully selected A4J club members about natural health-care actions that they can take to enhance those very important natural health-care protective functions. 

     These are copyrighted advanced level natural health-care concepts trade secrets that are available only to our natural health-care concepts education clients (our Americans 4 Justice-SC private education club members).  

     Our A4J-SC club membership opportunities will be explained in more detail at a special website developed for that purpose (will be introduced later by Lon Willoughby). 

Confidence in Lon Willoughby

     Throughout this true health-related report, "qualified visitors" will need to be considering whether or not the author herein (Lon Willoughby) has believe-ability, credibility, and dependability about the very important health concepts and the natural health-care and wellness concepts that he introduces in this private health-related educational report

     This private report can enable "qualified visitors" to develop confidence in Lon's honesty and integrity, and his sense of dedication to his sincere teamwork purpose with wife Janie of educating members of our A4J private education club about very important health concepts and natural health-care and wellness concepts, and also five other very important education subjects

     "Qualified visitors" can get introduced herein to those special opportunities with no upfront cost because this unique website uses the "free to review" education services that Lon and Janie developed for ABC of Health

     This report can also enable "qualified visitors" to develop confidence about Lon's extensive knowledge about vital advanced level natural health-care and wellness concepts that can help our A4J private education club members learn how to make very important improvements in their lifestyle and their routine natural health-care and wellness actions

     If "qualified visitors" develop confidence about Lon Willoughby in those areas, then the health concepts and the natural health-care and wellness concepts introduced in this true autobiographical report can have super beneficial affects on their life - throughout the rest of their life

     However, if this autobiographical report does not enable some "qualified visitors" to confidently believe that these health concepts and natural health-care and wellness  concepts are very important valid concepts that they need to know about, this may be an interesting and informative and entertaining health-related report, but some of those "qualified visitors" may not get a lot of long-term health-care benefits from the vital health concepts and natural health-care concepts that Lon introduces herein.

     Understanding those relevant issues, Lon has shared  enough personal information about his life experiences to enable "qualified visitors" to make those important decisions and judgments about him in a fair-minded, reasonable, and responsible manner. 

     Be patient with the author herein; relax, and enjoy this true private health-care-related report because it will introduce some incredibly important and valuable health concepts and also natural health-care and wellness concepts that can be vital life-improving concepts for most "qualified visitors" - and maybe for you also.

    Some of this health concepts education may be life-saving information for some "qualified visitors" and this special education may also be life-saving information for you

    This Advanced Natural Health Concepts website will introduce "qualified visitors" to vital natural health-care concepts that can help them learn about sensible and responsible healthy lifestyle actions that they can take to improve their life and better protect their natural health - probably on a daily basis for the rest of their life. 

     This may be the most important health-oriented educational report that you have ever reviewed.  You can evaluate this very special educational report after you complete the two-part report presented by Lon Willoughby. 

     Part One of this autobiographical report is presented at this introductory natural health-care educational website.

     Part Two of this vital natural health-care-related report is presented at our main Natural Health-care and Wellness Concepts educational website.  (www dot ABCofHealth dot com)

     Why does Lon use the "dot" above instead of a period in the website address?  Because Internet Search Engines penalize a website if it presents a website address using the period when the website address is not also enabled to be an active hyperlink (link) - a link that will actually detour a viewer to that website. 

     You will see this "dot" technique used several times at our websites - in situations where Lon wants to identify the website address, but he does not want the viewer to be distracted by actually detouring to that website address at that point in time. 

     The Internet Search Engines do not penalize the website when the "dot technique" is used in a website address instead of a period, because it is not actually a website address unless the period is used.

     "Qualified visitors" will be detoured to our main Natural Health-care and Wellness Concepts education website at the appropriate time with a convenient active detour link. 

     The Two Parts of this lengthy report will introduce life-improving natural health-care and wellness concepts that can be exceptionally important and valuable to "qualified visitors." 

     Please understand that Lon Willoughby will not attempt to educate "qualified visitors" herein about which nutrition supplement products they should take daily (herbs, minerals, proteins, vitamins, etc.) or how much of each nutrition supplement they should take in their lifestyle. 

    You understand that Lon does not have personalized health data (laboratory reports and other personal health information) for each "qualified visitor" that reviews this introductory private educational website.

    You also understand that Lon has not been informed about the various health condition problems of each "qualified visitor" and he has not been informed about the pharmaceutical prescription drugs that some "qualified visitors" may be taking pursuant to a medical doctor's  health-care advice.

     It should therefore be clear that Lon cannot provide important and valuable nutrition supplement advice or recommendations for "qualified visitors" at this website in a practical and responsible manner. 

     It is clear that Lon does not have access to the personal health information about each "qualified visitor" that would be needed for Lon to provide those personalized natural health-care and wellness concepts advisory services

     It is important for "qualified visitors" to understand that those kinds of personalized natural health-care consultation services are some of the natural health-care and wellness concepts educational services that Lon and Janie developed for ABC of Health to market (sell) to our natural health-care education clients (our Americans4Justice private education club members).  

First-year A4J club member's dues fee

     We charge a truly discounted "bargain-basement" give-away first-year club member's dues fee for those very important and valuable health-care educational services.  Otherwise, our natural health-care concepts education company could not stay in business and continue providing the very important and valuable "free to review" education services that are presented herein.  Our club member dues fee will be explained later at an appropriate time.

    This Two Parts true autobiographical report will introduce vital health-care and wellness concepts that can be incredibly important and valuable for "qualified visitors." 

     The health education concepts presented in this website can help improve the lives of "qualified visitors" in very important remarkable ways - with no upfront cost due to our innovative "free to review" educational format services. 

Historical Information

     As you review this private report, you will see that Lon has included some historical information that presents a review of some very important health-care information that  can help "qualified visitors" understand how human life has improved tremendously for millions in many countries since year 1862

     "Qualified visitors" can also learn to appreciate how much life has improved for millions of Americans since French chemist Louis Pasteur developed major breakthrough education improvements in medical health-care science in year 1862 and succeeding years.

     You will review herein some critically important health-care education breakthroughs that were made by the French chemist that greatly improved life for many millions of people in various countries.

     "Qualified visitors" will also learn herein how the development of commercial electric power services greatly improved life and natural health-care actions for many millions of Americans during years 1930 - 1956. 

Lon's Personal Life Information

     Initially, you may not understand why some of Lon's personal life information was included in this educational report, but be patient with Lon's detailed report because all of this personal life information can be helpful in acquiring a better understanding of the very important family relationship concepts and the various health and health-care and wellness concepts that are introduced herein. 

     This very special private educational report can help a lot of "qualified visitor families" who have children still living at home with their parents.

Colored Text information    

     Before Lon presents more information about this true autobiographical educational report, and introduces some very important health-care and wellness concepts that can help "qualified visitors" daily for the rest of their life, Lon will take a few minutes to explain important information about the colored text that is used frequently throughout this website.

     A lot of colored text is used herein to emphasize certain words or phrases and help improve clarity of meaning in some sentences.  

     Lon recommends that you review this website using a computer if available - to get the most convenient review of this website.  Using a computer color display will provide a larger and better viewing screen, and it will also be easier to control and manage than conducting a review of this lengthy website on a handheld Smart Phone or Tablet.

