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Topic 1

Lon's FAA Transfer to Greenville, SC

      Lon was still working with the FAA in Panama City, Florida In July 1977 when he had an opportunity to bid on (request consideration of) an advertised vacant FAA position in the Greenville, SC area.  Lon had worked for several years in preparing to be highly qualified for that particular vacancy, if that special vacancy should occur in the  Southern Region of FAA

     In addition to the special job position that was vacant, Greenville, South Carolina was a very desirable location to transfer to for Lon and Janie, as explained below.

     Lon believed that Greenville was an excellent location to live in for a number of reasons, including the colleges that were in Greenville, or near to Greenville, for potential college level education for sons Mike and Bob Willoughby.

    Greenville was also about 75 miles from Janie's parent's home near Chester, South Carolina, and that was also an important consideration about this possible job location transfer.

     Lon promptly bid on that vacant position In September 1977 - a special vacancy that rarely occurred in the FAA. 

     Fortunately, Lon was selected to fill that management level position as a GS-12 Proficiency Development and Evaluation Officer (PDEO).  There were only 13 PDEO positions in the large Southern Region of the FAA (states from Louisiana to Kentucky and all southern states in between - including Tennessee). 

     Lon competed with 40+ FAA employee candidates to be selected for that very special vacant position.  Lon had previously worked for the GS-14 Sector Manager at the Greer (Greenville) Sector Office, when he had been a GS-13 FAA Supervisor in charge of the new RADAR system installed on the North Charleston Air Force base in year 1964

     Consequently, the GS-14 Sector Manager at the Greenville Sector Office already knew electronics technician Lon Willoughby, and he was familiar with Lon's reputation as a very capable and very competent FAA electronics technician.  

     Four years later, in year 1968, when Lon Willoughby was working at the FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center in Hilliard, Florida, the same FAA GS-13 Supervisor was also working at that location.  He was not Lon's personal supervisor, but he was familiar with the very good reputation that electronics technician Lon Willoughby had established at that very large FAA facility.  

     That prior knowledge about Lon Willoughby probably had some influence on the GS-14 Sector Manager's selection of Lon Willoughby as the electronics technician to fill the very select PDEO vacancy at the Greenville (Greer) Sector Field Office. 

     That FAA position selection situation enabled Lon, Janie, and Michael to move to the Greenville, South Carolina area in the fall season of year 1977.

     The FAA then sent Lon Willoughby to the FAA Management Training School that was located at the college in Lawton, Oklahoma (Cameron University).  Lon was well prepared to attend that FAA supervisory management training program.

      He had previously completed the USAF Instructor Training School and had been an instructor in the USAF for 18 months.  Lon had already taught and supervised hundreds of airmen in the USAF, and he had developed substantial teaching and personnel management skills. 

      While Lon was working with the FAA in Panama City, Florida, he had voluntarily paid for and completed the Dale Carnegie Course "Effective Speaking and Human Relations."  (Early in year 1977)

     At the end of that locally conducted education course, the class members were asked to select a class member to be president of their class.  They nominated three candidates, and when the votes were counted, Lon Willoughby was elected as class president.      

     Prior to his voluntary transfer to the FAA Sector Field Office in Panama City, Florida, Lon worked at the Jacksonville International Airport for two years.  He had also been elected to be the union president for FAA electronics technicians working at that large FAA Sector Field Office. 

     Lon worked with the FAA in Panama City, Florida for six and one half years.  Throughout those years, he was the "local employee union president" for the FAA electronics technician employees at the airport facility and also the FAA electronics technicians that worked at the joint use Military and FAA long range RADAR facility (200 miles radius range) at the nearby Tyndall Air Force Base

     Lon had also been the electronics technician Station Chief for all FAA Facility Equipment Systems headquartered at the FAA Flight Service Station at the Northport, Alabama Airport (in the major Tuscaloosa, Alabama area - where the University of Alabama is located). 

    In that FAA capacity, Lon supervised the operation and management of the FAA electronic facilities at that location and FAA electronic facilities located within about forty miles of the Northport Flight Service Station.  Lon also supervised the FAA electronics technicians assigned to that FAA Flight Service Station office location.

     When Lon had been an Air Force Instructor (1956 - 1957), he helped educate and train about 600 Air Force basic trainees

     When Lon then attended the Air Force RADAR school in Biloxi, Mississippi, he was competitively selected to be the Squadron Student Leader ("the White Rope") for about 300 student airmen.  Lon retained that position for seven months - until he was graduated from the RADAR school program (33 weeks of education and training). 

      With all of Lon's relevant education, management, and leadership work experiences, it was not surprising to him that he was graduated at the top of the class in the FAA Management School at the college in Lawton, Oklahoma.

     After completing the Management Training School, Lon returned to the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport location, and his office was next door to the FAA Sector Manager's Office.

     The Sector Manager was responsible for supervising all FAA facilities and electronic technician personnel in the electronics division of FAA located at the combined Greenville and Spartanburg airport facility location, and the nearby Anderson, SC airport facility location, and the nearby Spartanburg city airport facility location, and the Asheville, NC airport facility location, and the Athens, GA airport facility location. 

     As Performance Development and Evaluation Officer (PDEO), Lon Willoughby was responsible for managing and overseeing the education and training qualifications for all FAA electronic technicians at all of those locations, and he also personally assisted the Sector Manager in "managing" the local FAA technical personnel working at the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport Sector Office location and all of those other FAA technical facilities locations.

      Each of those field office locations had an FAA station chief supervisor that worked under the direct "supervision" of the Sector Manager.

     His carefree casual "don't rock the boat" management actions caused some very serious personnel problems for PDEO Lon Willoughby to have to contend with in the large FAA Sector Office jurisdiction

     Lon received very good annual performance written evaluations from the Sector Manager for his two years of work with the Sector Manager, but the Sector Manager's management actions of "going along to get along" with the local employee union president caused some very difficult, frustrating, and very stressful work situations for Lon to have to contend with for some of the electronics technicians employed at the large FAA Sector Office location at the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport.

     This was the same employee union that Lon had worked with as a "local president" for two years in Jacksonville, Florida area, and then worked with as a "local president" for six years in Panama City. 

     The Sector Manager casually allowed the local union president to seriously interfere with some of Lon's PDEO responsibilities. 

     The union president wanted to argue and create an emotionally frustrating dispute at every opportunity for disagreement.  He was routinely involved in union power plays to show local union members that he could manipulate the Sector Manager to get whatever union actions he wanted.

     Lon knew how to provide better leadership and management guidance for the FAA technician personnel assigned to the Greer (Greenville area) Sector Manager office location - than the GS-14 Sector Manager was providing, but the Sector Manager did not allow PDEO Lon Willoughby to help him exercise any better employee management actions. 

     The Sector Manager wanted to do everything his way (go along to get along), and he had no flexibility in allowing Lon Willoughby to help him exercise better and more effective personnel management of the numerous FAA technician employees in the local Greenville/Spartanburg Airport Sector Office location.

     Some of Lon's routine work was like a personal assistant to the Sector Manager.  That person's lack of responsible employee management actions with the local union president created the most difficult, the most frustrating, and the most stressful personnel management situations that Lon had encountered in his 17+ years of work with the Federal Aviation Administration

     It was not a direct stressful relationship between Lon and the Sector Manager, but an indirect stressful relationship that was caused by the Sector Manager's deficiency of responsible management actions with the local union president (a local electronics technician employee) that caused a lot of emotionally stressful situations for Lon to have to cope with as the PDEO.

     The Sector Manager was getting close to his retirement age, and his management style at that point in his career was to sit back and let the local management system "kind of manage itself" - "go along to get along" with no identifiable personnel management standards established by him or routinely maintained by his FAA station chiefs at the various FAA office locations identified previously. 

     Lon Willoughby believed that FAA facility managers should demonstrate some real management ability and capability with  their local area FAA employees and "lead them" into reasonable and responsible daily work attitudes and performance standards. 

     He did not agree with the very common perception in U.S. government managers that the FAA facility managers should allow the local employee personnel to casually establish their own "go along to get along" employee work standards. 

     Lon found his daily ongoing relationship with the Sector Manager to be fairly easy to cope with, but the Sector Manager's casual deficient management actions with the local union president - his "go along to get along attitude" - caused some very frustrating and very stressful personnel situations for Lon to have to cope with as PDEO.  Those situations were detrimental to Lon's health, in addition to his ongoing daily frustrating and stressful hypoglycemia health condition which affected his emotional attitude and feelings.     

     One of the problems with hypoglycemia is that there are days when the person does not have sufficient diplomatic patience with frustration, irritation, and stressful situations. 

     Normally, Lon had very good abilities to cope with those kinds of stressful situations, but his hypoglycemia health condition frequently caused him to have serious difficulty in using his usual skilled diplomatic management capabilities.

     If Lon had not been trying to cope daily with his still very confusing and frustrating hypoglycemia health condition, he would have been able to cope more successfully with those frustrating union actions  personnel management work conditions - personnel problems that the Sector Manager's too casual management "go along to get along" actions caused for PDEO Lon Willoughby to cope with.

     During two very long years, the frustrating and stressful work conditions of Lon's management duties as the PDEO were too frustrating and too stressful for Lon to contend with day after day, week after week - in addition to having to cope with his very confusing and frustrating   hypoglycemia health condition on a daily basis.  

     Those emotionally frustrating and irritating personnel situations caused Lon Willoughby to not want to work for the Sector Manager anymore. He appeared to be totally oblivious to the problems that his "go along to get along" attitude was causing for Lon Willoughby as the PDEO.

     Consequently, after two years of those very difficult working conditions, Lon realized that the Sector Manager's "go along to get along" personnel management actions had subjected him to more frustration and more emotional stress than he was willing to endure and tolerate on an ongoing basis. 

     Lon had been unable to get any medical help for his hypoglycemia health problem from the several medical doctors that he had consulted during the past ten years.

Leave the PDEO Position?

     Lon could have transferred back to a vacant electronics technician position at another FAA Office location somewhere in the large Southern Region of the FAA (without any reduction in pay), but Lon did not want to move away from the Greenville, SC area. 

     His wife Janie had a very good teaching position at the Mauldin High School, just six blocks from their home.  She was teaching the courses that she preferred to teach, and she liked and respected the female high school principal that she worked for (was her direct supervisor).

     Janie did not want to move to some unknown location, and try to get another high school teaching position with some unknown high school principal.      

     The younger son Robert (Bob) had been graduated from high school in Tabor City, North Carolina, and brother Michael had visited his mother and Bob in Tabor City, NC in June of year 1978.  Michael had talked with Bob and suggested that Bob seriously consider coming to live with dad and Janie for the summer of 1978 (as recommended by Lon to son Michael before he made that trip to visit Mom and Bob during June 1978)

     Bob did choose to visit Dad and Janie for the summer, and he then decided to stay with them and begin going to nearby Greenville Technical College (a very good Junior College) in the fall semester. 

     During the two years that Bob lived at home with Dad and Janie, while attending Greenville Tech, Lon and Janie were able to help him a lot with his family relationship emotional maturity progress (to overcome his intense  longstanding resentment feelings that he had developed toward his father). 

     Janie's special people skills, developed in dealing with thousands of high school students, enabled her to be super helpful to Bob Willoughby as her "second son."  They established a very good practical informal "adopted" mother and son relationship that was very helpful to Bob Willoughby.

     Janie's aging parents were located in the Chester, SC area, just 75 miles away from Mauldin, SC - where Lon and Janie Lived. 

     Lon and Janie had finally managed to develop a very good family relationship situation with the two sons and with Janie's parents due to their very good location in Mauldin, South Carolina.   

     Unfortunately, Lon's ongoing hypoglycemia health problems caused him to very reluctantly consider resigning from a very good secure FAA government job that he was well-qualified for, that paid him a good dependable salary, and that had very good retirement system benefits, and Lon had already accumulated 19 years of very successful FAA employee service.  However, he would need to work for the FAA another 12 years before he would be eligible to retire from the FAA.

