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As shown above, we are in the Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Business.  This website presents an incredibly important health education report that can change your life for the better in several ways.  The value of this information to you personally can be enormous - more valuable than you can even estimate at this point. 

This website will introduce you to a goldmine of health and healthcare information that can enable you to see and understand the conventional medical healthcare systems in America much more clearly and much more responsibly than you have ever seen or understood them before.

We have written this very important healthcare education report in a "storybook fashion" for two main reasons. 

The first reason is to present this vital health education in an interesting and entertaining manner that will be easy to understand. 

The second reason is to inform American adult citizen visitors about the lead person involved in this true story in some detail so each visitor can get to know him well.  We report many of his
formative life experiences so you can better understand the person that he became as he aged.

Throughout this true story, each American adult citizen visitor will need to be deciding whether or not this lead person has believe-ability, credibility, and dependability about the very important healthcare concepts that this revealing "story" introduces to visitors. 

If you believe these vital healthcare concepts, this education can have a dramatically beneficial affect on your life for the rest of your life

If you do not believe these healthcare concepts are true, this may be an interesting true story, but you will likely not get any lasting health benefits from the healthcare concepts presented herein.

Therefore, it is very important that we share enough personal information about the lead person in this true story to enable you to make that critical judgment about this person.

Be patient with us here, relax, and try to actually enjoy this "story" because it will present some very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be vital life-changing information for almost all American adult citizens

Some of this healthcare education may be life-saving for many visitors, and it is possible that it may in fact be life-saving information for you. 

This true life story will introduce you to vital healthcare concepts that can enable you to improve your life a lot for the rest of your life. 

Please understand that we will not attempt to tell visitors what specific nutrition supplements they should take daily (herbs, minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc.) because we do not have adequate information about each visitor to do that in a responsible manner. 

We do not know about the various health conditions of each visitor, and we do not know about the pharmaceutical drugs that each visitor may be taking by their doctor's advice.  We will therefore present vital healthcare concepts that can be very beneficial to almost all American adult citizens

Premature Deaths in America

We start this very important factual health report with our research finding of data presented at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website ( about the death rates in the USA

If we want to improve healthcare actions in America, it is very important for us to understand where we are at this time.  That very important CDC data shows that tens of thousands of people die prematurely weekly in the USA

We estimate from that CDC data that on average, more than 40,000 premature deaths occur weekly in the USA (die before age 90). That amounts to more than 160,000 premature deaths monthly and more than 1,920,000 premature deaths per year.

You will probably agree with our corporate officers  that the CDC data enables us to report an astounding number of estimated premature deaths in the USA

Our corporate officers understand well why most Americans will likely die prematurely, and we will introduce visitors to most of those tragic premature death causes in our educational presentation. 

We know how to greatly improve those death rate statistics, but educating American adult citizens about how to greatly improve their lifestyle is not an easy task.  This website's revealing true story will help you understand why this is a very difficult task.

Before we go further with information about this true story, and very important healthcare concepts that can help you daily for the rest of your life, we need to take a minute or two to explain the colored text used in this educational website

Colored Text information

This website uses a lot of colored text to emphasize certain words or phrases and improve clarity of meaning.

We recommend that you review this website using a computer if possible - to get the most benefit from our helpful colored text throughout this website and to also have a larger and better viewing screen.  The computer review is also much easier to control and manage than a lengthy review on a Smart Phone or Tablet.

People who use Android type Smart Phones or Tablets to view this website will not see our colored text until they activate colored text viewing. They can easily do this by simply scrolling down to the bottom of this Home Department's lengthy presentation and find a link type command below the last line of type titled View full site.

This scrolling action can be done very quickly (15 to 20 seconds), and it will enable you to find and select this special View full site link command It will instantly activate colored text viewing for your viewing device.

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If this action does not work for your Smart Phone or Tablet, we recommend that you review this website on a computer because the colored text will always be available.  Our colored text emphasis can be very helpful in this website's educational presentation.

Background Information
About Lon Willoughby

The founder and president of our parent company, ABC's of Health, Inc., is Lonnie Willoughby (Lon Will o bee).  He is the author of this vital healthcare education report, and he is the lead person in this true story about his life.  Lon learned about a very important natural healthcare food issue in 1970, when he was 34 years old, and that remarkable learning experience helped change his life dramatically over a period of many years. 

Lon was gradually motivated to begin a challenging and exciting natural healthcare and wellness concepts education process that eventually developed into a life-long education pursuit.

50 years later, in year 2020, Lon is still actively involved in that very challenging, exciting, and exceptionally important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education process You can benefit a lot from his vital healthcare experiences.

From that very important beginning in 1970, Lon has studied a lot of natural healthcare and wellness concepts research data and several books authored by the "Masters" in natural healthcare and wellness concepts in America. 

He also purchased and reviewed hundreds of other important books about natural healthcare and wellness concepts

Lon also attended numerous healthcare information type seminars in South Carolina (the Greenville, SC area, and the nearby Spartanburg, SC area).  Lon also attended several natural healthcare education seminars conducted in nearby Hendersonville, NC.

He also traveled by airline to attend a healthcare education and training program in Mesa, AZ (about ten miles from Phoenix, AZ).

Lon was such a determined natural healthcare education student that he also completed more than 40 natural healthcare-related education seminars on audio tapes or video tapes. 

From those many education experiences, you can see that Lon Willoughby was a very serious student of natural healthcare and wellness concepts

Natural Healthcare Consultant

Over a period of 40 years, Lon Willoughby became an exceptionally well-informed natural healthcare and wellness concepts consultant.

Using the amazing Internet to educate people, he is now capable of educating millions of American adult citizens about "the really smart ways of taking much better care of their very important natural health."  You will be introduced to Lon's healthcare educational objectives at this website.