     NOTE:  If this subject is being presented in all black text, you do need to activate colored text viewing as suggested herein.  However, if you are seeing colored text, you are already in colored text viewing mode (you do not need to take the actions suggested in this subject).

     This website is also programmed to work well with Android type and iPhone type Smart Phones or Tablets but those displays will likely not present colored text until they are activated to present colored text viewing. 

     A visitor can do that easily by scrolling down to the bottom of this Home Department's lengthy presentation and find and select a three word link command below the last line of type.

    This easy scrolling action can be done very quickly (20 to 30 seconds), and it will enable you to find and select a three word link command This action should activate colored text viewing for most mobile viewing devices.

    This same easy action may also be used to activate colored text viewing on many mobile devices for other websites, but see the NOTE below before you begin this lengthy scrolling action for this website. 

    NOTE:  An easier, quicker, and better way to get to the bottom of this Home Department, for a computer display is to use the keyboard Ctrl F find functionFor Smart Phones or Tablets, use the Find Function or Find on page function. 

     If you are using a Smart Phone or Tablet, and you are not familiar with this Find function, or Find on page function, select the three vertical dot icon or the three horizontal line icon (whichever your device uses at the top right side of the viewing screen) to begin using this special function.

     Whichever viewing device you are using, you will need to search for these words: View full site  That easy action will quickly get you to the bottom of this lengthy department - where you can see and then select this link command

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     Activating this three word link command will also instantly take you back to the top of this Home Department so you can resume your review actions with colored text.

     If these Find Function actions do not activate colored text viewing for your Smart Phone or your Tablet, Lon again recommends that you review this website on a computer because the colored text will always be available on a color type computer display. 

     Lon's use of a lot of colored text can be very helpful in this introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website.


     NOTICE:  Lon realizes that some SC upstate citizens do not have a computer or do not have access to the Internet.

     If someone that you know does not have a computer or does not have convenient access to the Internet, please help them as explained below.

     Many public libraries in South Carolina have some computers for use by library members and also visitors.  Library personnel know how to quickly show people how to use one of those computers to get to the Internet and review this website (or other websites).      

     It takes only a few minutes to learn how to get to the Internet; anyone who has learned how to change stations on a radio or change channels on a T.V., can easily learn how to get on the Internet. 

     If you know some adults who do not have computer access to the Internet, please help them understand that they can call or go to the local public library to inquire about using one of their public use computers to obtain easy access to this very important website on the Internet at no cost. 

     This introductory level educational website may help improve their life in very important ways, and we (ABC of Health) do not charge a fee for these very valuable introductory education services. 

     Individuals just need to give the website address shown below to the library employee, and they will quickly find this website on the Internet for the visitor and also show them how easy it is to find this very special website.   


     NOTES:  The upper and lower case letters shown in the website address above are used to make the separate words more noticeable.  The Internet automatically converts all words to lower case letters so it is not necessary to use the upper case letters shown above.  It just makes it easier to see each individual word than if all letters were in lower case. 

     If a person does not have an Email account, they can easily set up a free Email account at the library computer, and then go back to the library and use a library computer to begin using their new Email account to send easy and free Email communications or to simply check their Email account activity.

    Several browser companies offer free Email accounts and they are all good choices.  Lon chose to use the Microsoft type Email account (Email name@outlook.com) for its simplicity (ease of use).

    Lon suggests choosing an Email name that will be meaningful to other people.  Do not choose a name that is meaningful only to the owner or a name that is difficult for people to use - like a lot of numbers or several letters that are not obviously logical. 

     Those Email names will not be meaningful to other people, and they will be difficult for other people to remember or use conveniently.     

Overview of this Home Department

     As you have already seen, the first portion of this Home Department presents important introductory information. 

     "Qualified visitors" will then get a brief review of some of Lon's natural health-care concepts educational capabilities.  He wants "qualified visitors" to get a quick overview of vital natural health-care concepts that Lon knows how to teach to help our natural health-care education clients improve their life a lot. (our A4J club members).

     Lon will then present very important death rate data for people that lived in the United States of America (the USA).  You will learn that tens of thousands of American residents die prematurely each week - primarily because they had not been educated about the health-related concepts and natural health-care concepts that are introduced in this "free to review" introductory natural health educational website

     This death rate information can help "qualified visitors" understand how critically important our natural health-care and wellness concepts education services can be for thousands of "qualified visitors" each month.

     This autobiographical report will then present some interesting information about Lon's early life while growing up on a farm in the south-eastern corner of North Carolina.

     He will then present information about his early adult life after he completed high school in Tabor City, North Carolina and went off to college for one year.  He then enlisted in the U.S. Air Force for a four years tour of duty. 

     All of that personal information about Lon's life will help establish important credibility about how he acquired very important public speaking skills and teaching abilities as a classroom and field instructor in the U.S. Air Force. 

     He will also explain how he acquired very important "critical thinking skills" by working with very complex electronic systems in the Air Force.

     "Qualified visitors" will learn that Airman First Class Willoughby completed 33 weeks of complex electronic RADAR systems education in the U.S. Air Force.  He then worked as an electronics technician at a complex RADAR and Air Traffic Control Facility in Georgia for many months.

     Lon got out of the U.S. Air Force when his four years enlistment ended in September 1959.  He went back to college for one year at Gaston Technical Institute, and he was then employed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in June 1960 as a GS-7 electronics technician

     His FAA employment enabled him to acquire a lot of additional education and training about complex electronic systems.  His "critical thinking skills" were enhanced a lot as he acquired 17 years of work experience on complex electronic systems that were used for air traffic control in the Southern Region of the FAA (commercial air traffic, military air traffic, and private civilian air traffic).

      In September 1977, Lon was selected for a desired and requested administrative supervisory Performance Development and Evaluation Officer (PDEO) position in the Greenville/Greer area of South Carolina.

     After working in that PDEO position for two full years, he resigned from the FAA in October 1979 because he did not want to continue working for his supervisor (the Sector Manager), and he did not want to transfer with the FAA to a different location - for the very important reasons that will be explained later about those career change issues

     That resignation occurred after Lon Willoughby had worked with the Federal Aviation Administration very successfully for a total of 19 years.

Lon acquires vital education

in Natural Health-care Concepts

     Lon Willoughby then acquired a lot of special natural health-care concepts education that enabled him to acquire  many years of work experience managing and operating the ABC of Health corporately owned natural health products store in Greenville, South Carolina. 

     That special health store work enabled Lon to increase his knowledge considerably about hundreds of important natural health-care nutrition supplement products.

     Lon's special natural health-care concepts education and his related work experience eventually helped him become capable of educating thousands of "qualified visitors" about vital natural health-care and wellness concepts and related nutrition supplement products.         

    This very special introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts website presents very important and very valuable life improving education for "qualified visitors." 

     This very special health-related education can also be life saving information for some "qualified visitors." 

     All of the educational information presented in Part One and Part Two of this autobiographical report is in our "free to review" educational services format. 

Website Development Work

     As Lon Willoughby began using some Internet services more than 25 years ago, he quickly realized that Internet websites could be used to present important educational services for many people about vital natural health-care and wellness concepts.  