     Lon had been unable to get any medical help for his hypoglycemia health condition from a series of medical doctors that he had consulted over a ten-year period of time.  Consequently, it seemed hopeless that he would ever get any help for that very serious health condition from medical doctors.  Lon did not know who else he should consult with about coping better with his hypoglycemic health condition.      

     Lon seriously considered that he would have to work 12 more years to be eligible for FAA retirement.  He did not believe he could survive for another 12 years working in his present job with a lot of frustration, irritation, and management type emotional stress while also trying to cope daily with his still very confusing and very frustrating hypoglycemia health condition

    That very confusing and very frustrating health condition had clearly wrecked his very good FAA career. 

     Although Lon had two sons in nearby colleges at that time (with lots of college cost expenses), he reluctantly resigned from the FAA in October 1979, after 19 years of very successful FAA service

     Bob completed two years of education at Greenville Tech as a very good student, and then transferred to Clemson University (about 45 miles away) to study for an engineering degree.   Eldest son Michael completed his college education at Furman University (in the Greenville area).

One Very Interesting Point

     A point of interest here, relative to the various FAA positions that Lon Willoughby had bid on (applied for) during his first 17 years with the FAA: all of those position transfers had been competitive selections with multiple people competing for each of those FAA position vacancies. 

     From his first voluntary application for promotion from a GS-7 electronics technician (Raleigh, NC) to the GS-9 electronics technician position at the Charleston Air Force Base RADAR station, and then continuing over the years to his selection as the GS-12 PDEO position at the Greenville/Spartanburg Airport Sector Office location, Lon was consistently selected for each FAA position that he had bid on (applied for in a competitive selection). 

    He had a 100% track record of being selected for each vacancy that he bid on throughout his 17 years of bids on advertised position vacancies.  In other words, he came in at first place for each of those potential job transfers. 

    However, as related above, his complex and very frustrating hypoglycemia health condition had gradually wrecked his very good and promising career with the Federal Aviation Administration.      

Topic 2

A Good Illustration    

      Lon's health problem situation is a good illustration of how serious it can be to have a confusing and frustrating health problem that conventionally educated and trained medical doctors do not understand and are not able to diagnose or evaluate properly. 

      That situation also illustrates Lon's very serious mistake in failing to understand that he should have consulted with a nutrition consultant (a dietitian or a nutritionist) about his hypoglycemia health condition when he was working in the Jacksonville, Florida area, back in the summer of 1966 to February 1971.

     If Lon had realized that he needed special help from a nutrition consultanthe probably could have located a dietitian or a nutritionist in Jacksonville because it is a big city. 

     A nutrition consultant may have understood some of the specialized carbohydrate food concepts knowledge that Lon needed mentoring help with.

     Years later, Lon could have likely located a dietitian or nutritionist in the Greenville, SC area in 1978 - 1979 after he had moved here from Panama City, Florida in September 1977

     But you see, Lon had been brainwashed all of his life to believe that medical doctors were the healthcare professionals that he should consult with about his very confusing and frustrating unnamed health condition.    

      Unfortunately, in years 1966 to 1971, due to a lifetime of brainwashing about the medical profession, Lon still did not know anything about nutrition consultants   (a dietitian or a nutritionist).

     Due to his lifetime of brain-washing about medical doctors, he still thought that a medical doctor was the healthcare professional that he should consult with about getting help for his very confusing and frustrating "unnamed" health condition (his hypoglycemia).

     Remember that Lon did not learn a possible name for his mysterious health condition until the summer of year 1972.  (hypoglycemia???)  In a miraculous way, Lon acquired a book that taught him the name of a mysterious health condition (hypoglycemia) that had some symptoms like Lon's health condition symptoms.  That health book author was a nutritionist in a very distant state, and Lon had no practical access to her.

     Three years later, Lon learned more information about the hypoglycemic health condition in another book that he very fortunately purchased and reviewed in year 1975 - written by a PhD type nutritionist and coauthored by a medical doctor.  Lon had no access to those two distant people.

     Those two paperback books were his beginning education about nutritionist.  Prior to those years, Lon had no practical working knowledge about nutrition consultants for healthcare problems. 

Brain-washing Effects

     Many years after year 1963, when Lon had the nasal surgery in Charleston, SC, he finally realized that his lifetime of brain-washing about the importance of consulting medical doctors about any healthcare issues had been overpowering any new understanding that he was gradually developing about the importance and relevance of nutrition consultants.

Topic 3

Lon's Very Important Health Store Work

      Over a period of 15 years (1/4/1999 - 4/23/2014), Lon personally managed our complex corporate natural health products retail sales store in the Greenville, SC area. 

      We had many herbal products (in capsules) and many other nutrition products (enzymes, minerals, probiotics, protein supplements, multi-vitamins, individual vitamins, weight loss products, etc.). 

     Due to Lon's technical interests and knowledge, we also stocked and displayed air filters, air purifiers, water filters, water purifiers, water ionizers, quality rebounder exercisers, and CHI styled exercisers. 

     ABC of Health was a special health store, like no other health store in the Greenville area due to Lon's technical interest and knowledge, and his special abilities in natural healthcare education

     Lon and his assistant, Diane Owen, worked responsibly with more than 1,000 store customers and visitors over a period of years - helping them learn how to take better care of their natural health.

     Since year 2000, Lon gradually discovered, developed, and copyrighted more than 50 important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  They are our corporate trade secrets.

Lon's Ability to Self-educate

    With all of Lon's many years of formal education, he had learned that he was an "eye-minded" student - rather than being an "ear-minded" student.  Lon found that he usually learns better from reading about a subject rather than by listening to an instructor lecture about that subject. 

   Consequently, having completed the U.S. Air Force's Instructor School Education and Training Program in year 1955, and having learned how to teach education classes professionally, Lon gradually realized that he was capable of teaching himself about subjects that have a good text book. 

   If Lon has a good text book, he does not need an instructor to learn a subject well.  An instructor can usually be somewhat helpful but is not necessary if one is an "eye-minded learner" and also knows how to teach classes professionally and is also disciplined enough to accomplish a self-taught education program from good text books.

   Those special learning abilities were very important   many years later when Lon was teaching himself many  natural healthcare and wellness concepts from the many books that he purchased for our corporate library.

    Lon had convenient access to hundreds of natural  healthcare type books in our ABC of Health corporate library.  He was able to study books written by the "Masters in America" about many natural healthcare and wellness concepts

    Due to his instructor abilities and skills, he was able to efficiently acquire an extensive education about natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that actually surpasses the practical usable aspects of a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition plus a Master's Degree in Nutrition.

    Over a period of many years, Lon has acquired a remarkable education about natural healthcare and wellness concepts that is unique in America

    This special introductory educational website shows that Lon has learned how to educate large numbers of American adult citizens about very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts on the Internet using a "free to review" format that he and Janie developed for ABC's of Health, Inc. (dba ABC of Health). 

     However, for reasons that are explained in some detail herein, Lon has limited and restricted our natural healthcare concepts education marketing territory to two major ZIP Code areas in the upstate of South Carolina (296 - - and  293 - -)

Lon's Natural Healthcare Book Purchases

     From year 2000 to year 2019, Lon purchased many books about natural healthcare and wellness concepts education subjects.  He averaged spending about $500 to $800 per year on those very important natural healthcare  book purchases

     By year end 2019, Lon had purchased more than 1000 natural healthcare-related books.  He placed those books in our ABC of Health's corporate library as he gradually bought them for our health store's business library.  He still buys a few books each year, but not nearly as many as he bought in those past years.

      Lon had learned that if you want to purchase a natural healthcare type book, buy it when you find it at a reasonable price because many books go out of print and the price can then increase a lot (if the book is still available for sales). 

     Example 1:  Janie bought Lon a paperback health book in 1972 that cost less than $8.00, but today there is a very limited supply available of that specific book - Let's Get Well by Adelle Davis - the price at Amazon.com is now about $40.00.

     Example 2:  The book "Low Blood Sugar and You" that Lon purchased in 1975 for less than $8.00 sells today at Amazon.com for much more.  Lon found that the newer publication of that revised and improved book is a much better book to purchase (available at the regular price).

     Our company (ABC of Health) probably has the best private corporate "natural health books library" in the state of South Carolina.  We have more than 1,000  natural healthcare type books in our very important  health books library

     Lon has taught himself a lot of very important  education about natural healthcare and wellness concepts using many of those books.

    He has become a natural healthcare consultanta nutrition consultant, a healthy lifestyle consultant, and a skilled natural healthcare classroom educator

     Having all of those health books available for convenient review is very important for Lon because that enables him to review and learn about many natural  healthcare and wellness concepts that have already been published (copyrighted) by many authors. 

     Lon understands that he cannot copyright a natural  healthcare concept or wellness protocol that has already been developed and copyrighted by various book authors. 

     In order to copyright a healthcare concept or wellness protocol, it must be a unique concept or protocol that has not been copyrighted by another person. 

     Having convenient access to many of the best natural  health concepts books enables Lon to review many  natural healthcare concepts and wellness protocols to see what has already been published (copyrighted) about those natural healthcare subjects

     The amazing Internet enables Lon to conduct searches for many natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  In this way, Lon may think about natural healthcare education subjects that are still available for development of some important natural healthcare and wellness concepts that may still be copyrightable for educational use by ABC of Health

If Lon had not had

Serious Health Problems

     If Lon had not developed his very confusing and frustrating health problems, he would not have devoted thousands of hours to studying and learning about many natural healthcare and wellness concepts over a period of 40+ years (starting in the 1970's time period). 

         That was a very challenging objective for Lon, and it caused him to gradually purchase hundreds of natural healthcare type books so he could study many kinds of health conditions.  He spent thousands of dollars purchasing those special healthcare education books.

     If Lon had not developed serious health conditions, there would not be an education company named ABC of Health, and there would not be multiple websites like the ones that Lon developed for ABC of Health

     He gradually developed the special educational websites that ABC of Health can now use for important education of selected "qualified visitors" in selected Zip Code areas in upstate South Carolina. 

     Lon used a broad assortment of healthcare concepts knowledge to develop this introductory educational website for education of selected "qualified visitors."

     He and wife Janie Willoughby also use some of these websites for teaching our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education clients. (Our Americans4Justice-SC private education club members.)

     ABC of Health is now in a very special position to educate thousands of selected "qualified visitors" about how ABC of Health can teach Americans 4 Justice private education club members how they can take much better care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets.

     This very special education position is due in large part to Lon's wife, Janie Willoughby. 

     If Lon had not married Janie (December 1970), his life would have been very different because he would not have eventually learned how to cope with his very confusing and very frustrating hypoglycemia health condition

     Remember that in the summer of year 1972, school teacher Janie was at home during the summer school break.  She fortunately chose to watch the special Dinah Shore TV morning program that featured nutritionist Adelle Davis on that particular day. 

     Janie then went to the local book store later that day and purchased the book "Let's Get Well" by nutritionist Adelle Davis.  She gave that book to Lon as a "present" that evening when he came home from his work with the FAA.    

     That very special book was a very important gift from Janie while Lon was still working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at their airport field office  location in Panama City, Florida. 

    Without that very special book, Lon would not have learned about hypoglycemia.  In that event, he would have likely died many years ago.  Fortunately, he did not die due to Janie's incredibly important help

    If Lon had not married Janie in December 1970, there would not be an ABC of Health in Greenville County, South Carolina.  Consequently, it is very important to understand that Janie was an absolutely essential part of the gradual improvement in Lon's health condition and the subsequent development of ABC of Health

     Janie's special teaching abilities and skills, developed over 39 years of teaching in public schools, and her advanced level education (Master's Degree in Education) helped Lon a lot in the development of our ABC of Health educational websites.

     Since year 1999, ABC of Health has developed into a company that can now educate thousands of selected "qualified visitors" in upstate South Carolina (selected  American natural-born adult citizens who are Christian-oriented and patriotic-minded toward America, and live in selected areas of the upstate - as explained previously). 