He recently completed the development of a  remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education service that all American adult citizens need to know about, even medical doctors and nurses and many other types of healthcare practitioners - such as acupuncturist, chiropractic physicians, dentist, dietitians, eye care specialist, massage therapist, natural healthcare consultants, naturopathic physicians, nutritionist, etc. (listed in alphabetical order for convenience of visitors).

Back in the summer of 1970 (50 years ago), when Lon was learning about a very important natural healthcare food consumption concept for the first time, he was married, had two young sons (ages 10 and 12) and worked with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a GS-11 (pay grade level) electronics technician at the Jacksonville International Airport (near Jacksonville, Florida). 

NOTE:  The special healthcare educational concepts reported herein include several very important healthcare and wellness concepts that can be very helpful to American adult citizens.

This educational report also presents vital information about nasal congestion and sinus congestion problems because Lon Willoughby has learned that approximately 50% of Americans have problems with nasal and sinus congestion at times, similar to the very frustrating and irritating nasal and sinus congestion problems that he suffered with for many years. 

Fortunately, after coping with those congestion problems for 25+ years, Lon finally learned which  foods were causing those congestion problems. 

This very important nasal and sinus congestion education can be very helpful to many American adult citizens, including many teenagers and many younger children, through their educated parents.

World-wide Health Problem

In fact, this nasal and sinus congestion problem is a serious world-wide health problem.  Lon has learned that about 50% of all humans on Planet Earth can have nasal and sinus congestion problems caused by food consumption issues, similar to Lon's experiences for 25+ years. 

Many of those people may also have serious bowel problems caused by the same food consumption issues (constipation problems or loose bowel problems are quite common with these people). 

Colon cancer is one of the major cancer killers in America.  Those serious bowel problems may become killer conditions for many Americans if they do not learn about the vital health education presented herein as soon as possible (ASAP). 

It can be very helpful for those people to contact a nutrition consultant ASAP about nasal and sinus congestion problems and/or any related bowel problems that they may have. 

Lon's personal experiences with several medical doctors over many years found that medical doctors generally are not knowledgeable enough about food consumption issues to be helpful with nasal and sinus congestion problem issues (and related bowel problems), as reported herein.

These natural healthcare concepts can be helpful to many American adults.  Parents of teenagers, and/or younger children, need to know about the vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts presented herein so they can help their children learn about these very important health problems.

Lon's Early Life Health Problems

Lon was generally a healthy person while growing up on a farm in rural North Carolina.  He feels really fortunate to have grown up in that rural farming environment because he learned so many important things about a natural life. 

He learned how to grow and harvest many food products and raise animals such as chickens, a milk cow and about 20 beef cows, and several hogs.  Lon milked a cow each morning for many years, seven days per week, until he was graduated from high school and went off to college. 

They had raw cow's milk to drink daily, and they made their own natural butter.  They had an abundance of chicken eggs to eat, and plenty of beef and pork to eat.  They grew their own vegetables and some fruits.  It was a very good life.

For many years, starting some time before his teenage years, Lon recalls having difficulties frequently with nasal and sinus congestion problems that were a serious nuisance.

He recalls that in later years, as a young man in his 20's, those nasal and sinus congestion problems got worse.  He started having congestion problems more frequently, and they were more serious.  He began to have headaches that were a nuisance, and some of those headaches became very painful migraine headaches that would last for days. 

Lon observed that the migraine headaches only occurred when he had seriously impacted nasal and sinus congestion (he could not breath at all through his nose). 

In 1963, Lon was working with the FAA as a GS-9 electronics technician at a long-range RADAR facility (200 miles radius range) located on the Charleston Air Force Base in North Charleston, South Carolina.

He consulted an Eye, Nose, and Throat Specialist (medical doctor) in Charleston about his recurring nasal and sinus congestion problems

The doctor did not ask Lon any questions about his  diet (none at all), but after inspection of Lon's nose, he recommended nasal surgery to help with those frustrating recurring congestion problems. 

Lon was ignorant about nutrition concepts at that time; he had no understanding that certain foods in his diet could be causing his frustrating and irritating nasal and sinus congestion problems. 

He trusted the medical doctor to know what actions were needed to help with those congestion problems - so Lon agreed to have that surgery.  He was in the hospital for five days as a result of the nasal surgery performed by that medical doctor. 

There was some potential of dangerous nasal bleeding (hemorrhaging) so Lon was kept in the hospital for five days to help ensure that medical help could be provided quickly if that bleeding situation occurred.  Fortunately, it did not occur.

Lon was so ignorant about nutrition concepts at that time that he did not even consider having a consultation with a dietitian or a nutritionist about his nasal congestion problems (before he had that surgery).  He had never heard of a dietitian or a nutritionist and was unaware of their existence.

Lon believed that an Eye, Nose, and Throat Specialist (a medical doctor) would be the health care person who would be knowledgeable about the causes of nasal and sinus congestion problems.

Over a period of months after the surgery in 1963, the same congestion problems continued for Lon.  It was clear that the surgery did not make any difference in Lon's nasal congestion problems.

It is important to note here that Lon did not change his diet at all because the medical doctor did not recommend any diet changes.

Lon continued suffering with those recurring frustrating and irritating nuisance nasal and sinus congestion problems routinely thereafter for years.  Those frustrating congestion problems occurred hundreds of time during the years after surgery.

In 1970, about seven years after that useless surgery (in 1963), a very fortunate situation occurred.  Lon was eating lunch with an FAA electronics technician supervisor that worked in the same FAA technical department that Lon worked in, but he was not Lon's supervisor.

The supervisor had observed the food that Lon was eating for lunch, and he asked if certain specific food items caused Lon any problems.  That started a conversation about certain food items that Lon routinely consumed as part of his daily diet

The supervisor stated that certain identified foods in Lon's lunch cause some people health problems, such as nasal congestion and sinus congestion

Lon routinely consumed some of those specific food items - usually daily.  The "suspect food items" were common foods that are a part of many American diets (perhaps most American diets).