     WOW!!!  Lon could see clearly, more than 25 years ago, that he needed to begin learning how to use the amazing Internet to help ABC of Health be able to educate many American adult citizens about some exceptionally important natural health-care and wellness concepts that he had already learned.

    Lon began developing website building skills and also learning about additional Internet features and services. 

     The first website that Lon developed for ABC of Health presented information about our natural health products retail store, and also presented very helpful natural health-care and wellness concepts education for all website visitors. 

     In February 2000, Lon moved our health store on Laurens Road in Greenville to a location on Wade Hampton Blvd. that was about three blocks south of Bob Jones University (in Greenville).  The new store location was about three times the size of our previous natural health products store, and it had room for a good size classroom. 

     Lon purchased 50 good quality cloth upholstered stack-able padded chairs for our new classroom.  He also revised our company's website to show our new store's address and to also advertise the availability of our free natural health-care concepts education classes that Lon would conduct weekly in our new classroom.  

Six Years Later

     After six years at that store location, Lon moved our health store again (February 7, 2007). The landlord had refused to have repairs made to several basketball size diameter holes in the asphalt driveway paving coming into our health store's parking lot unless Lon signed a new three-year lease agreement for the store facility rental. 

     That situation caused some serious problems that resulted in Lon moving our health store to a nearby store location on Wade Hampton Blvd. The new store facility did not have enough floor space for us to have a classroom.

     That situation did not present a serious problem because Lon had learned that it was very difficult to get people to come to our Free natural health-care concepts education classes

     Most customers apparently thought they already knew enough about natural health-care concepts education because they were not willing to come to a Free natural health-care class to see what Lon Willoughby was teaching.

     About two years later, Lon moved our health store again in late December 2009 to a much better store location in Mauldin (eight miles distance from our Wade Hampton Blvd. store location). 

     This store facility was about 3,000 square feet of floor space, and we again had room for a good size classroom.  We began doing business in Mauldin during the first week in January 2010.  

     We continued our complex health store business at that location for four years, until our Mauldin health store facility was closed on April 24, 2014.  This report will explain later why it was necessary for us to close our health store permanently. 

     That store closing situation enabled Lon and Janie Willoughby to have time to spend thousands of hours developing the remarkable natural health-care education services that we now offer on the Internet for our Americans4Justice private education club members.

Advantages of conducting education on the Internet

     Lon had learned that one of the remarkable advantages of conducting natural health-care concepts education classes on the Internet was that the education could be presented on a computer display screen in the convenience and comfort of a person's home or residence. 

     Lon had also learned that many adult citizens in the Greenville area were getting convenient access to Internet services

     It was clear that Internet-based education services could eliminate the need for scheduling classroom attendance, and this could eliminate the travel time and travel expenses of classroom attendance.

     Lon could also see that Internet-based introductory education services had the very important advantage of being scheduled by each individual, to accommodate their personal lifestyle schedule. 

This situation also enabled teenage members of a family to conveniently participate in these introductory Internet-based education services - and there is no additional cost to the parents for teenage family members to participate in this very important and valuable education at home.  

     This introductory education website enables individual adults and also married couples and parents to get a good overview understanding about what special education services that Lon and Janie Willoughby offer to A4J private education club members before they make a decision to join our Americans 4 Justice Education Club.   

     This website shows that Lon gradually acquired additional Internet education that eventually enabled him, as president of ABC of Health, to be able to offer our vital natural health-care and wellness concepts education services to thousands of natural-born American adult citizens who are Christian-oriented and patriotic-minded toward the United States of America (the USA), and who live in selected ZIP Code areas of South Carolina (have a primary permanent home or residence ZIP Code of 296 - - or 293 - - ). 

     As explained previously, Lon calls those special citizens "qualified visitors" when they visit this private introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website.

     Lon will explain later why he restricted our initial Internet educational marketing territory to only those ZIP Code areas.

     Our current Internet-based educational services enable our natural health-care and wellness concepts education company to have the potential to improve thousands of lives for "qualified visitors" (natural-born American adult citizens that live in selected ZIP Code areas of upstate South Carolina, as explained previously).

     Those "qualified visitors" have a special opportunity to learn about our Advanced Natural Health Concepts education services - that can educate our A4J private education club members about protecting, defending, and also extending their natural healthy life span potential

Two Important Questions

     Why should "qualified visitors" take time to responsibly consider what Lon says that might help them protect and improve their natural health status?  

     How did Lon acquire very important education and life experiences that enabled him to become a very important educator for many qualified visitors about vital health-care issues and also litigation issues and judicial issues in American courts?

Answers To Those Two Questions

     The very important education presented in this autobiographical report can help "qualified visitors" answer those two important questions

     It is important for "qualified visitors" to learn that Lon Willoughby has not had a cold viral infection, or a flu viral infection, or a bacterial microbial infection since April 1986.  

     He got a serious flu viral infection at that time (about 35 years ago) from a business associate who came to Lon's home and talked with him outside for a while in a standing position.  

     Lon had just arrived from Florida driving a loaded large U-Haul 26 feet long size moving van (the largest size rental van), and he was busy unloading household furniture from that van at his vacant home in Mauldin, South Carolina.

     Lon did not realize that this individual had recently been sick with the flu - Lon did not notice any indication that the man had been sick.  However, Lon caught a very bad case of the flu virus from that individual during that casual outdoor meeting.  Lon's flu sickness lasted several weeks and his throat was very painful during most of that time.

     That individual routinely had a bad habit of getting too close to people when he talked with them.  He would stand about two feet away when talking face to face.  If he had stayed four feet away from Lon as they talked, Lon may not have caught that very bad flu virus from him. 

     Lon has learned how to protect himself from microbial infections much better than he knew how to do back in April 1986.  He tries to maintain a distance of four feet or more when talking with individuals face to face.

Coronavirus Information

     Reasonable social distancing is very important when talking with anyone face to face, and most American adults have been educated recently (since January 2020) that reasonable social distancing is six feet or more. 

     Wearing a good quality face mask and social distancing are both very important actions to take when trying to avoid getting infected, or causing an infection for other people with the coronavirus. 

     That dangerous virus is currently active in many people who do not know yet that they have the virus.  The virus is also active in many places where infected people (known and unknown infections) have been breathing and exhaling contaminated air.

     It is important to understand that one can get the coronavirus when another person is not present at the moment by simply breathing some air that an infected person recently exhaled.  The virus can float around in the air at that location for a while and still be dangerous.

     People in the USA have died by the tens of thousands because they foolishly and stubbornly refused to follow the well-published advice of reputable health-care experts about the two easy protective actions stated above (good quality face mask and a minimum of six feet social distancing from each other). 

     Those easy actions can greatly improve one's potential for avoiding contact with the coronavirus - or spreading the virus - and the more dangerous delta variant of that virus

     Lon and Janie are responsibly convinced that the single vaccine shot (Johnson & Johnson) or the two shots dosage (other company brands) is a sensible thing to do.  They have both had their two-shot dosages - as soon as they could get scheduled for each of those timed free vaccine doses. 