     You have seen that selected "qualified visitors" can begin this very important and very valuable education with no upfront cost because Lon and Janie developed our "free to revieweducational format, as used in this introductory educational website

     You have already seen that this Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website can introduce  "qualified visitors" to some very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     Our major revolutionary breakthrough natural  healthcare and wellness concepts educational services include all of the introductory healthcare  education that is presented at this website, and those services also include some of the natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is presented at our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts  educational website (www dot ABCofHealth dot com).

     These two very special educational websites present  exceptionally important and valuable natural healthcare concepts education for selected "qualified visitors" using our "free to revieweducation format

     Lon will detour selected "qualified visitors" to our  main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts  educational website at the end of this website's  introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts  educational presentations.

Topic 4


Most American Medical Doctors

Do Not Know Much About Nutrition

     Over the years, Lon consulted with several medical doctors and those experiences taught him that many American educated and trained medical doctors apparently know very little about important food nutrition concepts or important nutrition supplement products - like nutrition supplement products that are normally available in many health food stores.

     None of the medical doctors that Lon consulted in Panama City, Florida asked him any questions about his diet, and they did not ask any questions about nutrition supplements that he might be taking (or should be taking). 

     Over the past 50+ years, Lon learned that some  American Medical Profession opinions and statements about a number of important health and nutrition issues were not reliable information.

     1.  "They" were wrong about the cardiovascular danger of eating eggs.  An egg yoke contains some cholesterol, and "they" claimed that this will increase cholesterol in the blood system and thereby increase the risk of having heart attacks. 

     Sounds logical, reasonable, and sensible at first consideration, but there is more to that important health concept than just superficial medical logic.

     Lon had known several people who routinely ate eggs for breakfast daily throughout their lifetime (for many years), and they also ate eggs on many other occasions.  They lived to be in their eighties and some lived to be in their late nineties.  They lived longer than most Americans live so eating a lot of chicken eggs apparently did not cause them to have dangerous cardiovascular problems.     

     Consequently, Lon did not believe the medical profession's nutritional advice about the cholesterol in egg yokes being an important cardiovascular risk factor. 

     He continued eating ten or more eggs per week, and he has done that for the past 60+ years with no known harmful health effects. 

     Many years later, the American Medical Profession  acknowledged publicly (nationally) that more recent research had shown that their admonition against eating eggs had been wrong.  The cholesterol contained in egg yokes was now believed to not be a significant cardiovascular risk factor.

     2.  They were wrong about the benefits of eating margarine vs. eating butter a big nutrition mistake.

     Lon was suspicious about eating margarine in the early 1980's (an altered manufactured food). When he attended the annual convention of the National Health Federation conducted in Atlanta, Georgia in June 1986  Lon learned why it was not healthy to eat margarine in any of its marketable forms. 

     He learned that liquid oil used to make margarine products is heated to a very high temperature (about 600 degrees F) to enable the added hydrogen ions to convert the liquid oil to a soft butter like consistency (a small tub of margarine), or to convert the liquid oil to a harder butter stick consistency. 

     Lon did not want to consume oil that had been heated to a very high temperature and then deodorized (cleaned up) to help it taste like it had not been severely damaged.

     Lon has avoided eating margarine of any type for 38+ years.  Current nutritional knowledge shows that he made a wise decision when he avoided all margarine food products - beginning about 1983 (39+ years ago). 

     3.  The American Medical Profession has been wrong for many years about the amount of some vitamins that humans need to be healthy.

     Lon learned that it is most unlikely that American adults will obtain a sufficient amount of some vitamins from their daily diet to be really healthy.  They may survive at low levels of RDA vitamins, but they will likely not be able to perform mentally or physically at improved levels with those low levels of vitamins. 

     Consider the many tragic situations that frequently occur in America - assaults, brutal marital injuries and murders, many malicious and ruthless injuries and murders of strangers, many thousands of auto accidents, etc. 

     Lon and Janie Willoughby now understand that many of those tragic situations would have likely not occurred if the people involved had been routinely taking appropriate higher levels of some very important vitamins, minerals, and carefully selected beneficial herbs.  

     Lon and Janie also now understand that many people incarcerated in jails, prisons, and mental institutions could have likely avoided doing things that caused their  tragic incarceration if they had been routinely taking adequate higher levels of some very important vitamins,   minerals, and herbs.

     American adults can benefit substantially from consuming a lot more of some vitamins than "medical profession personnel" and the high level nutritional "authorities" recommend as the RDA amount.  Lon has proven that conclusively in his life and in wife Janie's life.

     Lon and Janie have routinely taken some vitamins that are much more potent than the RDA levels (6 to 10 times the RDA level, that is 600% to 1,000%, and even more for some vitamins).  They have done this since Lon learned why they should do this back in 1986 (35+ years ago).

     Lon's health and Janie's health and their lives together have been greatly improved by the routine use of much higher levels of several vitamins, quality minerals, and some special herbal supplements. 

     The higher levels of those special nutrients can improve brain functions and thereby improve the way the emotions function.  High levels of certain vitamins can dramatically reduce feelings of anger, anxiety, nervousness, frustration, irritation, and also help with some serious depression conditions.   

     These higher amounts of certain vitamins can help people make better decisions and have better emotional balance throughout the day.  This can also result in much better human relation actions and skills, enabling people to interact and get along with other people much better, including improving human relationship skills with a spouse and children.  

     Improved nutritional levels with certain vitamin supplements can also help the body in several important performance areas, by increasing the energy and vitality that the body produces on a daily basis.

     Several high quality multivitamin and mineral formulas are now in the marketplace that contain much higher levels of certain vitamins - similar to the higher levels that Lon and Janie have been routinely using for many years. 

     This situation is very important evidence that some of the top formulating nutritionist in America also understand that adults need much higher levels of some vitamins than the very low level RDA levels that are usually recommended by high level nutritional authorities.

     From reviewing the very large number of pharmaceutical drugs that are sold annually to help patients cope with those very common types of health problems (feelings of anger, anxiety, nervousness, frustration, irritation, and also depression), it is clear to Lon and Janie Willoughby that many millions of American residents are having substantial difficulties in coping with those types of common health problems. 

     Lon and Janie realize that millions of American adult residents could probably be helped a lot if they were taking some of the higher levels of certain vitamin supplements  - like Lon and Janie have been taking for more than 35 years. 

     4.  The American Medical Profession was wrong about how much vitamin C is an adequate amount to take daily.  Lon learned that humans need much more vitamin C than the small amount that "they" (the so-called high level nutrition experts) typically recommend as the RDA amount.   

           Lon says that RDA amount of vitamin C is the minimum amount one should obtain daily - it is not the desired normal amount that is needed to help you be healthy.

     There are several forms of vitamin C in the marketplace, and "they" typically recommended the least expensive form of vitamin C supplement (straight Ascorbic Acid - with a pH of 3.2). 

     That very acidic form of vitamin C presents stomach problems for some people.  That is one of the reasons buffered forms of vitamin C are in the marketplace. 

     Using the very acidic form of vitamin C also makes it more difficult for a person to maintain healthy pH levels in their body fluids.  The buffered forms of vitamin C also have a much better pH value (not strongly acidic like Ascorbic Acid type vitamin C).

     5.  The American Medical Profession has been wrong for many years about healthy vitamin D levels in the blood system for American adults.

     Lon has learned that most Americans probably need to take much more vitamin D3 supplements than the very low level that medical profession "experts" have recommended for many years as the proper RDA level of vitamin D supplementation. 

     Vitamin D in the blood system is also much more important than the medical "experts" have understood and publicly acknowledged. 

     Vitamin D levels in the blood system affect the body in several beneficial ways so it is very important to responsibly maintain the blood level of vitamin D at a healthy normal level.

     The amount of vitamin D supplementation that should be taken by Americans varies somewhat with the geographic location of the individuals. 

     People that live in northerly latitudes generally need more vitamin D3 supplementation than people who live in a more southerly latitude.  The further north people live, the more vitamin D3 supplementation they likely need because they are usually getting less beneficial sunshine exposure when they are outdoors. 

     This also varies dependent upon the amount of open skin sunshine exposure, and the length of time of that exposure, and the frequency of that sunshine exposure.   

     All of this varies with how much sunshine actually interacts with open skin areas, and this also varies with the time of day and the time of the year when skin exposure to sunshine occurs. 

     10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. on a sunshiny day during summer months in usually the best time for developing natural vitamin D in the blood system from direct sunshine exposure to open skin areas. 

     The amount of open skin area is an important factor here - more open skin area enables more vitamin D to be produced in the blood during a fixed amount of time (such as 20 minutes).    

     So what happens with vitamin D development in the blood during other times of the year, such as the winter months?  That is when people need vitamin D3 supplements the most because the wintertime sunlight is not as effective at producing vitamin D in the blood as summertime sunlight.

     Sunshine exposure through auto windows doesn't count due to the filtering of sunlight rays that greatly reduces vitamin D production from sunlight rays that have passed through auto window glass. 

     Dark skin people in America generally need more vitamin D3 supplement than light skin people.  The dark skin acts as a filter that reduces the amount of vitamin D that is naturally produced in the blood with sunlight exposure on open skin areas. 

     For thousands of years, the dark skin helped lightly clothed natives in Africa avoid getting too much vitamin D produced in the blood system.  Yes, it is possible to get too much vitamin D in the human blood supply.

     Lon and Janie routinely take much more vitamin D supplementation than the RDA amount.  They usually get their blood level of vitamin D tested once per year to help them verify that they are keeping their blood level of vitamin D in the healthier upper level range.  

    6.    Vitamin D in the blood system produced by sunlight on open skin area is actually a mistaken name because that substance is in fact a hormone, it is not a vitamin.  By definition, vitamins are substances that are not produced in the body and vitamin D is produced in the body - so it is not a vitamin, it is a hormone

     That name mistake was made many years ago - so in America, for simplicity, we just continue calling it vitamin D.  Just be aware that it is actually a hormone - it is not a vitamin.

     In general terms, the body does not make or produce vitamins (it does produce the hormone misnamed as vitamin D).  All substantial amounts of vitamins must be obtained from the food substances that are consumed or consumed in nutritional supplement products because the various vitamins that are needed daily will not be produced within the body. 

     Tiny microscopic size microbes living in the intestinal tract do produce some B vitamins but only in extremely small amounts.

     7.  The vitamin D3 that is sold in nutrition stores is more effective at producing vitamin D (hormone) in the blood system than the vitamin D2 supplement that American medical doctors typically "prescribe" for their healthcare patients.

     It is very important to understand that a vitamin D3  supplement and a vitamin D2 supplement are different products with different levels of effectiveness at producing the vitamin D (hormone) in the blood system.  The vitamin D3 is the more effective form of the supplement to take.    

     8.  American medical doctors and their high level "nutrition experts" have also been oblivious to and ignored for many years the great importance of taking a Vitamin K2 supplement (MK-4 and MK-7 types of K2).

     9.  They have also ignored the very important relationship of taking that very important vitamin K2 supplement whenever one takes a substantial amount of vitamin D3 supplementation daily (2,000 IU or more). 

Mineral Health Concepts

     Another very important area of inaccurate and/or inadequate nutrition knowledge from American medical doctors is with mineral type supplements.  

   10.  Lon has observed for many years that the calcium supplements that are normally recommended by American medical doctors for outpatient therapy (with some of our health store customers) was typically a form of crushed up limestone

     That common and popular calcium supplement has a typical absorption rate into human body cells of only about 5% to maybe 8%. 

     There are much better calcium products in the marketplace than crushed up limestone, but medical doctors apparently do not have the nutritional education and training to understand the difference between very low quality calcium products and high quality calcium products. 

     What happens to the calcium from the very low quality calcium products that cannot be effectively absorbed into the body cells but are likely absorbed into some of the body fluids around the cells? 

     Over the years, that type of calcium can buildup and become a form of semi-concrete - causing the body to be stiff and have pains with body movements (such as raising the arms above the head, normal stretching, or simply walking with regular arm movements). 