After Lon carefully thought about that important conversation, he decided to avoid those foods in his diet for a few days and see if any changes occurred with his nasal and sinus congestion problems. 

Those congestion problems did improve noticeably within a few days and the congestion problems disappeared within a week or two.  Lon was pleasantly surprised with that remarkable health improvement

That was the first time that he could recall being free of nasal and sinus congestion problems.  His nuisance nasal drip problem also went away.

Those suspect food items were some of Lon's favorite foods and he consumed them almost every day.  He clearly did not want to give them up totally.

He decided to experiment with that situation by consuming the "suspect foods" in his diet for three days, and then alternately avoiding those foods totally for several days. 

Like clock work, the nasal and sinus congestion problem symptoms would come and go with each change in his diet.  Lon's multiple experiments like that proved conclusively that the "suspect foods" were causing Lon's nasal and sinus congestion problems - there was no doubt about that.

Consequently, in mid-year 1970, Lon eliminated those specific foods from his diet and his nasal congestion problems disappeared - permanently!!! (Nasal congestion, sinus congestion, nasal drip, nuisance headaches, and the occasional very painful migraine headaches.) 

That is how Lon Willoughby learned that some diet considerations can be much more important than he had ever considered before. 

He also realized that there may be other natural healthcare issues that might be very important so he decided that he wanted to try to learn more about helpful healthcare issues whenever his very busy life presented additional opportunities for this type of natural healthcare food education

Many years later, Lon realized that he should have consulted with a nutrition consultant (a dietitian or a nutritionist) about those nasal congestion health problems back in 1963, in addition to consulting the Eye, Nose, and Throat Specialist (medical doctor). 

Unfortunately, in 1963, Lon did not know anything about a nutrition consultant (a dietitian or a nutritionist).  He had never even heard of those kinds of special healthcare practitioners, and they may not have been available in the local Charleston area during the 1963 time period. 

Even if Lon had been able to consult one of them in 1963, like the medical doctor, they may not have known about the specific food items that can cause serious nasal and sinus congestion

Do you know what those food items are?  If you do, good!  You are way ahead of where Lon Willoughby was at in 1963 regarding those congestion issues.

Lon was very grateful in mid-year 1970 that he had very fortunately decided to eat lunch with that FAA supervisor.  That was the first time that they had ever eaten lunch together.  The supervisor had been very helpful to Lon by identifying foods that can cause nasal and sinus congestion problems.

Pause and think about that situation for a few moments.  Lon had suffered with those frustrating and irritating nasal and sinus congestion problems for many years (probably 25+ years). 

His parents did not understand what caused those congestion problems so they could not help him with those nasal and sinus congestion problems.

Many years later, the Eye, Nose, and Throat Specialist (medical doctor) did not understand that certain foods can cause those congestion problems.  However, the FAA electronics technician, who was smart enough to become a supervisor of other electronics technicians, was very knowledgeable about those very important nasal and sinus congestion issues

You can see from this situation that one does not need to be a medical doctor to understand these important food concepts.  It is a matter of food  knowledge that American adult citizens can easily understand when the situation is explained clearly.

Lon had suffered for many years with those nasal congestion problems that had become a routine part of his life.  He was generally a healthy person, and he was glad to get rid of those irritating and frustrating nasal and sinus congestion problems

Lon was very disappointed that the medical doctor that he consulted in 1963 had not known about the foods that can cause nasal and sinus congestion problems for many people.  Because of that very important knowledge deficiency, Lon had continued suffering with those serious nasal and sinus congestion problems frequently (hundreds of times) during the next seven years (from 1963 to 1970).

NOTE:  We will not identify the specific foods that can cause those congestion problems because our company might get sued by the national USA representative of the large industry of people who are responsible for putting those foods into the America marketplace. 

It is very important to remember that about 50% of Americans do not normally have nasal and sinus congestion problems by consuming those foods. 

This specific health problem is apparently a genetics "gene based" situation that is applicable to some people, but not applicable to other people. 

Example:  Lon's wife Janie does not have nasal congestion problems with the food items that can cause Lon so much discomfort and frustration with serious nasal and sinus congestion

50 years after 1970, Lon still avoids consuming any of those food items as a routine matter.  If he eats any food product that contains a small amount of those specific food items, he quickly has nasal congestion that is quite noticeable and frustrating and it takes several days to get back to normal.

It is important to understand that some of those food items can be included in foods products in small amounts and not be listed on the food label. Lon is so sensitive to those food items that even a small amount of those items can cause problems.

It is very important for American adults to learn about this common healthcare issue that affects many millions of American citizens in serious ways, and to educate their children about this situation.

Hopefully, this educational website can help some of them realize that certain food items can cause serious health problems for some people.

It is also very important to understand that those people should consult a nutrition consultant to learn which foods may be causing their nasal and sinus congestion problems - or their possible related serious bowel problems

Remember that colon cancer is one of the major cancer killers in America, so correcting those bowel problems early can be a life-saving action.

Expensive Litigation Potential

You may not understand the potential litigation dangers that can be involved here for our company if we educate large numbers of people about the specific "unnamed" food items referenced herein. 

If you want to learn more about this risky situation, research the lawsuit where Oprah Winfrey was sued for 11 million dollars by beef industry plaintiffs (the Amarillo Texas Beef Trial) for some comments that were made about beef cattle in the USA during her TV program back in 1996. 

ABC of Health has to be very careful what we say on this website that might affect other people or companies in a negative economic way.  That is why we try to choose our words very carefully.

Lon's Second Health Problem

Before Lon learned about those very important  food considerations in the summer of 1970, he had also developed another very confusing and frustrating health problem that began when he was about 28 years old (in 1964).  He did not understand for many years that his second health problem was also a food related problem.

Thereafter, for many years, Lon consulted a series of medical doctors about his very confusing and frustrating health problem.  We will provide additional details about that health problem later in this department.  Right now, for simplification, you need to know the information that follows below.