     They both got their free booster vaccine shot on November 3, 2021.

Personal Life Information

     Lon's personal life information herein can help a lot of "qualified visitors" and the relevance of this information will be understood better by "qualified visitors" when they complete their review of the very important health-care educational report at this private introductory website (Part One of Lon's autobiographical health-care related report).

     As the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon Will-o-bee) worked responsibly and diligently for many years to enable and ensure that he could capably educate our natural health-care education clients about how they could improve and protect their precious natural health in practical, responsible, and sensible ways that were cost-effective health-care actions.  

     Lon has learned a lot of very important natural health concepts and health-care and wellness concepts since year 1970, when he began to focus some attention on learning about natural health-care concepts

     He diligently and responsibly learned additional natural  health-care and wellness concepts as each year passed - since he started that educational process in year 1970

     Fortunately, during year 2010 and later years, Lon began having more opportunities to increase his very important natural health-care concepts self-education actions.  He was able to learn some very important health concepts and natural health-care and wellness concepts since year 2010.

     One of Lon's primary ABC of Health objectives for many years has been to enable our health-care education clients to substantially improve their potential for healthy longevity (live longer in good health). 

   Quick Overview of Vital Health-care Issues

     Let's take a quick look at some very important health-care educational subject issues.  What can Lon Willoughby help our A4J private education club members (our education clients living in selected upstate areas of South Carolina) strive to accomplish for improving their own health and lifestyle and also accomplish for their spouse and for dependent children who live full-time at home with their parents?

     Over the past 40+ years, Lon focused his natural health-care educational objectives on some major health problems in America -

like cardiovascular problems (heart attacks and strokes), cancer conditions, dementia conditions (including Alzheimer's conditions), and also blood sugar control and management (diabetes and hypoglycemia). 

     Lon also focused some of his natural health-care educational objectives on health-care improvements such as:

improving nutrition in the diet by using helpful enzymes, herbs, quality minerals, probiotics, quality protein supplements, and quality vitamin supplements.

using positive thoughts to improve mental attitudes.

     Lon's natural health-care concepts research and studies and his natural health-care work experiences enabled him to learn how to: 

     1.  take nutrition supplements - enzymes, herbs, quality minerals and protein products,  probiotics, and various vitamins.  He learned what to take, how much to take, and when to take supplements for best results.

     2.  He also learned how to improve vital functions in the body's blood circulation system and also

     3.  improve operational conditions in the complex lymphatic system by studying Lymphology.
     4.  Lon learned how to improve vital functions in the complex immune system.  He learned how to improve the activity of the immune system in protecting one from sickness conditions that are fairly common in the United States of America (USA).
     5.  He learned how to improve vital hormones production and distribution in the body, and 

     6.  he learned how to improve brain functions and emotional control on a daily basis - reducing anxiety, nervousness, irritation, frustration, and depression conditions (all without using any alcoholic beverages or any pharmaceutical drugs).

     7.  Lon also learned how to improve the quality of drinking water, cooking water, and bathing water in homes and residences.

     8.  He also learned practical ways to improve the air quality inside homes and residences, and  

     9.  improve hydration (water) and oxygen distribution to trillions of body cells daily.

   10.  He also learned some very important health concepts about improving the digestion of food and beverage nutrients for the body.  Lon studied digestion processes and multiple enzymes that are critically important in the digestion of various types of food. 
   11.  Studying the various processes involved with food digestion in the stomach and the intestinal system caused Lon to make a detailed study of pH considerations.  He learned how to simplify this complex subject so he could teach our A4J club members what they need to understand about pH values for various body fluids. 

   12.  Lon also learned how to improve complex functions of the intestinal system and also improve bowel movement functions.  That included learning about using probiotic supplements (beneficial strains of intestinal bacteria) to  improve bowel health and improve important bowel functions.

   13.  He also learned how to help our health consultation clients lose excess fat and weight sensibly while they were improving their overall health. 

   14.  Lon learned how to perform important exercise activities easily at home that are more beneficial than walking, running, or having a swimming pool at home.

   15.  He also learned how to help our health consultation clients relax better, emotionally and physically, and sleep better, and also slow down the usual human aging process.

     As you can see from the quick overview health-care actions listing above, Lon focused a lot of attention (thousands of hours over 40+ years) on learning how to help the human body maintain good health throughout the very complex body. 

     He gradually learned how to help the blood circulation system, the very complex immune system, the complex lymphatic system, the kidneys, the liver, and the lungs minimize sickness conditions by natural means - wherever feasible.  Lon learned that pH considerations were very important for many bodily actions and functions.

Copyrighted Health-care Concepts

     During the past 20+ years, Lon Willoughby developed and copyrighted more than 50 natural health-care and wellness concepts and protocols to help accomplish some of the objectives listed above. 

     Lon didn't try to "invent the wheel" or "re-invent the wheel" except in some situations where that was clearly needed and could be helpful. 

     He diligently searched for dietitians, and homeopathic practitioners, medical doctors and nurses, natural health-care consultants, naturopathic physicians, nutritionist, and also natural health-care concepts researchers who had made important contributions to improving human health-care using natural actions, practices, protocols, and nutritional substances. 

     In a later section of this educational report, Lon will provide a listing of more than 40 natural health-care concepts that can be very important for "qualified visitors" to learn about.  He will teach those natural health-care concepts, and other important natural health-care concepts, to our Americans4Justice private education club members.

Referring our Health-care Education Clients

     Lon also understands how and when to refer our A4J club member health-care education clients to some other important sources of health-care education when that specific information can be helpful to one of our A4J private education club members.

     He will refer an A4J club member to other health-care specialist when their health-care expertise can be helpful - usually by referring an A4J club member to one of their books or their website education that can be helpful to that A4J club member

     Lon understands that he does not know everything that one of our A4J club members may need to consider for improving some personal health problem conditions. 

     Lon Willoughby is also very responsible about observing copyright protection standards of special natural health-care concepts that were copyrighted by other people. He tries to be very careful and respectful with other people's copyrighted health-care concepts, practices, and protocols - giving proper credit when credit is due.

     Lon will also refer an A4J club member to medical profession doctor services, when he believes those medical doctor services may be helpful to an A4J club member

     Lon Willoughby has learned about many sources of vital natural health-care concepts information, mostly in book format, because he has spent thousands of hours conducting research and reviews about vital natural health-care concepts during the past 40+ years

     Visitors will also learn herein that Lon Willoughby purchased more than a thousand natural health-care type books during the past 40+ years.  He has acquired an exceptional important and valuable library of natural health-care and wellness concepts books for ABC of Health.


     The very important and valuable natural health-care and wellness concepts introduced at this website are natural health-care concepts education, and these concepts have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

     It is very important for American adult visitors to understand that the natural health-care concepts published in this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.   

     That is a very important statement because the FDA decided many years ago that only licensed medical doctors can diagnose and/or treat disease conditions. 

     Lon Willoughby understands that this is the prevailing controlling FDA health-care standard for the United States of America at this time but he does not like that FDA decision.