     Those situations are quite common in many places in Florida because the normal drinking water in many locations contains a lot of limestone type calcium that is not assimilated well into body cells. 

     Lon lived in Florida for 14 years, and he realizes that many people need a water filter or water purifier system that can remove the undesirable limestone calcium particles from their drinking and cooking water.  Lon learned that most of those Floridian adults probably do not know that. 

     Most of those people will likely continue drinking that heavily calcified particle water throughout their lifetime, and that can damage their body badly with harmful limestone particle sediment accumulation throughout their body.

     This is another very important situation where people need to consult with a natural healthcare consultant  about very important actions that people can take to help them protect and improve their natural health

     This type of basic healthcare water education can help people in many locations in Florida, and also many other locations in the USA, wherever there is a lot of microscopic size limestone particles normally present in their drinking water.

     Those water situations can usually be determined inexpensively by having the water tested for "total dissolved solids" (TDS).   You can usually purchase your own TDS meter for less than $30.00 (www.Amazon.com).

     A local area water quality technician can usually help people learn about their local water quality situation. 

     Look for water filters and water purifiers services in the yellow pages of the local phone book (or search on the Internet) to see which local company to call about testing the quality of your local municipal water system. 

     If a person uses a private well as their primary drinking water source, they will need to have that water tested.  A local water quality technician can likely help them accomplish that very important task in an economical way

     The fact that the water looks O.K. and tastes O.K. does not mean that the water is safe to drink.  It could have serious radiation problems and still look good and taste good. 

      In upstate South Carolina, a common problem is serious radiation danger from granite rock radiation in the well hole wall - where the private drilled well hole passes through some granite rock.  

     The granite rock lining the drilled well can impart dangerous radiation into the water passing through the granite rock well hole. That harmful radiation can cause some very serious health problem conditions over a period of time - typically causing cancer conditions.

     Well water can also have pathogenic bacteria contamination, or other forms of pathogenic microbe contamination, and still look good and taste good. 

     Well water can be contaminated with farming chemicals or contaminated with fruit orchard type chemicals, or leaked chemical waste site contamination - and still look good and also taste good. 

     Therefore, appearance and taste are not accurate evidence of lack of serious contamination.

     A comprehensive laboratory test of private well water can cost hundreds of dollars, depending upon the broad spectrum of potential contaminates that are requested to be included in the complex water testing process. 

     A local water quality technician can probably help a local resident understand which water quality tests are usually needed in a given local area.

Mineral Supplements

     Calcium that can be absorbed into the body cells can be used in about 500 metabolic processes in the human body; therefore, calcium can be a very beneficial mineral (but only if it is a form that can be assimilated well into body cells). 

     There are several forms of calcium supplements in the marketplace and some forms are assimilated much better than other forms. 

     It's smart to talk with a nutrition consultant and then choose one of the better forms of calcium, rather than take a very low quality calcium product for many years that will not be effective adequately and can also clog up large portions of the body with calcium residue that the body could not assimilate properly. 

     Popular low cost calcium products are purchased by people who do not understand the much better health benefits of choosing a higher quality calcium product.

   11.  Magnesium supplements are also very important in the human body, and most American adults are probably magnesium deficient to a substantial degree.  People consuming municipal processed water in Greenville County are not likely going to get the amount of magnesium that is needed daily from their daily diet or from the water they drink.  Consequently, they likely need to be taking a magnesium supplement daily.

     Magnesium that can be absorbed into the body cells can be used in about 400 metabolic processes.  It is a very important mineral.

     There are several forms of magnesium in the marketplace so it is smart to talk with a nutrition consultant about how to choose a very good magnesium supplement product. 

     NOTE:  There are several other minerals that are very important for humans (such as copper, iodine, Iron, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, selenium, zinc, etc.)  Lon could go on with information about other nutrition issues, but you probably get the really important point that he is making here. 

Really Important Point

     It is very important to understand that most medical doctors (and medical nurses) have not had specialized education and training about selecting nutrition supplement products such as: enzymes, herbs, important major and trace minerals, important vitamins, probioticsprotein supplements, natural blood pressure control supplements, natural cholesterol and triglyceride management, natural glucose stabilization products, immune system booster products, memory enhancement supplements, natural reduction and minimization of heart attacks and strokes products, natural pain relief supplements for muscle injuries, aches and pains.

     Consequently, medical doctors and medical nurses are generally not competent to offer advice or education about the nutrition products listed above.  That kind of information can be obtained best from a nutrition consultant (a dietitian or nutritionist or a natural healthcare consultant similar to Lon Willoughby).

Nutrition is a Very 

Complicated Subject

     Lon has listed some very important nutrition supplements above; however, there are many other nutrition supplements to consider for various healthcare conditions. 

     ABC of Health routinely stocked 300+ types of nutrition supplements in our corporate natural health products store in Greenville County, SC.  It is important to understand that some nutrition supplements are supplied in capsules, and some are in tablets, and some are in powders, and some are in liquid form. 

     Some minerals are available in different forms and some mineral forms are better absorbed into body cells than other forms.  In general terms, the better mineral forms are more expensive than poor quality minerals. 

     Very cheap nutrition supplements will generally contain the less expensive minerals and may contain some vitamin forms that are not absorbed as well as higher quality vitamins. 

     Brand names are very important in these regards.  Some nutrition product companies routinely provide higher quality nutrients than some other brands (usually cheaper products).  A very good nutrition consultant will be knowledgeable about the better quality brands.

     It is also important to understand that chelated minerals can usually get into the body cells more reliably (improved bioavailability and absorption) than non-chelated minerals.

     Albion Laboratories in Clearfield, Utah was founded in 1956 as a veterinarian pharmaceutical company.  Some farmers and ranchers began using mineral supplements in bagged animal feed for their animals to improve their health and increase their profits from animal sales in the marketplace.

     Those common improved animal nourishment situations occurred before quality mineral supplements were provided for packaged foods for many Americans (men, women, teenagers, and younger children)

     So now you understand why Albion Labs. began as a veterinarian pharmaceutical company rather than a people pharmaceutical company. 

     Albion Labs. has developed more than 50 patents about the chelation of minerals.  They are a premier chelator of important minerals, and it is difficult for other nutrition companies to develop their own chelate minerals without violating some of Albion's chelation patents. 

     Albion Labs. chelated minerals are now available in several brands of high quality nutritional supplements that contain minerals.

     Understanding those mineral considerations can help "qualified visitors" understand that nutrition really is a very complex subject.

     Nutrition consultants have a lot to learn in their dedicated responsible efforts to become knowledgeable about many nutrition issues and many nutrition supplement products so they can help people make practical, responsible, and sensible choices about various healthcare supplement products.

     Over the past 50+ years, Lon Willoughby learned that American medical doctors are generally not a reliable source of nutrition information or information about taking nutrition supplement products

     Lon learned that most medical students in America get very little nutrition education when they go through their medical school education.  In some medical schools, medical students received almost no nutrition education.

     Lon found that American adult citizens will likely be helped much better by consulting with a nutrition consultant (dietitian or nutritionist) rather than consulting a medical doctor or medical nurses about any kind of nutrition-related healthcare concern.

     Lon also learned that American medical doctors appear to be very reluctant to recommend that a patient consult a nutrition consultant about any healthcare concern or healthcare problem.  

     Rather than consider nutrition consultants  as complementary healthcare consultants, many medical system professionals seem to consider them as  adversarial opponents.  Which medical profession attitude would work best for medical patients? 

     The answer to that question is obvious; nutrition consultants (dietitian or a nutritionist) should be considered as complementary healthcare consultants.  They can provide very important essential healthcare benefits to medical patients that medical doctors and medical nurses are usually not competent to provide to their healthcare patients. 

      As reported herein, American adults could be healthier if they routinely consulted and relied upon  nutrition consultants - rather than consulting and relying upon medical doctors and medical nurses for nutrition-related healthcare concerns.  

     As related in this very important report, that was a BIG MISTAKE that Lon Willoughby made again and again for many years - due to the fact that he had been  successfully brain-washed to believe that erroneous healthcare concept (all serious healthcare concerns need a medical doctor consultation). 

     It took many years of disappointing medical doctor consultations for Lon to overcome his medical doctor brainwashing and finally realize that he should have also been consulting with nutrition consultants (dietitians or nutritionist) about health problems that might involve nutrition considerations.

False Impression

     Lon has observed that the American medical profession and American medical doctors routinely strive to give the public impression that they are the  professional healthcare practitioners who know how to help Americans with practically any kind of healthcare concern, including nutritional concerns. 

     Over 50+ years, Lon gradually learned that this is a very serious false impression.  He learned that there are other kinds of "healthcare practitioners" who know much more about nutrition-related healthcare concerns than typical American medical system doctors and nurses.

     During the many years that Lon consulted a series of medical doctors, only one of them asked him any questions about his diet.  That was the last medical doctor that he consulted about nutrition concerns - an Allergy Specialist that he consulted during year 1978 (more than 40 years ago).  He did not have any known allergy problems, but he had learned that this allergy specialist MD had acquired some knowledge about nutrition issues.

 The Allergy Specialist

     The allergy specialist was the most competent and most ethical and most responsible medical doctor of the series of medical doctors that Lon consulted over a ten-year period of time about his health problems. 

     The allergy specialist medical doctor tried to help Lon with his hypoglycemia conditionbut no health improvements occurred during an eventful one-year trial period. 

     The good doctor suggested a number of changes in Lon's diet and some changes in his daily nutrition supplements regimen.  However, none of those changes improved Lon's hypoglycemia condition

     In general, Lon's health was affected adversely or negatively by those changes, but some of those changes made no noticeable differences.

     Lon ended the one-year trial period by going back to the same daily diet and nutrition supplements regimen that he had gradually developed for himself over a period of many years. 

     It is important to note that the medical doctors that Lon consulted did not recommended that Lon should consult a nutrition consultant (a dietitian or a nutritionist). 

    For many years, Lon was ignorant about those kinds of specialized healthcare practitioners.  He was so brain-washed about consulting with medical doctors about all healthcare issues that he did not actively try to learn enough about nutrition consultants.

     Consequently, Lon did not try to find and consult with a nutrition consultant about his hypoglycemia problem  until year 1980

Topic 5

Lon's Continued Search for Help     

     By June 1980, Lon had given up on spending any more time looking for a medical doctor who might know how to help him cope with his very serious hypoglycemia health problem.

     He has consulted with a series of medical doctors over a long ten-year period of time, and he was very disappointed that none of the medical doctors had been able to help him in any significant way.

     During years 1978 to 1980, Lon had occasionally shopped at the local Mauldin Health Food Store.  He finally decided to look for a nutrition consultant, and he inquired about that situation at the health food store

     Lon learned that the lady that owned the health food store was a nutrition consultant who could provide  nutrition consultation sessions on an hourly fee basis.

     He scheduled a consultation session with that lady in July 1980, and he was pleasantly surprised that it was more helpful than any of the medical doctor consultations that had occurred during the past ten years.  She charged $50 per hour for her nutrition consultation sessions

     Lon decided to continue seeing her for additional  consultation sessions at two week intervals (Mrs. Dorothy Christopher and her husband Jim Christopher owned the Mauldin Health Food Store). 

     Fortunately, this was in the town where Lon and Janie lived (Mauldin, South Carolina - just eight miles from the center of downtown in Greenville, South Carolina). 

     The natural health consultant had a small natural  health book department in her small health food store.  At each successive consultation session, she had selected three paperback books for Lon to purchase and study before the next healthcare consultation session.      

     Her consultation sessions were conducted at two-week intervals, and Lon gradually completed six consultations during July, August, and September of year 1980.  They were very helpful consultation sessions for Lon in his responsible determined diligent efforts to learn more about important natural healthcare concepts.

     The 15 inexpensive natural healthcare text books that Lon purchased and studied carefully enabled him to learn a lot of important natural healthcare and wellness concepts in a relatively short period of time

     Lon Willoughby will be eternally grateful that Mrs. Dorothy Christopher used that educational strategy to help him make a lot of natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational progress, and also nutrition concepts knowledge progress during those six consultation sessions.