Eventually, after many years of trying to get help from several medical doctors, Lon finally realized that medical doctors apparently did not know how to help him with his unusual health problem.

Remember that during those early years, Lon knew  nothing about a nutrition consultant (a dietitian or a nutritionist) and those types of healthcare practitioners were likely not available in the small town where he lived from 1971 to 1977. 

Lon worked with the FAA at the Sector Field Office located at the Panama City Airport. (Panama City, Florida - Gulf coast panhandle area of Florida.)

Lon learned in 1971 that his health problem was likely a health condition named hypoglycemia, but he had no way of learning more information about that health problem until 1975 when he discovered and purchased a health book about hypoglycemia named Low Blood Sugar and You

That book was very helpful to Lon, but it did not provide specific information about the complexities involved with developing an appropriate diet for people suffering with a hypoglycemic condition

Lon was so ignorant about nutrition and food knowledge that he did not understand how to accomplish that complex dietary task.  He needed additional food knowledge and guidance, but he had inadequate knowledge about nutrition concepts to know how to proceed at that point. 

He really needed professional mentoring by a natural healthcare consultant, but he did not have access to a natural healthcare consultant.  He did not even realize that they were available in some large cities as professional consultants. 

If he had known that, he might have been able to get some of those badly needed mentoring services by telephone at reasonable fees from a natural healthcare consultant somewhere in Florida.  However, he did not know anything about those potential situations so he did not get the mentoring consultation services that he needed badly.

Those health problem situations were occurring many years before Internet services began in 1989.  Consequently, Lon could not conduct research on the Internet about his hypoglycemia health condition (as can be done easily today).

Lon remembered how the Eye, Nose, and Throat Specialist (medical doctor) in Charleston, SC had foolishly and irresponsibly performed surgery on his nasal system in 1963, when the cause of Lon's nasal congestion problems was actually some very common foods that Lon was consuming frequently. 

That medical doctor had not asked Lon Willoughby any questions about his diet, and Lon had no idea that his routine daily diet might be involved in his nasal and sinus congestion problems. 

By late 1970, Lon had acquired enough natural healthcare education to understand that it was extreme medical malpractice for the Eye, Nose, and Throat doctor to perform that surgery for health problem symptoms like the ones that Lon had. 

That medical doctor should have known about the foods that can cause nasal congestion problems.  If a doctor with his specialties does not understand which foods can cause mucus, nasal congestion and sinus congestion, who does know about that?

If the doctor did not know about those foods, he should have recognized that this situation was likely diet related.

He should have asked Lon some questions about his usual diet, and he should have referred Lon to a Nutrition Consultant (who might have understood those special food technicalities).  However, the medical doctor did not do any of those practical, responsible, and sensible things.  

Lon's experiences after the nasal surgery proved that the medical doctor was grossly incompetent to diagnose and evaluate Lon's nasal congestion problems.  However, the medical doctor did not acknowledge that situation in any way. 

He performed an unnecessary surgery that cost thousands of dollars for the surgery and the five days that Lon spent in the hospital in Charleston, South Carolina.  The unnecessary surgery interfered with Lon's work with the FAA at the RADAR station in North Charleston, SC for about a week.

The surgery was a total waste of money and time (and Lon's health risks) because the medical doctor failed to acknowledge that he did not know what was causing Lon to have nasal congestion, sinus congestion, nasal drip, phlegm in his throat, and headaches, and very painful migraine headaches (when his nasal and sinus congestion was severe).

The medical doctor should have realized that this was likely a nutritional problem, and if he truly did not understand which foods were likely causing Lon's nasal and sinus congestion, he should have recommended that Lon consult a Nutrition Consultant (a dietitian or a nutritionist) about those nasal and sinus congestion problems. 

Medical Doctors Do Not Know Nutrition

Over the years, Lon has learned that most medical doctors apparently know very little about important food nutrition concepts or nutrition supplement products like those available in health food stores.

None of the medical doctors that Lon consulted in Panama City, Florida asked him any questions about his diet or the nutrition supplements that he was beginning to learn about and cautiously take. 

Over the past 50 years, Lon learned that some medical profession opinions and statements about a number of important health and nutrition issues were inaccurate, irresponsible, or flat-out wrong. 

     1.  "They" were wrong about the cardiovascular danger of eating eggs.  (An egg yoke contains some cholesterol, and "they" claimed that this will increase cholesterol in the blood system and increase the risk of having heart attacks).

Lon did not believe that nutritional propaganda - about the cholesterol in egg yokes being a cardiovascular risk factor.  He continued eating six or more eggs per week, and he has done that for the past 60+ years with no known harmful effects. 

Many, many years later, "they" acknowledged publicly (nationally) that more recent research had shown that their admonition against eating eggs had been wrong.  The cholesterol in egg yokes was not a significant cardiovascular risk factor.

     2.  They were wrong about the benefits of  eating margarine vs. eating butter.

Lon was suspicious about eating margarine in the early 1980's (an altered manufactured food). He learned in 1985 why it was not healthy to eat margarine in any of the marketable forms. 

Oil used to make margarine products was heated to very high temperatures to get the hydrogen ions to convert the liquid oil to a soft form (a soft butter like consistency) or a harder form (a butter stick like consistency). 

Lon did not want to consume oil that had been heated to a very high temperature and then deodorized (cleaned up) to help it taste unharmed.

Lon has avoided eating margarine of any type for about 35 years, and current day nutritional knowledge shows that he made a wise decision. 

     3.  "They" have been wrong for many years about the amount of B vitamins that humans need to be healthy.  Lon understands that no person will likely obtain a sufficient complex of the B vitamins from their daily diet to be optimally healthy. 

Americans need a lot more B vitamins than "they" and the high level nutritional "authorities"  recommend as the RDA amount.  Lon has proven that conclusively in his life and in Janie's life.