      Lon believes that FDA standard is too restrictive because he understands that some non-medical doctor health-care practitioners are capable of providing very important and very valuable health-care services for many USA citizens - vital services that American medical doctors are usually not able to provide competently for many American residents

     Lon realizes that most medical doctors and nurses have not been educated and trained adequately about many health-care issues that are related to nutrition issues and nutrition products.

     For many years, the FDA has apparently routinely ignored this critically important health-care deficiency situation in the American medical profession.

     Lon Willoughby realizes that many millions of Americans (adults, teenagers, and younger children) will likely suffer unnecessarily in many ways throughout their lifetimes due to this very serious FDA deficiency.


     Any device or substance that claims to be able to cure or prevent any disease condition is considered to be a drug by the FDA, and all drugs used within the USA must be FDA approved drugs. 

     Consequently, it is generally illegal for American citizens to use any device or substance to cure or prevent any disease condition that has not been approved by the FDA as a drug for that purpose.

     Note:  It can cost millions of USA dollars, and hundreds of millions of USA dollars, to get a new drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

     Consequently, any educational concepts introduced in this website that are related in any way to the cure or prevention of any disease condition must be considered as educational information only.  

     Natural health-care concepts introduced in this website's  education services can help "qualified visitors" understand that vital health-care improvements may be possible with the right health-care practitioner and the right circumstances.

     Due to Lon's many years of natural health-care concepts education, and his many years of work experiences related to natural health-care actions and improvements, he realizes that there are many helpful natural health-care actions that Americans4Justice club members can take to help reduce and minimize the potential for suffering with some serious health problem conditions. 

     Is it fair, reasonable, and sensible for the FDA to automatically classify some potentially preventive actions as illegal unauthorized drugs because the FDA and the American medical profession hierarchy are not necessarily involved when educated A4J club members take some of those sensible preventive and protective health-care actions in a knowledgeable and responsible way? 

     Lon Willoughby understands that this is a very important subject for A4J private education club members to consider in their personal lifestyle health-care actions.

Relevant Notes

     Some States in the USA have developed statutory laws that allow other types of health-care practitioners (non-medical doctors) to provide valuable health-care services to residents within that State's geographic boundaries. 

     Oklahoma has developed statutory law standards that provide very good health-care freedom for people within that State.  

     Oklahoma may have the best health-care freedom statutory laws of any State in the USA.

     Some other States in the USA have also developed reasonable health-care freedom statutory laws.

     South Carolina is one of the most restricted health-care freedom States in the USA, and Lon Willoughby is currently working on trying to get improvements made for those very unreasonable restrictions. 

     North Carolina, a neighboring state, has much better health-care freedom for its adult citizens than South Carolina has for its adult citizens.

Premature Deaths in America

     This very important health-related education report presents Lon's research finding of data at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website (www dot cdc dot gov) about the death rates in the entire USA.     

      Reviewing this death rate data can help "qualified visitors" understand what medical profession health-care actions in the USA have accomplished for healthy longevity for people in the USA during the past 30 years.

     Lon has reviewed and evaluated CDC's death rate statistics for some relevant past years.  "Qualified visitors" can likely benefit a lot by reviewing the vital educational information presented in this very important health report.

      Lon found that CDC death rate data show that many people die prematurely on an annual basis in the USA (die before age 90).  He reports that annual data by months and also by weeks to make that data more useful for this very important and very valuable health-oriented educational report.

      Lon's work in the natural health-care education field for more than 30 years found that many people want to believe  that they already know enough about helpful natural health-care actions to develop a healthy lifestyle. 

     However, Lon's many years of natural health-care work experience found that this was usually wishful thinking for almost everyone.  He found that most people do not know nearly enough about developing a truly healthy practical and sensible lifestyle. 

      Lon confirmed that opinion when his research at the CDC data base found that on average, more than 40,000 premature deaths occur weekly in the USA (deaths before age 90)  That amounts to more than 160,000 premature deaths monthly and it amounts to more than 1,920,000 premature deaths per year. 

     If most American adult residents know how to develop a really good healthy lifestyle, why are so many American residents dying at early premature ages

      Lon's research also found that the total deaths per year average in the USA was about 2,600,000 - for all causes of death (prior to years 2020 and 2021 when many additional deaths were caused by coronavirus infections). 

      From the death rate statistics presented above, Lon learned that most deaths in the USA occur before people get to age 90.  You will learn herein later that the average male in the USA will die before reaching age 79

      That means that about half of all American males will die before getting to age 79, and half of American males will live longer than age 78

     Very few males will live to age 90American females typically live two to three years longer than American males.

      Unfortunately, not many Americans are healthy enough to celebrate their 90th birthday.  Of the few American citizens who live to that birthday, how many of them are in good enough health to enjoy celebrating that birthday? 

      Lon has good reasons for believing that very few American citizens (females or males) are in good enough health to actually enjoy celebrating their 90th birthday.

      You will probably agree with Lon that the CDC data presented above enables him to report that a very high number of estimated premature deaths occur in the USA on an annual basis. 

      From Lon's health-care research and his natural health-care concepts work during the past 30+ years, he learned why most natural-born American citizens will likely die prematurely (before they get to age 90)

Do American Adults know Enough about

Vital Natural Health-care Concepts?

     If American adults were as knowledgeable about important natural health-care and wellness concepts as they typically want to believe they are, we would not have so many sickness and disease conditions in the USA, with a lot of pain and suffering, and with a lot of medical expenses, as we currently have in many locations in America. 

     Visit any large hospital and the parking lot area will usually contain a lot of cars.  Even though the parking lot complex is very large, with hundreds of parking spaces, it may be difficult to find a vacant parking space. 

     Some hospitals are so busy that they may not have a private room available for a new heart attack patient or a new stroke patient. 

     The patient may be put on a portable bed (with wheels) that is parked in a hallway near a nursing station where nursing staff members are usually working at a desk area. 

     Those medical staff members can then monitor the new patient - who is waiting for a patient room to become available.  

     The new patient may have to stay in this hallway area for several hours until a vacant patient room becomes available.  In other words, the hospital is very busy with hundreds of sick patients and vacant rooms are not always quickly available.

     These many busy hospital situations, across the United States of America, confirm that the USA has a large number of people who get sick and need hospital type medical care. 

     Lon Willoughby realizes that many of those people did not know how to take good care of their natural health and natural health-care assets and now they have serious health problems

     Lon also realizes that almost all people living in the USA have not had a good opportunity to get educated to learn how to take good care of their natural health

     That seriously deficient education situation is what motivated Lonnie Willoughby to establish our natural health-care concepts educational corporation in South Carolina in year 1986.

     You will learn herein that there are 24 modern industrialized countries that have healthier people than people in the USA.  Consequently, most of the adults in the USA clearly need some vital natural health-care and wellness concepts education.  


     1.  How are American residents going to learn that they need some good education about natural health-care concepts actions that they can take at home to greatly improve their ability to take good care of their natural health and their natural health-care assets?  

     2.  How are American citizens going to obtain access to these badly needed natural health-care concepts education services?     

     American adult citizens first need to quickly learn that they should stop naively believing and thinking that medical doctors and nurses will provide the health-care education services that they need. 

     Lon reports herein that medical doctors and nurses are not educated and trained to provide natural health-care and wellness concepts education services to medical patients. 