     The very helpful paperback text books that she selected enabled Lon to learn how to improve his diet and lifestyle for improved health (and for wife Janie).

     Both of them have benefited greatly from those very important diet and lifestyle improvements - for 40+ years now (since the summer of year 1980).  

     However, those consultations did not directly help with Lon's "sleepy-timehypoglycemia health problem.  Like the series of medical doctors that Lon had consulted during a ten-year period of time, the natural healthcare consultant had not been educated about Lon's unusual  hypoglycemia health problem

      Mrs. Christopher did not understand what was causing Lon's "sleepy-time" occurrences that would frequently disable him for an hour or two after he ate an evening meal. 

     The time delay after the meal when the "sleepy-time" frequently occurred varied somewhat, from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more. 

     Many years later, Lon finally learned that those time variations were caused by the varying amounts of glucose that was produced in his blood system by the foods consumed with different meals.

     Lon eventually learned that the more glucose produced by the foods consumed during a meal, the faster the sleepy-time reaction would occur after the meal. 

     At that point in time (summer of 1980), Lon had completed three years of college education, and he knew how to study college text books well.  Consequently, he was a good natural healthcare concepts student because he was diligently trying to learn how to get better control of his "sleepy-timehypoglycemia health problem.

Natural Healthcare Consultations

July 1980, Mauldin, SC

      When Lon began his natural healthcare consultation sessions with Mrs. Dorothy Christopher in Mauldin, South Carolina during the summer of year 1980, she taught Lon how to begin making good progress in learning how to study natural healthcare and wellness concepts. 

     She did that by personally selecting a series of natural healthcare concepts paper-backed text books for Lon to purchase and study throughout the period of time that he was getting his natural healthcare consultations sessions.

     Mrs. Dorothy Christopher could see that Lon was a determined serious-minded student of natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  She quickly decided to become Lon's mentor in that healthcare education objective

     She had studied natural healthcare and wellness concepts in some depth, and she knew how to help Lon make rapid progress with his natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.

     Those very important 15 natural healthcare and wellness concepts education text books quickly enabled Lon Willoughby to develop a much healthier diet and lifestyle.  That very interesting education also motivated Lon to want to acquire more specialized education about natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     Lon will explain more about his extensive natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education actions later in this report. 

    42 years later, in July 2022, Lon was still actively involved in that very challenging, exciting, and  exceptionally important natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational study.  

     Thousands of selected "qualified visitors" can probably benefit a lot from learning more information about some of Lon's healthcare and wellness concepts educational actions during the next 40+ years. 

     Stay with Lon patiently as he reports more actions that he responsibly took about his personal health situation that gradually enabled him to learn how to educate thousands of "qualified visitors" about very important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts.    

     Learning about Lon's natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational experiences can help  selected "qualified visitors" understand how to take better care of their own health, and the health of their spouse and any dependent children who still live at home with their parents.

     The vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts  education that Lon gradually acquired over 40+ years is now being used to help educate thousands of selected "qualified visitorsabout natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are very important and also very valuable

     Consequently, Mrs. Christopher's responsible education about natural healthcare and wellness concepts was critically important in Lon's efforts to learn how to get better control of his very serious healthcare problem (hypoglycemia). 

     She did not know how to help him with that particular health problem, but she did responsibly help him learn how to take much better care of his natural health

     If Lon Willoughby had not chosen to have those health consultation sessions with Mrs. Christopher during the  summer of 1980, you would not be reading this helpful information at this website because Lon would not have ever learned how to progress to this advanced level of natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge.

     That situation is shown in this introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts education website.  You will see later that our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website presents additional very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education. 

     In essence, Mrs. Christopher's critically important  natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge is being carried forward in multiple ways to help thousands of selected "qualified visitors" in upstate South Carolina learn that they can have a remarkable opportunity to learn that they now have an opportunity to learn how to enjoy a much better life - by qualifying to join our  Americans 4 Justice private education club. (A4J Club)

     Our main natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational website also uses our healthcare education breakthrough "free to revieweducational format for education of many thousands of selected "qualified citizens."

       NOTE: At the end of this website's introductory advanced natural health concepts educational presentations, a hyperlink (link) will conveniently detour selected "qualified visitors" to our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website (located at:

www dot ABCofHealth dot com 

     That website detour action will present Part Two of Lon's true autobiographical healthcare-related report.  That second website presents additional very important "free to reviewnatural healthcare and wellness concepts education for selected "qualified visitors."

     Part Two of Lon's autobiographical health-related report will present additional very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that thousands of selected "qualified visitors" need to be educated about as soon as possible (ASAP).

     Be patient with this very important healthcare education by remembering that more than 40,000 people probably die prematurely each week in the USA.  Many of them die in large part because they had also been brain-washed about the "need to depend entirely upon medical profession healthcare services."

     They had not learned about the importance of consulting with nutrition consultants about possible  nutrition related healthcare concerns

     In addition to those many health problems, the large number of people dying a premature death did not have timely access to the "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is presented in this introductory education website - and the additional   natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is presented "free to review" at our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts education website.

     Consequently, those suffering and dying people had not been educated about the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are presented at these two natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational websites.

     Let's pause and think about that critical health situation for a few moments: 40,000+ people likely die prematurely in the USA each week because they did not have timely access to the vital healthcare and wellness concepts education that Lon and Janie Willoughby have presented in an introductormanner at this advanced  natural health concepts educational website.

Healthcare Education

During 50+ Years

     During the past 50+ years, Lon learned a lot about  alternative health natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  That education began in the summer of 1970, when Lon fortunately learned about the specific foods that had been causing his very frustrating and very irritating nasal and sinus congestion problems for more than 25 years. 

     During the past 40+ years, starting with his healthcare consultation s with Mrs. Dorothy Christopher in July 1980, Lon also began learning how to educate American adult citizens about natural healthcare and wellness concepts  that can improve their lifestyle and natural health a lot. 

     Over the past 40+ years, Lon acquired a lot of special  natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge

     Starting in year 2,000, Lon began copyrighting special natural healthcare concepts and wellness concepts as he discovered and developed them for use by ABC's of Health, Inc. in our evolving natural healthcare concepts educational services.

     Using our special 50+ copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts corporate trade secrets, Lon is now capable of helping thousands of selected "qualified visitors" learn that they now have a remarkable  opportunity to join our Americans 4 Justice private education club.  They can then learn how to take much better care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets

     Lon's extensive natural healthcare nd wellness concepts education was motivated in large part by his persistent responsible efforts to learn how to cope more effectively with his hypoglycemia condition.

     As stated previously, Lon was very successful with that natural healthcare and wellness concepts improvement project.  He would not have persisted at learning as much as possible about natural healthcare and wellness concepts for man years if he had not been motivated by his very serious hypoglycemia health condition to become his own personal natural healthcare and wellness concepts consultant

    Over a period of 35+ years, Lon had been unable to find any healthcare practitioner who understood his  hypoglycemia health condition well enough to provide the professional healthcare consulting and mentoring services that he needed badly.

College Night School Classes

     While Lon was working with the FAA at their airport office facility in Panama City for 6.5 years, he was able to go to night school classes at the local Gulf Coast Community College.  That situation enabled him to complete his Associate in Science degree with a major in Electronics Technology.

     From that field office location, Lon worked as an electronics technician on FAA electronic equipment systems located at the airport [air traffic control tower communications equipment - VHF and UHF transmitter and receiver equipment, and also a VOR and TACAN system (a VORTAC facility) located on the airport property]

     Lon also worked at a VORTAC facility located in Marianna, Florida (about 60 highway miles away from the Panama City airport).  He also maintained the FAA teletype equipment that was located at the nearby Tyndall Air Force Base.

     Lon had been a good college student and had made good grades at the three colleges that he had attended (Mars Hill College, Gaston Technical Institute, and then the Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, Florida).  

Studying Natural Healthcare Education

     By late 1980, Lon had acquired enough knowledge about natural healthcare and wellness concepts (by responsibly studying 15 natural healthcare and wellness concepts text books) to realize that he could probably learn how to become his own natural healthcare and wellness concepts consultant if he continued studying natural healthcare and wellness concepts type books.

     Lon had learned how to study college textbooks, and he had been educated and trained to be a professional instructor in the U.S. Air Force

     He gradually realized that he could probably teach himself how to become a very competent natural healthcare consultant and nutrition consultant

     Lon realized that with enough natural healthcare and wellness concepts study, he might learn how to manage his hypoglycemia health problem much better.

     At that point in time (late 1980), it looked like that would be necessary if he was ever going to learn how to cope effectively with his very serious "sleepy-timedebilitating hypoglycemia problem that was still a serious frequent problem for him after some meals.

    During a ten-year period of time, he had been unable to find any medical doctowho knew how to help him learn how to cope more effectively with his hypoglycemia  health condition.

     Fortunately, Lon had the natural intellect, the needed science education (chemistry and physics), the technical ability, and the teaching ability to gradually accomplish that natural healthcare objective through a lot more self-study of additional natural healthcare and wellness concepts books - and some very good providential luck. 

     Lon's technical education in complex electronic systems and 18+ years of related work experience (the Air Force RADAR education and technical work experiences and then a lot of FAA education and 17 years technician experience) enabled him to develop very important critical thinking skills that were very helpful when he was spending thousands of hours researching and studying complex nutrition and wellness subjects.

     As explained in this Home Extension Department, Lon had some very good luck several times that enabled him to eventually be able to accomplish his complex natural healthcare and wellness concepts improvement objectives successfully over a period of many years.

     He was very fortunate to have had six consultation sessions with Mrs. Dorothy Christopher - starting in July 1980.  She helped him a lot even though her nutritional consultant help did not directly help him with his serious frustrating ongoing health problem with hypoglycemia

     However, Mrs. Christopher's consultation sessions helped Lon become a healthier person in several respects, and those natural healthcare and wellness concepts improvements for Lon were also very beneficial to his wife (Janie). 

     During the next 30+ years, Lon gradually progressed in the natural healthcare and wellness concepts field of knowledge until he had developed very good control and management of his "sleepy timehypoglycemia health condition

     It had taken him about seven years to simply learn the name of his health condition problem (hypoglycemia), and it took him more than twenty years of "trial and error type experimentation" with his daily diet and additional nutrition supplements to gradually develop much better control and management of his hypoglycemia condition.

     Lon was challenged during that extensive complex ordeal to become a natural healthcare concepts consultant and a nutrition consultant

     He had suffered for many years (thousands of times) with his two health conditions (very serious nasal and sinus congestion and his hypoglycemia problem). 

     In mid-year 1970, Lon had finally learned about the mucus-forming foods that caused his very serious nasal and sinus congestion problems.  He deleted those mucus producing food substances from his diet to get rid of his chronic nasal congestion problems (during year 1970).

     However, 14 years later, by early June 1984, he had been unable to find anyone who was knowledgeable enough to help him with his serious hypoglycemia health condition.

     Lon realized that he was not the only person in America with that type of health problem.  The two authors of the book that he read about hypoglycemia during year 1975 (Low Blood Sugar and You) estimated that there were likely 20 million people in America who had a hypoglycemia type health problem

     Lon was determined to try to find a practical and sensible way to improve his health status, and he also wanted to learn how to help other American adults learn how to protect and improve their natural health in practical, responsible, and sensible ways. 

    He sincerely wanted to responsibly help many people avoid the very serious health problems that had made his life very difficult to cope with and manage. 

     He sincerely wanted to help many American citizens  (men, women, teenagers, and younger children) so they would not suffer thousands of times, over many years, with similar nasal and sinus congestion problems or a similar hypoglycemic problem, as he had suffered with. 