Lon and Janie have routinely taken some B vitamins that are 1,000% more than the RDA levels, and they have done this since Lon fortunately learned why they should do that way back in 1986 (about 34 years ago).

Lon's health and Janie's health and their lives together have been greatly improved by the use of higher levels of certain B vitamins on a daily basis. 

The higher levels of some B vitamins improves the way the brain functions and the way the emotions function.  This also helps the body in several important performance areas, including the amount of energy and vitality that one produces daily.

     4.  "They" were wrong about how much vitamin C is a healthy amount to take daily.  Humans need much more vitamin C than the small amount "they" typically recommend as the RDA amount. 

Furthermore, there are several forms of vitamin C in the marketplace, and "they" typically recommended the least expensive kind of vitamin C supplement (ascorbic acid - with a pH of 3.2).  That acidic form of vitamin C makes it more difficult to maintain a healthy pH level in body fluids.

     5.  "They" were very wrong about vitamin D levels in the blood.  Lon has learned that most Americans probably need to take a lot more vitamin D3 supplement than the very low level that medical profession "experts" have recommended for many years as the correct amount. 

Vitamin D in the blood system is much more important than the medical "experts" have acknowledged.  Vitamin D levels in the blood affect the body in several beneficial ways so it is very important to keep the blood level at healthy levels.

This varies somewhat with the geographic location of individuals.  People that live in northerly latitudes generally need more vitamin D3 supplement than people who live in a more southerly latitude. The further north people live, the more vitamin D3 supplement they likely need -  depending upon their open skin sunshine exposure.

Dark skin people generally need more vitamin D3 supplement than light skin people.  The dark skin acts as a filter and reduces the amount of vitamin D that is naturally produced in the blood with sunlight exposure on open skin areas.

All of this varies with how much sunshine actually interacts with open skin areas, and this varies with the time of day and the time of the year. 

10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. on a sunshiny day during summer months in the best time for developing natural vitamin D from sunshine exposure to open skin areas.  The amount of open skin area is an important factor here - more open skin area enables more vitamin D to be produced in the blood during a fixed amount of time such as 20 minutes.

So what happens with vitamin D development in the blood during other times of the year, such as the winter months?  That is when we need vitamin D3 supplements the most because the sunlight is not as effective at producing vitamin D in wintertime.

Sunshine exposure through auto windows doesn't count due to the filtering of sunlight rays that greatly reduces vitamin D production from sunlight rays that have passed through auto window glass. 

Lon and Janie routinely take about 6 times (600%) more vitamin D supplement than the RDA amount.

     6.  The vitamin D3 that is sold in nutrition stores is more effective than the vitamin D2 supplement that medical doctors typically "prescribe" for their healthcare patients.

     7.  "They" and the "professional experts" have also ignored for many years the great importance of taking a Vitamin K2 supplement (MK-4 and MK-7 types) and also ignored the important relationship of vitamin K2 with a vitamin D3 supplement. 

NOTE:  Another very important area of inaccurate and/or inadequate nutrition knowledge is with mineral supplements

     1.  Lon has observed for many years that the calcium supplements recommended by medical doctors for outpatient therapy (with some of our health store customers) was typically a form of crushed up limestone

That common and popular calcium supplement has a typical absorption rate into the body cells of only about 5% to maybe 8%. 

There are much better calcium products in the marketplace than crushed up limestone, but medical doctors apparently do not have the nutritional education and training to understand the difference between very low quality calcium products and high quality calcium products. 

What happens to the calcium in the very low quality calcium products that cannot be absorbed into the body cells but is absorbed into some of the body fluids around the cells? 

Over the years, that calcium can buildup and become a form of semi-concrete causing the body to be stiff and have pains with body movements (such as raising the arms above the head or simply walking and arm movements). 

Those situations are quite common in many places in Florida because the local drinking water contains a lot of limestone type calcium that cannot be assimilated reasonably well into body cells. 

Lon realizes that those people need a water purifier system that can remove the limestone calcium particles from their drinking and cooking water, but those people do not know that.  They continue drinking that water throughout their lifetime, and they damage their entire body badly with limestone sediment accumulation throughout their body.

This is another very important situation where people need to consult with a natural healthcare consultant about actions that they can take to help them protect and improve their natural health

This website education can help those people in Florida (and other locations in the USA that have limestone particles in their drinking water) when they review this very helpful information.

These water situations can usually be determined inexpensively by having the water tested for "total dissolved solids" (TDS).  A local area water quality technician can help people learn about their local water quality situation.   Look for water filter and water purifier services in the yellow pages of the local phone book to see which company to call.

Calcium that can be absorbed into the body cells can be used in about 500 metabolic processes in the human body, and therefore can be a very beneficial mineral. 

There are several forms of calcium supplements in the marketplace and some forms are much better than other forms. 

It's smart to talk with a nutrition consultant and then choose one of the better forms of calcium, rather than take a very low quality calcium product for many years (popular calcium products for people who do not understand quality calcium).

     2.  Magnesium supplements are also important in the human body, and most American adults are probably magnesium deficient to a substantial degree.  One is not likely going to get the amount of magnesium needed daily from their daily diet.  

Magnesium that can be absorbed into the body cells can be used in about 400 metabolic processes - it is a very important mineral.

There are several forms of magnesium in the marketplace so it is smart to talk with a nutrition consultant about how to choose a very good magnesium supplement product for you. 

There are several other minerals that are important for human consumption,  We could go on with information about other nutrition issues (other minerals or other vitamins), but you get the really important point that we are making here. 

Really Important Point

In general, most medical doctors (and medical nurses) have not had specialized education and training about selecting nutrition supplement products (enzymes, herbs, minerals, vitamins, probiotics, protein supplements, natural blood pressure control supplements, natural cholesterol and triglyceride management, natural glucose stabilization products, immune system booster products, memory enhancement supplements, natural reduction and minimization of heart attacks and strokes products, natural pain relief supplements for muscle injuries, aches, pains).