     It is very important for adults in the United States of America to understand that natural health-care education is not what medical doctors and nurses are educated and trained to do for their health-care patients.  Generally speaking, natural health-care education services are outside their area of professional expertise. 

     As reported herein, American adults need to learn that they should consult with local dietitians and/or nutrition consultants to obtain some of those badly needed natural health-care education services

     Some of the health-care education that is needed can be acquired from natural health-care concepts type books, but there are more than a thousand of those type books in the marketplace.  Which books do American adults need to read first to get their natural health-care education started? 

     "Qualified visitors" will need some good help from a dietitian, or a nutrition consultant, or a natural health-care consultant (like Lon Willoughby) to narrow that BIG EDUCATION PROBLEM down to just a few books - maybe five or six very important health-care education books

     Lon Willoughby, at ABC of Health, knows how to provide those kinds of very important natural health-care concepts education services for thousands of "qualified visitors" living in the upstate area of South Carolina. 

     Lon can help those "qualified visitors" after they get security qualified to join our Americans 4 Justice-SC club and then get full access to our remarkable membership natural health-care concepts educational services.

     The unique outstanding natural health-care and wellness concepts education services that can be provided by Lon and Janie Willoughby at ABC of Health are available only to natural-born American adult citizens who are Christian-oriented and patriotic-minded about the USA and also live in their primary permanent home or residence in selected ZIP Code areas of upstate South Carolina (296 - - or 293 - - ).

Detour To Another Website

     At the end of this website's introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts report, "qualified visitors" will be detoured to our main Natural Health-care and Wellness Concepts education website to continue this education with Part Two of Lon's very important and very valuable health-care-related educational report.  

    The health-care education services presented at our main Natural Health-care and Wellness Concepts educational website will present additional education about the five major causes of premature deaths in the USA.  This special education is also presented in our "free to review" format for "qualified visitors." 

     Our main Natural Health-care and Wellness Concepts educational website will also identify some natural health-care actions that "qualified visitors" can take to help them improve their lifestyle actions - practically, responsibly, and sensibly

     Unfortunately, tens of thousands of people die prematurely each week in the USA - primarily because they had not been educated about our vital copyrighted natural health-care and wellness concepts.

Improving Death Rate Statistics

     Lon Willoughby has learned how to greatly improve those annual CDC death rate statistics (over a period of years), but trying to educate millions of American adult citizens about practical and sensible ways to improve their personal lifestyle is a gigantic education task. 

     This website's very revealing health-care-related report will also help "qualified visitors" understand why this would be a very difficult task and would also be a very risky and dangerous educational task for our natural health-care and wellness concepts education company

     You will likely be surprised and literally shocked when you learn herein about the very serious health-care education problem conditions in the USA

     You will learn that trying to provide very important natural health-care and wellness concepts education anywhere in the USA can be very dangerous work.  It has often had tragic consequences for natural health-care and wellness concepts educators

     You will learn herein that there are financially and politically powerful forces operating within the USA that take in billions of dollars each year by providing conventional medical services and pharmaceutical drugs for inadequately educated medical system patients. 

     It is financially advantageous for those powerful forces to try to prevent adult residents in the United States from getting educated about very important alternative health type natural health-care and wellness concepts - like some of the vital education at this special website.

     Lon's health-care-related report will help "qualified visitors" learn about the plan of progressive actions that Lon developed to help make some very important progress in this very difficult and risky and potentially dangerous natural health-care concepts education challenge for "qualified visitors."

     This introductory education report will show that Lon has developed natural health-care and wellness concepts that can enable many "qualified visitors" (who become members of our Americans 4 Justice private education club) to likely live a healthier and longer life with more achievements and more enjoyment and more satisfaction in their life. 

     Lon Willoughby believes that millions of American adult citizens can be taught how to live to age 90 and beyond with a lot less sickness and disease, and a lot less pain and suffering, and a lot less medical expenses than is common for many citizens in America today. 

     Lon has good reasons to believe that millions of American adult citizens can be taught how to improve their lifestyle and their natural health-care actions so they can still be reasonably healthy at age 90 and may live to celebrate their 100th birthday, or even years older

     Very important legal issues are relevant here, and Lon has studied those legal issues.  He is confident that American adult citizens have a constitutionally protected right to access vital natural health-care and wellness concepts education wherever it is available in the USA to adult citizens. 

     Historical records show that financially and politically powerful organized forces have unfairly and unethically prevented millions of American citizens from having good access to natural health-care concepts education services

     Those powerful forces have ruthlessly deprived millions of American citizens from having very important access to those kinds of natural health-care educational services.

     Lon and Janie are doing what they can to make vital "free to review" natural health-care and wellness concepts educational services available to hundreds of thousands of natural-born American adult citizens ("qualified visitors")  who live in selected ZIP Code areas of upstate South Carolina (as explained previously).

     ABC of Health selected ZIP Code areas of 296 - - and 293 - - as our initial limited education territory because our Natural Health-care and Wellness Concepts Education Company is located in Greenville County South Carolina (ZIP Codes 296 - - ). 

     Lon determined that any natural health-care concepts education services that we provide in ZIP Codes 293 - - will also be subject to federal litigation in the federal court located in Greenville, South Carolina. 

     Some other upstate ZIP Code areas would be subject to federal litigation in the federal court located in Columbia, South Carolina so we will not routinely provide education services in those upstate ZIP Code areas.

    Consequently, any unfair and unreasonable oppressive type punishment litigation against our education company that might be caused by high level medical hierarchy personnel, or caused by pharmaceutical drug companies, or caused by federal government authorities (FDA, FTC, etc.) regarding any education services that we provide in these selected ZIP Code areas will likely be conducted in the federal court located in Greenville, South Carolina.  -

     That situation is very important for our natural health-care concepts education company because Greenville is our home area.  The Greenville federal court is the most convenient federal court for Lonnie Willoughby to have to defend our natural health-care concepts education work in a federal court litigation action (that may be caused by some of our competitors - as identified herein).  

Lon's Personal Experiences With Medical Doctors

     Lon Willoughby will explain herein three different health conditions that caused him to consult with medical doctors in previous years.  In those three situations, the medical doctors were unable to provide any significant help to Lon and he eventually had to seek help in other ways. 

    These three health problems will be explained in some detail later in this website's autobiographical health-related report.  Those reports will show that it is naive and foolish to believe that American medical doctors are the only health-care practitioners that one should consider consulting for any health-care problems.   

Lon Learned How to Correct His Health Problems

     Fortunately, over a period of many years, Lon Willoughby's determined and diligent self-education natural health-care actions enabled him to learn how to cope successfully with his chronic health problems.

    He eventually recovered from his serious health problems - without getting any significant help from the several medical doctors that he had consulted over a period of many years. 

    Lon was very disappointed in the series of medical doctors that he had consulted.  It seemed like they had very little education or practical useful knowledge about nutrition-related health-care problems.

     Lon struggled for many years to get better control of his serious health problems, and he learned a lot of important natural health-care concepts.  He realized that his accumulated natural health-care concepts knowledge could be very helpful to many American adult citizens.