     Lon Willoughby continued with his determined self-education process for many years, and he gradually improved his health status - day by day, and week by week, and month by month, until he finally achieved his current advanced level of knowledge about natural  healthcare and wellness concepts and nutrition supplement products

     This introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts  educational website shows that Lon was eventually very successful with that natural healthcare and wellness concepts improvement objective

     He acquired many years of very important natural healthcare work experiences while he managed our corporately owned natural health products retail store in Greenville County, South Carolina. 

     Those special work experiences, with hundreds of customers, enabled Lon to gain exceptionally important and valuable experience with many nutrition supplement products and various healthcare conditions.

     He gradually learned about special nutrition supplement products that helped him improve his overall health status, and those actions gradually improved his knowledge about managing his complex hypoglycemia health condition.

     Lon Willoughby is now capable of educating millions of American adult citizens using our health breakthrough   "free to reviewnatural healthcare and wellness   concepts education services.  Unfortunately, the American marketplace is so unfair, so unethical, and so outrageously corrupt (as explained herein) that Lon can only try to help a very limited number of selected "qualified visitors."  (For reasons explained at this website in some detail.)

     Lon and wife Janie realize that their very important   educational teamwork actions can help many teenagers and younger children by educating selected "qualified visitor" parents about very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts at the introductory level - as presented at this introductory educational website

Topic 6

The Super Good News

     Due to Lon's extensive studies about a broad range of natural healthcare and wellness concepts, and his many years of hands-on work experiences at our corporate health products retail store, he and his wife Janie were able to gradually develop natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services that are needed badly by millions of American adult citizens, including medical doctors and nurses, and some other types of healthcare practitioners (as listed herein previously). 

     From Lon's first natural healthcare consultation session with Mrs. Dorothy Christopher (natural healthcare consultant) in Mauldin, South Carolina in July 1980, he continued his natural healthcare and wellness concepts education objectives for 40+ years.  (years 1980 to 2022)

     Those very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education actions   enabled Lon to progress to his current remarkable revolutionary breakthrough level of natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     It has been a very long and very complex and very difficult natural healthcare and wellness concepts education journey, and it was also a very expensive  journey for Lon and Janie Willoughby and ABC of Health

     That very expensive educational journey literally  bankrupted Lon and wife Janie because they gradually invested all of their life savings (hundreds of thousands of dollars in IRA funds) into the operation of the corporate  ABC of Health natural healthcare products store

     They also borrowed more than two hundred thousand dollars on several credit card loans to progressively obtain the funding needed to keep the corporate natural health products store's education services in operation until April 24, 2014, when Lon reluctantly closed the store permanently

     The ABC of Health corporately owned natural health products store was closed permanently due to crushing competitive sales of nutrition supplement products in the Greenville area at BJ's, Costco, Sam's Club, Target, multiple Vitamin Shoppe stores, multiple Walmart stores, Earth Fare, Whole Foods, and numerous grocery stores  and numerous pharmacy stores that were selling nutrition supplement products at discount prices.   

     Internet sales companies, including Amazondotcom  and several other major Internet nutrition product sales businesses, were selling nutrition supplement products at greatly reduced discount prices

     All of those competitor services were great for the nutrition product consumers, but those competitor services were devastating to ABC of Health sales because our small business did not have the wholesale purchasing power to compete with their deeply discounted prices for nutrition supplement products.  

     Lon eventually learned that we were having to pay about 25% to 30% more for our small wholesale purchase orders than major corporate stores were paying for their much larger wholesale purchase orders for the same or similar nutrition supplement products. 

    In many product situations, their discount sales prices were about the same as our wholesale purchase prices. We simple could not compete with their deeply discounted sales prices for nutrition supplements.

     However, in some other important respects, owning and operating the ABC of Health natural healthcare products store was a very helpful educational business project for Lon and Janie Willoughby.  

     Their personal health and family lifestyle are  remarkably better due to that very expensive journey

     Lon and Janie gradually learned how ABC of Health  can help educate many American adult citizens about improving their natural health using natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon learned due to his extensive natural healthcare education over a period of 50+ years (years 1970 to 2022+) and his health store experiences from January 1999 to April 2014 (15 years). 

Lon's Responsible Efforts

To Help Health Store Customers

     Lon tried to help many health store customers  healthcare-wise over the years with the health store's  vital education services. Unfortunately, most customers ignored or rejected Lon's competent natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational efforts.

     Most customers were too busy with their life to be willing to take time to participate in Lon's natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational opportunities.

     Store customers were usually looking for a cheap, easy, quick solution to their healthcare concerns, and they did not want to take sufficient time to learn how to take much better care of their natural health.

     Some health store customers were helped to a very limited extent, but most customers ignored the very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education and guidance that Lon offered.  Most customers apparently did not want to take time to learn how to take better care of their precious natural health.

     Almost everyone was looking for an easy and quick solution to their healthcare concerns.  They did not realize that effective natural healthcare and wellness concepts lifestyle actions require a more responsible approach than they were willing to strive to accomplish.

     Some of the health store customers that ignored and rejected Lon's helpful natural healthcare and wellness concepts education efforts have had heart attacks, or had strokes, or developed cancer conditions, and many of those people are now deceased. 

     Lon experienced again and again the old adage that "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." 

     He found that he could try to provide vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts guidance, in print or verbally, but he could not make people visit our website (read the printed education) or take a few minutes to listen to the verbal natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that Lon offered to many customers. 

     He developed a one-page flyer that presented a quick overview for new customers about the natural healthcare and wellness education services that Lon could provide for our health store customers.  It appeared that most people did not take time to read that one-page flyer. 

     In the many years that Lon handed out our free one-page overview flyer, not one customer ever stated that they had reviewed our overview flyer and had found something that was of interest to them.

     For several years, Lon spent thousands of dollars advertising free introductory natural healthcare concepts classes, but residents that lived in 40,000+ homes in our local advertising area did not express any interest in attending our free introductornatural healthcare and wellness concepts education classes.

     Lon Willoughby also found that only a few customers were willing to pay for a healthcare consultation session - as he had fortunately done back in July, August, and September of 1980 with Mrs. Dorothy Christopher. 

     He had six one-hour consultation sessions at two-week intervals for $50 per hour (6 X $50.00 = $300 cost).  Lon also purchased three inexpensive paperback natural healthcare and wellness concepts text books at sessions 2 thru 6 (he purchased 15 inexpensive books to study). 

       Lon also purchased some nutritional supplements that Mrs. Christopher recommended - during those six consultation sessions, and he continued purchasing nutritional supplements in years following the six consultation sessions that were conducted in year 1980.

     The remarkable Americans 4 Justice club membership  that Lon and Janie have developed is a much more comprehensive natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational service than what Lon paid for in the summer of 1980.

     However, that simplified vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational service, and the 15 books involved, greatly improved the lives of Lon and Janie Willoughby during the next 40+ years (1980 to 2022). 

     That healthcare education was an excellent natural healthcare and wellness concepts improvement investment for Lon Willoughby because he and wife Janie both benefited greatly from that modest investment in natural healthcare and wellness concepts education.

Topic 7

The Tragic Bad News

     Lon Willoughby estimates that more than 40,000 people die prematurely in America each week. That is more than 160,000 people dying prematurely each month.  (Dying before getting to age 90.)

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that most of those people die prematurely mainly because they did not have timely access to our natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services.  

     Lon and Janie gradually developed these educational services, over a period of 20+ years (for ABC of Health to use in its corporate healthcare educational services).  Those educational services gradually improved and eventually evolved into our Americans 4 Justice-SC private education club membership services.

     Janie was a public school teacher for 39 years and retired in year 2007.  She earned a Bachelor's Degree from Winthrop University (Rock Hill, South Carolina) in year 1964 and began her teaching career that year in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

     Years later, while teaching at the Mauldin High School in the 1980's, she attended summer school classes and also night school classes until she earned her Master's Degree in Education from Furman University (Greenville, South Carolina).

     She taught "junior high school" eighth grade students in Florida for eight years, and then taught high school students in Florida for six years.  After moving to the Greenville area of South Carolina in 1977, Janie began teaching high school students at the Mauldin High School.  She taught high school students for 30+ years (teaching thousands of those students). 

     She helped educate those students using her special unique teaching abilities and skills and her interesting and very effective teaching methods. 

     Sometimes Janie meets some of those Mauldin High School graduates in the local grocery stores in Mauldin, and some of them are now married and have children.  Some graduates of the Mauldin High School tell her that she was their favorite high school teacher.

     After retiring from teaching in year 2007, Janie began working with husband Lon in managing the ABC of Health corporately owned health products store until the store was closed on April 24, 2014

     Throughout those years, Janie also continued doing the complex accounting and bookkeeping work for the ABC of Health business, as she had been doing for many years prior to her retirement from teaching. 

     That accounting and bookkeeping work continues to this day, because ABC of Health is still in business as a natural healthcare and wellness concepts education company.  However, we do not have a nutrition and health products store, like we did for 15 years, due to the crushing business competition that has been explained herein. 

     In recent years, Janie has been helping husband Lon with his English language formatting of our multiple ABC of Health websites. (We have several natural healthcare educational websites that Lon personally developed.)

     Janie also helped Lon with the development of our exciting and remarkable Americans 4 Justice (A4J) natural healthcare and wellness concepts Internet-based educational services.   Consequently, Janie's highly developed teaching abilities and skills are now being used to introduce thousands of "qualified visitorsto very important and very valuable education subjects that are taught in our Americans 4 Justice educational services.

     Our A4J educational services teach six very important education subjects.  Natural healthcare and wellness concepts education is the main subject that we teach in these remarkable educational services, but the other five subjects that we teach present very important education that responsible patriotic-minded American adult citizens need to know about and can benefit greatly from learning.

     After teaching in public schools for 39 years, Janie is now using her highly developed teaching abilities and skills to help husband Lon Willoughby provide vital educational services that can help thousands of "qualified visitorslearn about very important and very valuable educational issues (healthcare issues and five other important subjects)

     This introductory educational website presents a remarkable educational opportunity that is unique in America.  You have learned that our private Americans 4 Justice educational services are only available to selected natural-born American citizens who are "qualified visitors" and who go forward and qualify security-status wise to join our Americans 4 Justice private education club

     Therefore, most American adult citizens throughout   the USA will not be able to qualify for access to review our "free to revieweducation at this introductory   Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website. 

     The same educational geographic area restrictions also apply to the "free to review" education that is presented at our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website located at:  

www dot ABCofHealth dot com 

     It is important to remember that there are very powerful economic and political forces that are seriously opposed to our vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services and our educational objectives.

      Lon has to be very cautious about serious litigation dangers that can subject our company (ABC of Health) to very complex, very difficult, and very expensive harassment, obstructive, restrictive, and "competitive" litigation actions that can possibly occur in many geographic locations within the USA - if we are not very careful with our A4J private educational services.

     Lon explained some of those litigation dangers in the Home Department, and he presents more information about these litigation dangers for our company in this Home Extension Department.

     This is very important information for selected "qualified visitors" because it explains some serious dangers and difficulties for ABC of Health in trying to responsibly educate thousands of "qualified visitors" in this state about how they can take much better care of their precious natural health

     This educational information will help selected "qualified visitors" understand why we had to carefully  develop our Americans 4 Justice private education club.  

     This special club was absolutely necessary for us to be able to offer our vital educational services in selected Zip Code areas with greatly reduced litigation dangers. 

Deficient Healthcare

Education in America

         Lon and Janie Willoughby are acutely aware of the seriously deficient education situation in  America about natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     The vital education services presented herein could be life-improving for many of the 333 million people living within the USA (men, women, and children) if we were free to educate people with this introductory website - which we are not free to do.

     Lon Willoughby realizes that our vital natural  healthcare and wellness concepts educational services could also be life-saving concepts for millions of American residents - if it was reasonably safe for us to present this introductornatural healthcare and wellness concepts education on the Internet for millions of American adult residents.  

     As explained in this website, it is very dangerous for ABC of Health to present our educational services in other states in America.  

     It is also not reasonable safe for us to advertise and sell our absolutely remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services in the 46 counties in South Carolina.