Consequently, they are generally not competent to offer education or advise about those products. 

Nutrition is a Complicated Subject

We have listed some very important nutrition supplements above; however, there are many other nutrition supplements to consider for various healthcare conditions.  We routinely stocked more than 300 types of nutrition supplements in our corporate health store in Greenville County, SC.

You see, nutrition really is a very complex subject. Nutrition consultants have a lot to learn in their dedicated efforts to become competent about many nutrition issues so they can help people make practical sensible choices about healthcare issues.

Over the past 50+ years, Lon Willoughby learned  that American medical doctors are generally not a reliable source of nutrition information or nutrition supplement products information. 

He found that American adult citizens would likely be much better off by consulting with a nutrition consultant (a dietitian or a nutritionist) rather than a medical doctor about any kind of nutrition issue.

Lon learned that medical doctors appear to be very reluctant to recommend that a patient consult a nutrition consultant about any healthcare problem.

As reported herein, most Americans could be much healthier if they routinely consulted and relied upon nutrition consultants - rather than consulting and relying upon medical doctors and medical nurses for nutrition related healthcare issues.

False Impression

Lon has observed that the medical profession and medical doctors routinely try to give the impression that they are the only professional healthcare practitioners who know anything important about helping people with any kind of health problems. 

Over 50+ years, Lon gradually learned that this is a false impression.  There are other kinds of "health practitioners" who know much more than medical doctors about nutrition related health problems.

During the many years that Lon consulted a series of medical doctors, only one of them asked him any questions about his diet.  That was the last medical doctor that he consulted - an Allergy Specialist. 

The Allergy Specialist

The Allergy Specialist was the most competent and most responsible doctor of the series of doctors that Lon consulted over a ten-years period of time. 

The Allergy Specialist doctor responsibly tried to help Lon with his hypoglycemia condition, but no health improvements occurred during an eventful one-year trial period. 

The good doctor suggested a number of changes in Lon's diet and some changes in his daily nutrition supplements regimen.  However, none of those changes improved Lon's hypoglycemia condition.  In general, his health was affected negatively by  those changes.

Lon ended the one-year trial period by going back to the same diet and nutrition supplements regimen that he had gradually developed over many years. 

It is important to note that none of the medical doctors recommended that Lon consult a nutrition consultant (a dietitian or a nutritionist). 

Lon was ignorant about those kinds of specialized healthcare practitioners at those times so he did not consider trying to locate one of them to consult with about his hypoglycemia health problem.  

Lon's Continued Search for Help

By June 1980, Lon had given up totally on spending  any more time looking for a medical doctor who might know how to help him with his hypoglycemia.

He has consulted with a series of medical doctors over a ten-years period of time, and he was very disappointed that none of the medical doctors has been able to help him in any significant way.

During 1978 - 1980, Lon had occasionally shopped at the local Mauldin Health Food Store.  He finally decided to look for a nutrition consultant, and he inquired about that at the health food store. 

He learned that the lady that owned the health food store was a nutrition consultant who could provide nutrition consultation sessions on a fee basis.

Lon then had a trial consultation session with that lady in July 1980, and it was clearly beneficial.  She charged $50 per hour for nutrition consultations.    Lon decided to continue seeing her for additional consultation sessions (the owner of the local Mauldin Health Food Store). 

Fortunately, this was in the town where Lon and Janie lived (Mauldin, South Carolina - just eight miles from the downtown area of Greenville, SC). 

The natural health consultant had a small natural health book department in her health food store.  At each successive consultation session, she had selected three paperback books for Lon to purchase and study before the next consultation session.

Lon purchased and studied all of the inexpensive paperback health books that she recommended, and that variety of  books enabled Lon and Janie to improve their lifestyle in very important ways

The consultation sessions were conducted at two week intervals, and Lon gradually completed six consultations.  They were very helpful to Lon in his efforts to learn about important healthcare issues.

The 15 natural health books that Lon purchased and studied carefully enabled him to learn a lot of important natural healthcare concepts.  He will be eternally grateful that she used that education strategy to help him make a lot of healthcare and nutrition knowledge progress in just three months.

Those books enabled Lon to learn how to improve his diet and lifestyle for better health for himself and wife JanieBoth of them have benefited greatly from those very important diet and lifestyle improvements - for about 40 years now.  

However, those consultations did not directly help with Lon's "sleepy-time" hypoglycemia health problem.  Like the series of medical doctors that Lon had consulted over many years, the natural healthcare consultant had not been educated about Lon's unusual hypoglycemia healthcare problem. 

The natural health consultant did not understand what was causing Lon's "sleepy-time" occurrences that would disable him for an hour or two about 2 and 1/2 hours after he ate his lunch or evening meal.

At that point in time (July 1980), he had completed three years of college education, and he had completed his Associate in Science Degree (with a major in Electronics Technology) from Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, Florida. 

Lon went to night school at the local college while working with the FAA at their airport office facility. 

Out of that office, Lon worked as an electronics technician on FAA equipment systems located at the airport [air traffic control tower communications equipment - VHF and UHF transmitter and receiving equipment, a VOR and TACAN system (VORTAC) at the airport] and also a VORTAC facility located in Marianna, Florida (60 miles away) and teletype equipment maintained by FAA located at the nearby Tyndall Air Force Base.

Lon had been a good student and had made good grades at the three colleges that he had attended (Mars Hill College, Gaston Technical Institute, and then the local college in Panama City, Florida).

By late 1980, Lon realized that he could probably learn how to become his own healthcare expert if he studied enough natural healthcare type books.

Lon had learned how to study college text books, and he realized that he could probably teach himself how to become a natural healthcare consultant.  He believed that with enough study, he might also learn how to manage his hypoglycemia health problem much better.

At that point in time, it looked like that would be necessary if Lon was ever going to learn how to cope effectively with his very serious "sleepy-time" debilitating hypoglycemia problem that was still a serious frequent problem.