     However, Lon also realized that he did not have a good way of communicating with those adult citizens.  He had been learning about some Internet services, and he saw the potential for communicating with many American adult citizens by using some of the Internet's amazing communication service features

     Lon began working responsibly to develop the special knowledge and skills that were needed for him to build the first website for ABC of Health using complex HTML coding

     Over a period of many years, Lon learned how to use four separate Website Building Programs (by different companies) to gradually build additional natural health-care and wellness concepts educational websites for ABC of Health. 

     Those educational websites eventually enabled our company to offer vital natural health-care concepts education services to selected American adult citizens in specific upstate areas of South Carolina (citizens that were "qualified visitors").  

     Over a period of 19 years (1980 to 1999), while diligently learning about natural health-care actions, concepts, and protocols, Lon gradually learned how to become a knowledgeable natural health-care concepts consultant and nutrition consultant and classroom natural health-care instructor

     This very important introductory educational website introduces "qualified visitors" to some of the very valuable natural health-care and wellness concepts that Lon discovered and copyrighted during many years of ongoing natural health-care concepts education.      

     He continued that natural health-care and wellness concepts education up to the current time in year 2021

     At age 85, Lon Willoughby is living and walking proof that his extensive natural health-care and wellness concepts education and experiences can be very important and also very valuable for many "qualified visitors."

     Lon is enjoying good health at age 85 because he learned how to overcome three serious health-care challenges as explained herein.  Two of those chronic health problems caused very difficult health condition problems in Lon's life for more than 25 years.

     His special education about natural health-care and wellness concepts since year 1970, and his many years of natural health-care work experiences are being used in this introductory website to help thousands of "qualified visitors" (in upstate SC) learn that they now have very special remarkable opportunities to learn how to live a much better healthy life.

Lon's Early Life On The Farm

     Lonnie Jr. was generally a healthy person while growing up on a farm in North Carolina.  He feels really fortunate to have grown up in that rural farming environment because he learned many important things about living a natural life - similar in many respects to the farmers who were busy growing food for Americans in the early 1900's. 

    Lon's father and mother were both intelligent responsible farming people who had grown up on their own family's farm. They both grew up in large families with multiple brothers and sisters.

     Lon's parents were hard working farmers with a strong desire to be productive, progress, and to succeed in life.  They helped first-born son Lonnie Jr. learn how to plant, nourish, grow and harvest many food products for sale and as food for the family. 

     Those important experiences enabled Lonnie Jr. (Lon) to understand how several food products are planted, and how they are nourished with fertilizer nutrients, cared for carefully during their growing season, and then harvested properly for marketing. 

     A ton of fertilizer is equal to 2,000 pounds of nutrients for plants, supplied at that time in 200 pound bags.  As a high school student, Lon weighed 133 pounds (5 feet, 8 1/2 inches tall), but he learned how to manhandle those large 200 pound bags of fertilizer pretty well. 

     For several years, while he was growing up on the farm, young Lon Jr. distributed a lot of plant fertilizer to various types of plants (in large fields - many acres in each field). 

     He also drove a Farmall Cub four-wheel tractor in plowing fields and also cultivating fields of different types of plants. 

     Lon Jr. was able to help his parents a lot, for several years, with very important essential farming tasks.

    His parents also helped Lon Jr. learn how to raise animals such as chickens, a milk cow, and about 20 White Faced Hereford beef cows, and several hogs.  Those animals could be sold to local people and some animals would provide food for the family.

     Over the years, Lon milked a series of milk cows, milking one milk cow each morning, seven days per week.  That continued until he was graduated from high school and went off to college, leaving that daily chore for his younger brother (his only sibling - who was about 20 months younger). 

    The Willoughby family had fresh cow's milk to drink daily.  They made their own natural butter from some of that milk.  They also had a lot of chicken eggs, and plenty of chicken, beef, and pork to eat and to also sell to other local people.

    Each year, they had a large garden where they grew an assortment of special vegetables for additional food.  Lon's mother also canned some of those vegetables for food during later months (canned food for the fall and winter seasons and early spring season).

     His mother also baked white refined "enriched" flour as loaf bread and as biscuits for the family to eat with meals.  She was a very good cook who knew how to prepare very good meals.

    Lon always had a friendly happy dog as a pet. 

    It was a very good life for a young farm boy with lots of interesting and challenging things to do and to learn as he was growing up.   

    Lon remembers that he was twelve years old when the local electric company made electric service available to the farms located beside the narrow two lane dirt road where he lived (about two miles from the nearest town - Tabor City, NC).  The small town was near the South Carolina state border - about forty-five road miles from Myrtle Beach, SC. 

    Prior to that time (in year 1948), the Willoughby's did not have hot and cold running water at their kitchen sink - there was no electricity to operate an electric pump to get well water into their home. 

    Without electric service, they could not have electric lights, or an electric refrigerator, or an electric water heater.  Consequently, they could not have a conventional bathroom because they did not have cold and hot running water in their home. 

     Bathing (washing) was done from a "foot-tub" - a larger than normal bucket (galvanized steel) that contained water from the well - warm water was produced by mixing regular well water with water that had been heated on the kitchen stove (gas  fired).

     Until the Willoughby's got electricity in 1948, they had a typical outdoor toilet (outhouse) instead of a commode. 

     They did not have toilet paper - just pages torn from last year's Sears and Roebuck Catalog or last year's Almanac.  When those pages were all gone, they used corn cobs from ears of corn that had been run through the manually operated hand-turned corn shelling machine.      

     There was no convenient and practical way to wash one's hands after using the outdoor outhouse as a urinal or for a bowel movement.    

     From this important explanation, "qualified visitors" can realize that many rural Americans (men, women, and children) probably got sick from microbial infections because they knew very little (if anything) about dangerous tiny microbes that were too small to be seen with human eyes. 

     They did not have convenient and practical ways to wash their hands carefully several times daily with soap and warm water, the way that most modern day American residents can do easily. 

    "Qualified visitors" should realize that this is the way that most people in America had lived for more than 300 years - prior to the time that electric services became available to many people living in America during the early 1900's

     Was it much different for American city dwellers during those same years?  Lon doesn't know, but he believes that many people living in Tabor City, NC did have electricity and did have indoor bathrooms with cold and hot water before the late 1940's to early 1950's - when rural Americans began getting electrical power service to their farm homes.

Serious Sanitation Problems

     Small towns and larger towns and cities throughout America had previously had major sanitation problems for hundreds of years. 

     Our founding fathers and mothers and their adult sons and daughters had serious problems with disposing of human bowel movement waste and urination waste. 

     That common situation continued for many generations of Americans - until electrical power service was available to various towns and cities in America (late 1800's to 1930's and later years).

     Without electricity and electric pumps, effective practical sewage systems were not normally available for small size, medium size, and larger towns and cities in America. 

     Those serious sanitation problems were also common problems for rural area Americans.

     That was also a common major sanitation problem throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and other continents, as it had been for thousands of years. 

     Those sanitation problems probably enabled a lot of microbial infections, and a lot of serious sickness, and a lot of premature deaths

     People had not been educated about pathogenic microbes until after year 1862 and later years, and they had no practical defenses against those microbial infections.

