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       ABC's of Health, Inc. is a South Carolina Corporation, doing business as ABC of Health.  We were established in 1986 by Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., as founder and president.  (Willoughby is pronounced Will-o-bee).

      Lonnie (Lon) has spent thousands of hours in research, discovery, study, evaluation, and development of
vital and advanced natural healthcare conceptsAt this point in time, he is a skilled alternative health and complementary health natural
health-care consultant, nutrition consultant,
healthy lifestyle consultant, classroom health-care educator, and now an Internet website natural health-care educator.

     Lon Willoughby also became an Independent Representative of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (Ada, Oklahoma) - starting in December 1984 while he lived in DeLand, Florida.

    He moved back to South Carolina in April 1986, and he was licensed to market Pre-paid Legal Services memberships within South Carolina for many years.  He initially helped Pre-Paid Legal Services get established in the Columbia area and the Greenville area of this state. 

     This introductory health concepts education website has a Litigation Info Department that provides very important education about the extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving nature of some judicial systems in America.  

      Lon Willoughby has spent about 18,000 hours of his working life involved with litigation actions and issues.  That is equivalent to more than 8 years of full-time work, at 40 hours per week, working with those litigation actions and issues.

     He has litigated in state courts and in federal courts in his pro se capacity (litigating without assistance from attorneys/lawyers).  Lon found that he could not trust trial court attorneys or appellate court attorneys to represent his litigation issues honestly and ethically.  He found that litigation attorneys are obligated to and subjugated by their unfair and corrupt self-serving judicial system.

     Lon also found that he could not trust trial court judges or appellate court judges to be fair and ethical and be impartial judges.  He found that they were also obligated to and subjugated by their unfair and corrupt self-serving judicial system.

     During 20 years of related litigation actions in the Florida courts, Lon learned that the Florida legal system usually operates in a disgustingly unfair and unethical manner that is self-serving for benefits to members of the legal profession (the legal brotherhood). 

    After many years of litigation experiences, Lon has good reasons for believing that the judicial systems in the USA are so self-serving in unfair, unethical ways that they are generally a form of organized crime against American litigants for numerous benefits to members of the legal profession.

     Americans 4 Justice club members can review our Judicial Corruption Exposed Department at our main educational website (www. dot ABCofHealth dot com) whenever they want to learn additional information about Lon's very important education about extreme levels of judicial corruption in American courts.  That department has protected access that requires a User Name and Password for access (available only to A4J club members).

    We also have another website that includes a Justice Department that provide some additional education about Lon's extensive experiences with litigation actions in American courts (trial courts and appellate courts).  Lon went all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court for two separate cases exposing extreme judicial corruption. 

That website is: www dot ABCofHealth dot biz

    The Justice Department of that website is available to "qualified visitors" as defined at this website.  That department exposes very serious judicial system corruption problems in American courts

     That website also has several departments of information related to natural health-care concepts education

     You may find it interesting that the word Justice in included in the company logo for that website (www dot ABCofHealth dot biz). 

      The numerous corrupt judicial situations reported by Lonnie Willoughby in the Litigation Info Department of this website, as president of ABC's of Health, Inc., is some of the reason that Lon will not allow anyone involved with, or associated with, the legal profession, in any capacity, to join Americans 4 Justice-SC - not them or their spouse, or their parents, or their adult sons or daughters, or their employees or their friends or other close associates.

     None of those people will get full access to our very important and valuable A4J six lessons Natural Health-care Concepts Home-study Education Services.  

     The extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation and judicial situations that litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. was subjected to during 20+ years of related litigation actions in Florida courts is one of the main reasons why we are very careful and very selective about who can qualify to join our Americans 4 Justice private education club

     After reviewing Lon's judicial expose' information in the Litigation Info Department herein, "qualified visitors" will understand why we carefully restrict the sales distribution of our A4J home-study natural health-care and wellness concepts six lessons  educational program services to only selected natural-born American adult citizens who are Christian-oriented and who live in selected upstate areas of South Carolina.

     We sell first-year A4J club memberships in our A4J private education club to selected "qualified visitors" who have a home or residence address with a Zip Code of 296 _ _ or 293 _ _ .

Overview Summary of
Our Natural Healthcare Services

     IMPORTANT NOTE:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a summary of the very important and valuable natural healthcare education services that ABC of Health offers to "qualifiable" American adult citizens.

     This same summary is presented in some other departments because key words are contained herein that help Internet Search Engines work better with this website.

     After you have reviewed this helpful summarized information one time, you can simply scroll down past this  overview summary when you review other departments that contain this same summarized information.

     Natural Health Education Services: Two of our education websites contain special natural health concepts that are "free to review" for "qualified visitors" as explained in this website.  They can also help apparently "qualified visitors" learn about this special introductory education website.  This website can help apparently "qualified visitors"  understand why it is very important to improve their lifestyles (enjoy a better and longer life) 

     However, in order to begin using some of our copyrighted natural healthcare concepts, "qualified visitors" must agree to comply responsibly with the Conditions stated in our Copyright Information Department and the Conditions stated in our Terms of Use Department - as published at our main Natural Health-care and Wellness Concepts educational website (www dot ABCofHealth dot com/)

     Our company also offers Natural Health-care and Wellness Concepts Consultation Services with Lon Willoughby by telephone for A4J club members (live in the upstate area of South Carolina - within an approximate 60 miles radius of downtown Greenville) 

     We have a very reasonable fee structure for these Natural Health-care and Wellness Concepts Consultation Services.