He had been unable to find any kind of healthcare practitioner who knew how to help him learn how to cope with his hypoglycemia health condition.

Fortunately, Lon had the intellect, the science education, the technical ability, and the teaching ability to gradually accomplish that natural healthcare objective through more self-study of additional natural healthcare concepts books.   

As explained in this department, Lon had some very good luck several times that enabled him to eventually be able to accomplish that complex healthcare objective successfully over many years. 

He gradually progressed in the natural healthcare and wellness concepts field of knowledge until he had developed good control and management of his "sleepy time" hypoglycemia health problem. 

It had taken him about seven years to simply learn the name of his health problem (hypoglycemia), and it took him about twenty-five years of "trial and error type experimentation" with his daily diet to gradually develop good control and management of his hypoglycemia condition.

Lon was challenged during that extensive complex ordeal to become a natural healthcare concepts consultant.  He had suffered for many years (hundreds of times) with his two health problems (nasal/sinus congestion and hypoglycemia). 

In 1970, he had finally learned about the foods that caused his very serious nasal and sinus congestion problems, but by early 1984, he had been unable to find anyone who was knowledgeable enough to help him with his hypoglycemia health problem

Lon realized that he was not the only person with those types of health problems.  He was firmly determined to find a practical way to help some of those people in responsible and sensible ways. 

He continued with his dedicated self-education  learning process for many years to finally get to his current remarkable level of knowledge about natural healthcare and wellness concepts

This website shows that he was very successful in that vital objective.  Lon is now capable of educating millions of American citizens with our natural healthcare education breakthrough "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts  education service.

The Super Good News

Due to his extensive studies about a broad range of natural healthcare and wellness concepts, Lon Willoughby was able to gradually develop a natural healthcare and wellness concepts education service that is needed by all American adult citizens, including medical doctors and nurses, and other types of healthcare practitioners (as listed herein previously). 

From Lon's initial healthcare consultation session in July 1980 with Mrs. Dorothy Christopher, it has taken him about 50 years to progress to this point in his natural healthcare and wellness concepts education capabilities.  It has been a very long and complex journey, but it has been very successful.

Lon was born on June 5, 1936.  His surprisingly good health today at age 84 is living and walking proof that the special natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that he  gradually developed for ABC of Health, over a period of many years, work exceptionally well. 

The Tragic Bad News

More than 160,000 people die prematurely monthly in the USA - mainly because they did not have convenient timely access to the natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that Lon Willoughby and his wife Janie gradually developed for ABC of Health, over a period of many years. 

Janie was a public school teacher for 39 years.  She earned a Bachelor's Degree from Winthrop University (Rock Hill, SC), and she earned a Master's Degree in Education from Furman University (Greenville, SC). 

Janie taught eighth grade students for eight years. She then taught high school students for 30+ years (teaching thousands of students).  Many students liked her special unique teaching abilities and her interesting and practical very effective teaching methods. 

She sometimes meets some of those students in the local grocery stores in Mauldin, and they are now married and have children.  Some of them tell her that she was their favorite high school teacher.

After retiring from teaching in 2007, Janie worked with Lon in managing the ABC of Health business.  She continued doing a lot of the accounting and bookkeeping work for the business, as she had done for many years. 

She also began helping Lon with his English language formatting of our multiple ABC of Health websites.  Later, Janie also helped Lon with the complex development of our remarkable A4J natural healthcare and wellness concepts education program services

Website Building Programs

More than 20 years ago, Lon had to learn how to develop the first website for ABC of Health.  He initially had to learn HTML code to build that first ABC of Health website.  That was a slow, tedious, and laborious process, but Lon was able to accomplish that to a respectable level. 

In later years, when website builder programs were more advanced and more sophisticated, Lon had to also learn how to use some of those programs. 

Currently, Lon has had to learn four separate website builder programs in order to present the multiple websites that he has developed for ABC of Health with various Internet service provider companies.  Each service provider typically has their own proprietary website builder program.

The point here for visitors to understand is that website building is usually a complex work project that requires substantial knowledge and skill, and website building requires a lot of time and tedious work to complete their very detailed construction.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest about this complex work issue.

When you visit a website for a large company such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Costco, Home Depot, Lowe's, Sam's Club, Sears, Target, Walmart, etc., you are looking at a major website building project that required a tremendous amount of work and website building skills to display all of the products offered for sale. 

It cost a lot of money to develop each of those very complex websites, and it also cost a lot of money to keep each of those websites up to date with frequent prices and products changes.

The websites that Lon builds are not nearly as complicated or complex as those company websites, but our smaller websites still take a lot of time and a lot of creative effort to develop. 

A lot of  proofreading is necessary (several times), many corrections and changes are usually needed, and then additions and improvements are made. 

Lon has developed several websites to help ABC of Health with the education of clients and visitors about natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

Janie has done a lot of "proof-reading" to assist Lon with his website development work.  She used her English teaching skills and other teaching skills to help Lon ensure that the wording of those websites work well as healthcare educational websites.

Consequently, when you visit our websites, please realize that a lot of very careful tedious work was involved to present our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education for our A4J education clients and American adult citizen visitors.

Lon accomplished a lot of complex tedious detailed website development work (thousands of hours) because he realized that millions of Americans are suffering with frustrating healthcare problems and they need some practical help.  Lon understood that most of those American citizens can be helped a lot with the practical, responsible, and sensible educational help that some of our websites present in our "free to review" format. 

The basis fundamental level of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that we present "free to review" is for American adult visitors who routinely live in the USA.

We present some background information about Lon Willoughby that is relevant to this Advanced Natural Health Concepts website's introductory information about our health education services

Be patient with us here because this interesting background information contains very important healthcare education for American adult visitors that can probably be very helpful to you.