Tiny Microbes Are Discovered 

    Tiny microbes (bacteria) were first discovered by a Dutch scientist named Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.  He was born October 24, 1632 in Delft, Netherlands and he lived to be age 90 at a time when very few people lived that long. 

     He made his living as a cloth merchant, and he was familiar with using a magnifying glass to carefully inspect the weave and threads per inch of various fine cloths. 

     Using that magnifying glass probably gave him the idea for wanting a magnifying device that was much more powerful than a magnifying glass for inspecting cloth weaves (may have had a magnification factor of 5). 

     He laboriously taught himself how to become a very competent microscopist by learning how to built his own microscopes for various scientific evaluation projects.  Amazingly, he even learned how to grind the lenses for his innovative microscopes. 

     His unique microscopes did not look like a modern day microscope (with a tubular body and lens at the top and bottom of the tube).  His microscopes were flat devices similar to a special magnifying glass. 

     Antonie van Leeuwenhoek was the first known person to observe bacteria and protozoa, and he did that in year 1676.  He first discovered tiny microbes by observing water closely with his microscope and finding tiny active organisms (bacteria) within the water. 

     He reported some of his scientific microscopic discoveries to the Royal Society in London by letter, and he was elected a member of the society in 1680. He maintained that very important scientific association by correspondence for the rest of his life.     

     He made his own microscopes using a secret process which he developed and would not disclose to other people. 

     His microscopes had magnifications of about 50 up to about 150 with a maximum of 300.  A review of his work as a microscopist found that he had made about 500 microscopes during his extensive scientific evaluation projects.     

     Unfortunately, his very important scientific discoveries were not widely known by the European scientific community of his day. 

     First of all, we need to understand that there were not many scientist at that time, and it was very difficult for them to make a living as a scientist. 

     They usually had to have some other regular occupation to sustain them financially while pursuing their scientific investigations and evaluations

     Antonie van Leeuwenhoek was a technically minded person who was a successful cloth merchant while he pursued his many self-educated and self-taught scientific evaluations in a dedicated manner.   

     During the 1680's, scientist who were not local with each other did not have good means of communicating with each other.  It was not practical to learn about each other's scientific experiments and achievements during those times when the scientist were located many miles from each other. 

     Scientist also had to be very careful when they reported their scientific work because other scientist might try to claim ownership of some of their scientific discoveries. 

     Most scientist of Leeuwenhoek's day probably knew nothing about his very important scientific microscopic discoveries.

     Some other members of the Royal Society did learn about some of his unique microscopic discoveries because some controversy occurred with some Royal Society members about his reported discoveries. 

     However, scientist at that time did not know how to use Leeuwenhoek's very important microscope discoveries to make badly needed health-care improvements in medical science that might have helped save the lives of millions of people who were getting sick (microbial infections) and dying at young ages.  

     The scientific community did not develop practical advancements in medical science using his critically important microscopic discoveries.

     No one understood that the tiny microbes that he had discovered could cause very serious infections that could cause tragic sickness and death for many people (but especially for young children).

     People throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and other continents had been dying at young ages in large numbers for a long time, and those high deaths rates continued for many more years, as reported below.   

     No one knew what was causing so much sickness, suffering, and early death.  People had no effective defenses for those very serious sickness conditions (likely caused by dangerous bacterial infections by microbe contaminated food and/or contaminated liquids - milk, beer, wine, and drinking water). 

     Many children died before they were five years old.  Children were the most likely group of humans to die from microbe infections because they usually had not developed immune system "resistance" to some microbial infections - like some adults had fortunately developed. 

Bacteria were "Rediscovered"    

     As shown below, the scientific community on this planet had to wait about 186 years for chemist and scientist Louis Pasteur to make major advancements in human health-care actions regarding the tiny microbes that had been discovered in year 1676 by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.

     Bacteria were "rediscovered" during year 1862 by French chemist Louis Pasteur (working in France).  Some French  wine makers had commissioned him to try to discover what was causing a lot of their good wine to turn into bad wine at their winery's.  

     Using his scientific knowledge and skills and his microscope, Louis Pasteur discovered that some of the wine was apparently being contaminated and ruined by tiny microbes (bacteria) in the wine - microbes too small to be seen by human eyes without a microscope. 

     It is very important to understand that the tiny microbes are able to duplicate themselves and multiply in numbers very quickly, causing much more contamination to the wine over a few days time. 

     One microbe can divide and become two microbes.  Ten microbes can divide and become twenty microbes.  A thousand microbes can divide and become two thousand microbes quickly and so on. 

     After evaluating those contaminated wine conditions, Louis Pasteur discovered that he could deactivate (kill) the microbes by heating the wine to a high temperature (close to boiling temperature) for a short period of time.

     He then developed a practical process for heating new wine to deactivate (kill) any tiny microbes that may be in the wine before the microbes had time to greatly multiply and contaminate (damage) the wine severely. 

     That very important easy heating process became known as pasteurization, and it was then used widely to protect beer, milk, wine and other liquids from serious microbial contamination (bacteria multiplying rapidly in numbers).

     Now you know how, why, and when tiny microbes were "rediscovered" by Louis Pasteur in France (during year 1862).

Microbial Infections

     Ordinary people (anywhere on Planet Earth) did not begin to learn about dangerous microbial type infections until year 1862 and in later years. 

     Year 1862 is when very important health-care education actions were started by the remarkable chemist and scientist Louis Pasteur. 

     Prior to that very important year, millions upon millions of people had gotten sick and millions of them had suffered with and died from dangerous microbial infections (throughout mankind's history). 

     No one understood what was causing so much sickness, pain and suffering, and so much death until French chemist and scientist Louis Pasteur began investigating and evaluating some of those microbial infection situations.      

     Fortunately, Louis Pasteur had sufficient scientific knowledge and the special scientific abilities needed to evaluate and understand the great importance and significance of tiny microorganisms (in year 1862).  

     He had the remarkable technical ability to understand that tiny microorganisms (bacteria) had apparently been causing a lot of serious infections that produced a lot of pain and suffering and caused a lot of early deaths for many people, but especially for young children. 

     Louis Pasteur learned that some tiny microbes could cause serious damage to foods and liquids (beer, milk, wine, etc.), and he gradually learned that some of those tiny microbes could also be very dangerous for humans (and many animal species)

    Louis Pasteur's advanced level of scientific knowledge enabled him to understand the great importance of some tiny pathogenic (harmful) microorganisms (bacteria). 

    Fortunately, Louis Pasteur had completed a lot of college level education, was a college professor, and he knew how to explain complex issues clearly to other people. 

    His scientific education and experiences enabled him to know how to  educate other scientist and medical doctors about tiny microbes (bacteria) that could cause very serious infections for humans. 

    Louis Pasteur had the special scientific knowledge and abilities that were needed to appreciate the importance of the tiny micro-organism discoveries of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.  However, Lon Willoughby did not find any record evidence that Louis Pasteur ever learned about the early microscopic scientific discoveries of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

    Leeuwenhoek was truly a remarkable self-taught scientist who made many very important scientific discoveries with his special hand crafted microscopes.  His many scientific microscopic discoveries helped start the sciences of bacteriology and protozoology.