     Lon can conduct convenient consultations by telephone that may be very helpful to A4J club member individuals, or married couples, or families (with children living at home with their parents).

     Lon suggests that all consultations be conducted with a landline type telephone connection if possible - to avoid cell phone type radiation into the very sensitive  head area for an extended period of time.  That radiation can be damaging to ear, eye, and brain tissue.

     If there are teenage children in a family, and a landline telephone with speakerphone capability is available for use, it may be important to include the older children in the family telephone consultation session

    Lon Willoughby can structure the telephone consultation to also be very beneficial to teenage children, in addition to the consultation information that is provided for direct benefit to the parents (This depends upon the personal sensitivity of the healthcare information that will likely be involved in the consultation session).

     Our telephone consultations can quickly inform A4J club members about how Lon Willoughby can help with some very important natural healthcare concepts issues.

     Telephone consultation services offer the advantages of being a fast and convenient way for A4J club members to learn about some specific alternative health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can be helpful for specific healthcare concerns and issues

     This very convenient consultation opportunity can enable A4J club members to quickly obtain very valuable natural healthcare concepts information at a very reasonable cost.

     The copyrighted Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts that we teach in our six-lessons A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Educational Services will educate our A4J club members about some very important and very valuable advanced level natural healthcare and wellness concepts

    Lon knows how to teach these special natural healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy for A4J club members to understand and easy to learn, and our natural healthcare and wellness concepts will be easy to use in achieving very important improvements in the personal lifestyle of A4J club members.

     These remarkable natural healthcare improvements can benefit A4J club members in very important ways.  Our special copyrighted education can enable A4J club members to live more enjoyable lives that will likely have more productivity and more achievements and more success than they would have likely had with their previous diet and lifestyle.

     Our incredibly important and valuable six-lessons A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Services are available only from our company because ABC of Health owns numerous copyrights for special healthcare concepts that are presented in the natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that we teach.

     We are the only company authorized to teach our healthcare education services because we must control the security evaluation of each applicant's qualifications for joining our Patriotic A4J Private Education Club.

     Our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts education website educates our A4J club members about very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are involved with a broad variety of healthcare subjects such as:

healthcare consultations, healthcare classes, healthcare concepts education programs, herbs, enzymes, minerals, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, vitamins (food derived and manufactured), etc 

     Lon Willoughby also present important education about: air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters, bath tub filters, shower filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI styled exercisers, quality built rebounder exercisers, and Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas.

     The relevant natural healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of important healthcare issues that our resident natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant and healthy lifestyle consultant is knowledgeable about (Lon Willoughby)    

      Lon has acquired special advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts education and experiences with many important health-promoting products and alternative health and "complementary health" type natural healthcare concepts and services.

Natural healthcare actions = healthcare actions

without using pharmaceutical type drugs.

Helpful Information For You

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     You may be able to select parameters on your browser by using View (set text size) and Tools (Internet Options - select Font and then select the Font Size) 

     Our Contact ABC of Health department provides a convenient E-mail Form that makes it easy to send a quick E-mail communications to ABC of HealthPlease title your Subject line as suggested therein.

+  +  +  +  + 

      If you are a "qualified visitor" with  ABC of Health and you appreciate the very important and valuable copyrighted and proprietary natural health-care and wellness concepts education services that are presented "free to review" at this website, it will be helpful to us if you will take a few minutes to send us an E-mail that tells us how our "free to review" health-care and wellness concepts education services have been helpful to you

    Lon wants to know how you feel about the very important health-care concepts education introduced at this website.  He really does like to hear from "qualified visitors." 

    IMPORTANT E-MAIL INFO:  If you want to retain a copy of your E-mail, just use your usual method of sending E-mails and send your E-mail to:


    You will then retain a copy of your E-mail in your E-mail  Sent Folder; you can also send yourself a Cc (carbon) copy

     If you prefer more convenience, you can visit our Contact ABC of Health Department and use our convenient E-mail form to send your E-mail, but you will not retain a personal copy of that E-mail.  

     Your E-mail to us can simply express how you feel about our dedicated efforts to help "qualified visitors" learn about some very important and very valuable natural health-care concepts.  Our education can help them be more responsible about taking better care of their precious natural health. They may benefit from those vital health-care actions for the rest of their life.

    If you have been a customer or client in our  unique Health and Wellness Store or our Natural Health-care Concepts Education Business, it will be helpful to us if you will take a few minutes to express your feelings about the way ABC of Health has served your natural health-care concerns and interests. 

   NOTE:  If you want to retain a copy of your E-mail, please use the alternate E-mail procedure that was explained above (use your usual E-mail system)

    Your constructive comments about us can be very helpful to first-time "qualified visitors" who are trying to evaluate our credibility and trust-worthiness as a competent and responsible natural health-care and wellness concepts educator.


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     We check our E-mail Junk File and Spam File daily, and we frequently have some good E-mails that got sent to one of those files instead of being sent to our E-mail Inbox 

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