     Our corporate natural healthcare and wellness concepts education company has developed some very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services that could help many American adults in remarkable ways.  

     Unfortunatelyit is not reasonably safe for ABC of Health to market (sell) our six lessons A4J Natural   Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Educational Services anywhere in America - except maybe in two  selected ZIP Code areas of our corporate home state of South Carolina (for reasons that are explained at this website). 

     ABC of Health has to be very careful about how we market (promote for sale) our Americans 4 Justice six vital subjects of Education Services in selected ZIP Code areas of South Carolina. 

     The threat of harassment, obstructive, or suppressive litigation from some powerful "competing" medical-system related sources or pharmaceutical drug company related sources is very serious possibility

     Their very strong political influence with some government agencies (the Food and Drug Administration  and other federal agencies and also state government agencies) also causes the ever-present threat of   harassment, obstructive, or suppressive litigation actions by some of those government agencies.

     State attorney generals will very likely be willing to cooperate with such government litigation actions - if they are asked to do so

     Lon Willoughby has already reviewed a number of situations where those types of litigation actions occurred, and they usually wreaked the lives of the people that they prosecuted unfairly, unethically, and unreasonably - with very strong and well financed "government agency litigation actions." 

     Lon will provide some documentary evidence of those kinds of government prosecution litigation actions later in this website.

     Those potential litigation threats are always present in the background for medical doctorsmedical nursesdietitiansnutritionist, or natural healthcare consultants (like Lon Willoughby) that try to help clients in the best ways possible. 

     This ruthless self-serving situation for the high level medical profession hierarchy and also the pharmaceutical drug producing industry has apparently been this way in America for more than 70 years.

     NOTE:  Lon has already presented some very important documentary evidence (several books) about these situations at this website (near the beginning segment of this Home Department).

     Lon Willoughby also explains herein some of the reasons why our marketing actions for our A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Services in this state (SC) must be done very carefully. 

    Lon has restricted our offer of educational services to nearby geographic areas due to the potential threat of financially devastating litigation actions in distant locations in this state (or locations outside of SC). 

     Consequently, we only offer our critically important Americans 4 Justice Natural Healthcare Educational Services to selected American natural-born adult citizens who are Christian-oriented and live within nearby ZIP Code areas (as explained previously).

    That means that we currently offer our A4J Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Educational  Services to less than one million of America's 333 million citizens (men, women, and all children) - less than .03% of all people living within the United States of America. 

     In order to help educate more American adult citizens about some very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts, with reduced litigation dangers for our company, Lon and Janie developed a way to present this introductory vital education in a "free to revieweducational format to selected "qualified visitors."

     You can therefore understand why we cautiously take these important protective actions with this introductory   Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website.

     Lon also presents more "free to review" education for "qualified visitors" at our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website. 

     He will detour "qualified visitors" to that website at the end of this website's Part One of Lon's very important and very valuable autobiographical health-related report.

     As explained previously, our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website will present Part Two of Lon's autobiographical health-related report.

     Part One of Lon's health-related report (this website) explains why it is safer for us to use our "free to review"   education format for some of our important and valuable natural healthcare education services than it would be to sell those same natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services in selected Zip Code areas in South Carolina.

     There is less potential liability for our company when we present natural healthcare and wellness concepts   educational services on the Internet in our "free to revieweducational format than there is when we offer to sell our A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Educational Services

     That is why it was absolutely necessary for us to develop a private education club.  We will only sell our natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services to carefully selected American natural-born adult citizens who are Christian-oriented and have fully qualified security-status wise to join our Americans 4 Justice private education club

     That is also why we do not offer to sell our very important Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Services in locations that are too distant from our company location in Greenville County, South Carolina (ZIP Code 296 - -)

Topic 8

Lon's Litigation and Judicial Experiences


      Lon has had considerable litigation and judicial experience - about 17,000 hours of experiences in Florida courts over a period of 20+ years (3/1989 into year 2010).    

     He has also spent more than 1,000+ hours of his life with litigation actions in South Carolina courts.  Lon found that the state court systems in South Carolina were even worse (more unfair and more unethical in self-serving ways) than the extremely unfair and unethical state courts in Florida. 

     Lon Willoughby discovered that the state trial court judges in this state are generally worse than the state trial court judges in Florida (and they were usually very unfair, unethical, and corrupt in self-serving ways that were beneficial to members of the Florida legal profession). 

     Lon found that the Florida's appellate court system was also operated in a very unfair, unethical, self-serving manner most of the time (with only a few exceptions).

     Litigant Lonnie Willoughby has carefully evaluated those situations, and he found that trial court judges in South Carolina are worse (more unfair, more unethical, and more self-serving in a corrupt manner than in Florida). That situation apparently occurs because the appellate court system in South Carolina is even worse than the appellate court system in Florida.  

     This state does not allow an appellant to present any pro se argument in an appeal case process, and that situation enables the appellate court system to operate in an extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving manner.  Why so? 

     Because an appeal case attorney is always beholden to the judges of the SC Supreme Court to maintain their law practice license, and they are not going to foolishly risk damaging their professional reputation with appellate court judges by competently and responsibly telling the truth about the unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial actions of a trial court judge during an appeal process. 

     Those situations can be very beneficial to unfair, unethical, and corrupt trial court judges, and those situations can also be very beneficial to attorneys (lawyers) who are involved in unfair, unethical, and corrupt litigation actions anywhere in this state.  

     Those restricted appeal testimony situations (no pro se testimony is allowed during an appeal case) open the doors wide open for extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt trial court judicial actions by trial court judges and also by trial court attorneys (lawyers).  

     An appellant is denied any opportunity to present pro se argument written testimony during an appeal case.  The appeal appellant is denied any opportunity to report and expose those types of unfair, unethical, and corrupt self-serving attorney actions or trial court judicial actions during a trial court litigation process.  

     It is very important to understand that this SC appellate court situation is directly contrary to federal appellate court procedures throughout America. 

     The federal appellate court procedures do allow litigants to present pro se argument, as any fair-minded reasonable and responsible appellate court procedure should allow.  

     That should quickly show you that the appellate court system in South Carolina was deliberately enabled (by the SC Supreme Court Justices) to be very unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt in a self-serving manner for benefits to legal profession members in this state (trial court attorneys and trial court judges and appellate court judges). 

     South Carolina is not the only state in the USA that has adopted these very unfair, unethical, and corruption inducing appellate court procedures.

     And South Carolina was not the first state to adopt those very unfair and unethical appellate procedures.  Some other states have established these types of unfair and unethical self-serving appellate court procedures - which is radically contrary and different from federal appellate court procedures. 

     This is one of several reasons why Lonnie Willoughby prefers to litigate in a federal trial court, rather than litigate in a South Carolina trial court.

     Lon's combined litigation experience (18,000+ hours) is equivalent to working with litigation actions full-time, at 40 hours per week, for more than eight years.  You can therefore see that Lonnie Willoughby has a much better understanding of these very important legal issues than most non-attorney citizens in America.  

     Lon Willoughby reports some of his very challenging, frustrating, and disgustingly corrupt litigation experiences in the Litigation Info Department at this website.

       He has learned that litigation actions in distant locations can be very awkward, very difficult, very frustrating, and very expensive compared to litigation actions within the local 296 - - ZIP Code geographic area

    That is particularly true if the litigation is in another state; therefore, getting involved in litigation in other states is to be avoided as much as possible. 

    Different states have their own state laws and rules about litigation actions, and a litigant needs to be knowledgeable about those laws and those rules of procedure in order to litigate in a different state.

       Lon has litigated in Florida courts against unfair, unethical, dishonest and corrupt attorneys (lawyers), trial court judges, appellate court judges, and he has also litigated against an extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt state prosecuting attorney (called a solicitor in South Carolina). 

     Lon has been very disappointed, frustrated, and disgusted with the lack of ethics, honesty, and integrity of members of the legal profession at all of those levels of litigation in the state of Florida. 

     He has also taken two Florida litigation cases to the U.S. Supreme Court - where he exposed extremely unfair trial court corruption and appellate court corruption.  Nothing was done about his very serious judicial complaints to the highest court in the United States of America.

     Lon eventually learned that this is the typical judicial response to almost all individual appeal complaints to the high court.  They receive thousands of appeal type case per year from litigants in the entire USA, but they only hear about 50 to 55 cases per year.  Most of those cases are mandatory type cases so a non-mandatory type case has almost no chance of being selected for adjudication by the nine justices sitting on the high court.

       Consequently, it is extremely unlikely that an individual litigant will get them to hear their appeal case (Petition for Writ of Certiorari).  (A writ by which a higher appellate court reviews a case tried in a lower appellate court.)

       Lon's extensive litigation experiences have taught him that the legal profession in America can be so unfair, unethical, and so corrupt (in a self-serving manner) during litigation that trial court litigation attorneys (lawyers) and trial court judges can get away with extremely unfair, unethical criminal-minded actions against litigants. 

    Litigants who represent themselves during litigation actions without attorney assistance (pro se litigants) will likely experience those kinds of judicial actions as a matter of spite against the pro se litigant

    Lon learned that attorneys (lawyers) and trial court judges generally despise a pro se litigant just because he/she is not a graduate of a law school and does not have a license to practice law.  (A law license usually required a total of eight years of college education).

    No matter how important the legal issues are in the trial court case, and no matter how competent and responsible the pro se litigant may be in presenting his/her legal documents and his/her legal arguments, the trial court judge and the opposing attorneys (lawyers) involved will likely corrupt the trial court case in any manner that they can conceive of to enable them to collusively (corruptly) defeat the pro se litigant. 

    Non-resident litigant Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. had to cope with those extremely unfair, unethical, and corrupt judicial situations numerous times in the Florida state courts during 20 years of ongoing related litigation actions.

    Lon Willoughby began representing himself in his pro se capacity after he was betrayed badly (corruptly) by two separate Florida attorneys - first in a trial court case (his defense attorney during year 1989) and then in the following appellate court case (his appeal attorney also betrayed appellant Lonnie Willoughby's legal issues). 

    Lon learned that the Florida litigation situation was so self-serving in unfair and unethical ways that attorneys could easily betray their appeal case clients any time they chose to do so - and easily get away with their unfair and unethical litigation actions.

    Lon Willoughby will present actual litigation examples of those kinds of outrageously corrupt judicial actions in the Litigation Info Department at this website.   

Topic 9

Business Actions That Cross State Boundary Lines

        If our Americans 4 Justice marketing actions cross a state boundary line, we will also become subject to more involvement with complexities of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 

     Those situations could cause ABC of Health to be sued by the FTC in a federal court that is outside of the Greenville South Carolina area.  It is very important that we avoid getting into those potential litigation situations.

     This website explains some of the potential legal dangers involved with marketing natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services

     It is potentially dangerous for our company to offer for sale our A4J six subjects Education Services in other states in the United States of America

     Due to some of the "competitive health-related companies" involved with healthcare actions and health services, it is not nearly as easy and not nearly as simple to provide natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services in America as many American adult citizens would likely think. 

     This Home Department education will help "qualified visitors" understand some of the serious litigation action dangers that Lon Willoughby has to be concerned about when trying to educate "qualified visitors" about our A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts (and other vital subjects that we teach our A4J club members).

     Stay with Lon patiently in this Home Department for some very interesting and surprising information about our vital A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Services. 

         This very important and very valuable introductory  Advanced Natural Health Concepts education may have super beneficial effects on your personal healthcare actions and your lifestyle actions for many years into the future.

 Topic 10

This Introductory

Educational Website

     This introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts  educational website can help selected "qualified visitors" understand how ABC of Health uses the Internet to  introduce "qualified visitorsto some of our remarkable   revolutionary natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services

     You can see that we use our "free to revieweducational format at this website so there is no upfront cost for selected "qualified visitors" to review this very important and very valuable educational information

     Selected "qualified visitors" will also learn herein why educating American adult citizens about our special  natural healthcare and wellness concepts can be  dangerous, difficult, and very expensive for our Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Company

     Why is this true?