Lon's Background Info

College and Air Force

Education and Training

Lon was graduated from high school in June 1954.  He attended his freshman year of college at Mars Hill College, in Mars Hill, North Carolina (near Ashville, NC).

He realized that his parents were poor, and it was a serious financial struggle for them to pay for his college expenses.  Lon did not know what kind of work he wanted to do after college so he did not know which curriculum would be best for him. 

He was technically oriented so he decided to get educated in the pre-engineering curriculum (chemistry, physics, and mathematics mainly).

After completing the freshman year, Lon decided to join the U.S. Air Force and see if they could help him sort out some important decisions while he was getting some education in the military. 

As reported herein, that turned out to be a very good decision that was exceptionally beneficial to Lon with his future work responsibilities.  As shown herein, joining the U.S. Air Force was one of the best decisions that he could have made about his future work life.

U.S. Air Force Basic Training

During the first two days of basic training in 1955 at Lackland Air Force Base (AFB), located near San Antonio, Texas, the two instructors in charge of the flight of 60 airmen recruits selected Lon Willoughby to be the "flight leader" for that flight of airmen basic trainees.

Lon was apparently a good "flight leader" because that flight of basic trainees won every award that was available to win.  There were 30 training flights in the squadron, and Lon's flight won first place in the squadron for seven weeks in a row.  They were the "outstanding flight" of basic trainees for the entire squadron several times. 

By the time the basic training program was almost completed, the two instructors had recommended to the squadron commander that Lon should be assigned to the Instructor Training School (an eight weeks education/training course at Lackland AFB). 

Lon did not have any choice in that decision.  He was immediately transferred to the Instructor Training School as soon as he completed the basic training program. 

They were a complete education system; they had their own barracks for instructor trainees; had their own chow hall (also used by the nearby Officer Candidate Training School Program); had the classrooms and other devices and equipment that was needed for that special training program.

It was an excellent instructor training program,
and Lon adapted well and progressed well in the program.  He was graduated near the top of the class of 60 students in the USAF Instructor School at Lackland Air Force Base in the fall of year 1955

For the next 18 months, Lon was an "academic instructor" and a "drill instructor."  He taught education classes on various military subjects to basic trainees at Lackland Air Force Base. 

One of those subjects was about brain-washing - how to recognize it and how to overcome it (if a captured U.S. airman was being subjected to subtle brain-washing activities and techniques by enemy military personnel).

Brain-washing Education

That specific information was very helpful to Lon many years later as he considered how medical doctors and medical nurses get seriously "brain-washed" with their medical education and training. 

Lon had learned that medical doctors and nurses in America are routinely duped into actually believing that pharmaceutical drugs are what medical patients usually need as in-patients and as out-patients - rather than having medical patients take the herbs, vitamins, minerals, and special protein supplements that Lon Willoughby believes are usually needed by most medical patients. 

The education for medical doctor students and for nursing students have apparently been adapted quite well for the objectives of the pharmaceutical drugs companies - use and sell their patented drug formulations exclusively wherever possible - for as many medical system patients as possible.

More Brain-washing Info

As a result of that special education and training about brain-washing, Lon Willoughby realizes that many people in America gets "brain-washed" a lot about various things.

Children get "brain-washed" about cereal foods with a lot of sugar and food coloring dyes when they watch cartoon programs and other children's programs on T.V. again and again, day after day.  That repetitive exposure is a subtle form of
"brain-washing" that can be very effective. 

That repetitive exposure subtle form of "brain-washing" can also be very effective for adults.

Pause and think about the subjects that you have probably been "brain-washed" about - things that you have opinions about based upon some of the advertisements that you have watched repetitively on T.V.  It could be the type of beverages or soaps or detergents or some food products (pizza?) that are used at your home. 

It could be the favorable attitude that you have about using pharmaceutical drugs for your health.

How about the automobile and other vehicle advertisements - do they repetitively influence buyer decisions?  The advertisers hope so; that's why they pay for those expensive advertisements.

Brain-washing - Football Games

One of the most successful "brain-washing" situations involves college football games.  On T.V., look at the spectator stands containing 40,000 to 80,000+ people who have traveled many miles to attend a game and have ticket costs and other expenses to enable them to sit in the stands and watch a football game as an excited spectator. 

In many situations, they could have stayed home and watched the game in comfort and safety on T.V. and avoided the travel dangers and expenses that they incurred.  Or, they could have chosen to spend that amount of time doing other important things.

Do they even consider that they have been "brain-washed" very effectively to participate as willing spectators in the football games that they attend? 

You see, there may be a lot more involved here than just  "enjoying watching the football game with family members or friends."  (Maybe a feeling of loyalty and support for the college which they attended, or a family member attended, etc.).

Brain-washing and Politics

What about local, state, and national politics - is "brain-washing" a part of the effect that political ads are cleverly designed to create in the minds of T.V. viewers? 

How much of what we see in political T.V. ads is responsibly true information, and how much of the information in those ads is managed information - that was intending to mislead voters about the candidate that is promoted in the advertisement?

Most humans are easy to "brain-wash" about many subjects.  Careless and lazy thinking people are some of the easiest people to "brain-wash."

Where do you belong on the "brain-washing" spectrum?  Very easy to brain-wash, easy to brain-wash, medium easy to brain-wash, difficult to brain-wash, very difficult to brain-wash. 

Brain-washing of

Medical Students

Nursing Students

Now consider that each medical student and each nursing student has similar human emotional characteristics to other people. 

Are they also subject to being brain-washed a lot in their intense education and training in favor of using pharmaceutical drugs for their own healthcare and for healthcare of medical patients? 

Look at the results of their education and training regarding the use of pharmaceutical drugs in their own healthcare actions, and then consider their personal feelings about using pharmaceutical drugs in the lives of medical patients

By comparison, consider their feelings about using herbs, minerals, and vitamin products that can be purchased conveniently at a local store. 

How effective was their brain-washing about having a favorably attitude about using