     Because the "natural healthcare and wellness concepts marketplace" in America is operated in an extremely unfair, unethical, and ruthlessly corrupt manner.  It has been this way for many years, as reported in this website

     That is why Lonnie Willoughby, as president of ABC's of Health, Inc., restricted our natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services to selected "qualified visitors" that live in selected ZIP Codes of the upstate area of South Carolina (as explained previously for "qualified visitors").

     Selected "qualified visitors" will learn about this deplorable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational situation in this department.

     This special education can help selected "qualified visitors" understand why it is very important for them to make special efforts to learn how to protect their  precious natural health better as soon as possible (ASAP).

Working to Recoup 

Some Major Expenses

     Lon and Janie Willoughby are responsibly working to recoup some of the 1.7+ million dollars that they invested in ABC of Health's educational services with a natural health products store operation in Greenville County, SC for 15 years (from 1/4/1999 to 4/24/2014).

        Selected "qualified visitors" will learn herein that ABC of Health has been limited geographically in their current educational objectives by powerful economic and political forces that apparently do not want American citizens and American residents to be educated about  natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can help them defend and protect their precious natural health

     The less health Americans are able to maintain, the more money that will likely be made by the medical profession services in America, and also the more money that will likely be made by the pharmaceutical drug producing companies in America.  We are talking about many billions of dollars per year for those two entities so you can easily see that both business entities benefit substantially from the lack of good health and sickness conditions of millions of Americans.  

     You will learn herein that the vital healthcare educational services that we offer to selected "qualified visitors" can help them learn how to take much better care of their natural health and thereby substantially reduce their need for some medical services. 

     Our natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services can also help reduce and minimize the perceived need for some pharmaceutical prescription drugs.

    ABC of Health is striving to recoup some of its 1,700,000 dollar costs and expenses for operating its natural health product store for 15 years with income   earnings through the very reasonable first-year  Americans 4 Justice annual club membership dues fee that is paid by each new member that joins our Americans 4 Justice private education club.  (our A4J Club)

        Our A4J private education club offers remarkable  internet-based natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that Lon and Janie carefully developed for ABC of Health over a period of many years.

     Selected "qualified visitors" are introduced herein to very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services that have the potential to help those visitors enjoy a much better life.  

     Those visitors get introduced to our Americans 4 Justice-SC private education club membership services which can dramatically improve club members' life during their first year of membership and also be used responsibly to improve their life for the rest of their life. 

Americans 4 Justice

Private Education Club

      Additional information about our exciting A4J private education club membership services is presented in Part Two of Lon's health-related report - when Lon detours "qualified visitors" to our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website that is located at:

www dot ABCofHealth dot com 

     These natural healthcare and wellness concepts  educational services are offered only to natural-born American adult citizens who are also Christian-oriented  and can otherwise qualify to join this natural  healthcare and wellness concepts private education club

     Members of our A4J private education club are taught the special natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are introduced in this website (and members are also taught additional natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are not introduced at this website). 

     Remember that Lon Willoughby was born a long time ago - on June 5, 1936.  His surprisingly good health today at age 85+ is living and walking proof that the very  special natural healthcare and wellness concepts  education services that he gradually developed for ABC of Health, over a period of 20+ years, can work well for thousands of health-conscious "qualified visitors" after they qualify security-status wise to join our A4J Club.

     This introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website's autobiographical report explains some of the ways that Lon and Janie Willoughby are sharing vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts with selected American adult citizens who live in selected ZIP Code areas of upstate South Carolina ("qualified visitors").

     This very important and very valuable Internet-based introductory education uses our breakthrough "free to revieweducation format (there is no cost for selected "qualified visitors" to review this introductory education).

Our Private Education Club Services 

     Our Americans 4 Justice-SC private education club membership provides very important and very valuable educational services that are truly a remarkable revolutionary breakthrough in very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services.  

     Our exclusive A4J private education club membership is the only place where these exceptionally important and super valuable educational services can be obtained in one well-designed Internet-based convenient and easy to use educational format.

     Lon and Janie make a super competent education team as natural healthcare and wellness concepts educators with the remarkable "state of the art" Internet-based classroom that they developed for ABC of Health - teaching six vital education subjects for A4J private education club members.

Topic 11

Special Education Actions
by Lon Willoughby

     During the summer of year 1981, Lon and his wife Janie traveled by car from Greenville County, SC to Lincoln, Nebraska to attend an important health related annual national convention with the company Pure Water, Inc.

     Vital natural healthcare concepts that they learned at that convention have had very important effects on their lives up to the present time in year 2023.

     Lon's father had a bad heart attack in the spring of 1982 (at age 66that put him in a major hospital in Jacksonville, Florida (65 miles from his parent's retirement home beside the St. John's River that was in San Mateo, Florida (about six miles from Palatka, Florida). 

     While Lonnie Sr. was in the hospital, he also had a very bad stroke that caused him to be totally paralyzed on the left side of his body from the top of his left shoulder to the tips of his toes on his left foot. 

     He could not control any muscles of the left side of his body.  He could not even turn himself in bed without a lot of help from another person.  Consequently, the stroke instantly made him an a serious invalid.

     After getting his father out of the hospital, Lon moved his parents into his home in Mauldin, South Carolina so he and wife Janie could take care of Lon's parents to try to help nurse both of them to better health (physically and mentally - emotionally). 

Lon's parent's business in Florida

     Lon's parents had partial ownership of a 44 unit  apartment complex located in DeLand, Florida (where Stetson University is located).  They had a mortgage with the bank of more than 600,000 dollars on that property.

     A live-in elderly couple had been managing Lon's parent's business - which was about fifty miles south of Lon's parent's home near Palatka, Florida. 

     The elderly couple found that they could no longer manage the apartment complex responsibly without the frequent assistance that they had been getting from Lon's father and mother (prior to Mr. Willoughby's heart attack and his paralyzed condition from a stroke). 

     Lon Jr. moved his parents back to their home in San Mateo, Florida in the spring of year 1983.  From that location, Lon traveled to DeLand, Florida and visited the apartment complex to see how the business was being conducted by that elderly live-in couple. 

     Lon realized that his parents had a lifetime of their work efforts invested in their partial ownership of that apartment complex (the bank's $600,000+ first mortgage was the other party involved in the ownership of that apartment complex).

     Monthly income from the apartment complex was supposed to provide his parents with a modest retirement income for the rest of their life, but they were now physically unable to help manage the business properly due to Lonnie Sr's invalid health condition.

     Later, in July 1983, Lon and Janie gave up their personal careers in Mauldin, South Carolina and moved to DeLand, Florida to take over the management of the 44-apartment Penn Oaks Apartment Complex to help ensure that his parents would not lose their lifetime of successful work investment in the apartment complex.  Lon and Janie replaced the elderly retired couple who were not able to manage the apartment complex adequately. 

     Moving to Deland, Florida also enabled Lon and Janie to be within 50 miles of Lon's parent's home, and that enabled Lon and Janie to help provide some very important healthcare assistance to both of his parents. 

     Working with Lon's parents, helping them cope with Lon's father's very serious paralyzed health condition, and helping Lon's mother cope with her extremely stressful emotional conditions provided some very important  healthcare experiences for both Lon and Janie.

     Lon's mother was under tremendous emotional stress with husband Lonnie Sr's invalid condition because he needed frequent assistance, during the day and at night. 

     Lon and Janie were able to help both of his parents by being only 50 miles away (a one-hour drive distance).

     In the summer of year 1984, Lon and Janie traveled about 80 miles, from DeLand to Orlando, Florida to attend a health-related convention for one day.  Vital natural healthcare concepts that they learned at that convention have had very important effects on their lives up to the current time in year 2023 (about 39 years of benefits).  

     In the fall of 1984, Lon traveled by car from DeLand to Tampa, Florida to attend a very important health-related seminar for one day about water purification equipment as taught by Pure Water, Inc. - from Lincoln, Nebraska.  Lon has benefitted from that additional education for about 38 years.  

Work at the Apartment Complex

     Lon and Janie worked very hard for about 16 months to get the apartment complex in much better condition in many respects.  Lon spent about $60,000 of his parent's bank assets making those improvements.  He typically worked about 80 to 90 hours per week during that 18 months period of time.

     Janie usually worked about 60 hours per week, managing the apartment office duties and helping Lon make various improvements wherever possible. 

     Lon's parent's wanted Lon to keep the valuable apartment complex in the family as a good long-term investment.  However, Lon's younger brother, his only sibling, had become unreasonable and ungrateful toward Lon and Janie for the sacrificial work that they were doing to help Lom's parents cope with their very serious healthcare issues.   

     Lon concluded that he was not going to be in a business partnership situation with brother Larry for years into the future due to Larry's extremely selfish resentful attitude toward Lon and Janie for their very important work that was helping Lon's parents in numerous ways.   Their work was also very beneficial to Larry and his family (wife and three children).  

     Lon explained to his parents why it was necessary to try to sell the apartment complex.  They reluctantly agreed that this was the most appropriate action for them to take due to Larry's very jealous selfish attitude.  

     Lon then selected a local DeLand real estate company to try to find a buyer for the Peen Oaks Apartment Complex (that would be agreeable to the local bank who still held the first mortgage of $600,000+ on the apartment complex).  

     By December 1985, Lon and Janie had gotten the apartment complex in much better condition and had a 100% occupancy status.  Lon had selected a local real estate firm to try to find a buyer for the apartment complex, and that firm had gotten the apartment complex sold for his parents at a good price in January 1985.  

     Lon's parents could now be fully retired, without an apartment complex mortgage of more than $600,000 and without 44 individual apartments to be concerned about 24 hours per day, seven days per week (due to potential fire damages or water damages by tenant mistakes, etc.) 

     Lon's parents now had a good retirement income monthly from that property sale.

    Knowing that the apartment complex sale was imminent, Janie was able to move back to Mauldin, South Carolina in December 1984, to resume teaching at the local Mauldin high school when school started in January 1985 (after the Christmas holiday break).  

      A teacher pregnancy situation occurred that caused a teacher vacancy to exist at that time, and since Janie and the female high school principal had previously worked together very successfully, Janie was hired to fill that teacher vacancy at the Mauldin high school.

     Lon moved to the Palatka, Florida area promptly because he found a suitable home to purchase that was located about two miles from his parents' home.  He anticipated helping both of his parents with their very serious health issues for an extended period of years.  He had no job and no source of income at that time.

     Lon moved back to Mauldin, South Carolina in early April 1986 because he could not get along satisfactorily with his mother about the way she frequently treated Lon's father (like her invalid slave).

     Lon and Janie were able to move back into their home in Mauldin because the home rental lease had recently ended and had not been released.  

Additional Education for Lon Willoughby

     In the summer of year 1986, Lon traveled about 150 miles south to Atlanta, Georgia to attend a very important annual natural health type convention   sponsored by the National Health Federation (located in California)

     Natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lon learned about at that convention had very important effects upon his life, and upon Janie's life, up to the current time in year 2023 (about 37 years of benefits). 

     Lon's father (in Florida) died on November 22, 1986 from another heart attack.  Lon Jr's experiences with his father's very serious health problems for 4 and 1/2 years strongly motivated Lon Jr. to learn all that he could about heart attacks and strokes.  At that point in time, Lon did not understand hardly anything about what usually caused those very serious cardiovascular problems.

     Over a period of many years, beginning in year 1972, Lon and Janie Willoughby began to purchase natural healthcare concepts related books

     Internet services did not begin until year 1989, so Lon did not have a good opportunity to learn about heart attacks and strokes until substantial medical education information had been published on the Internet. 

     During later years, Lon also attended numerous  natural healthcare educational seminars in South Carolina (in the Greenville, South Carolina area, and in the nearby Spartanburg, South Carolina area). 

     Lon also traveled about 200+ miles to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to attend a health-related seminar  about water purification actions and testing of drinking water quality - training sponsored by Pure Water, Inc. from Lincoln, Nebraska.    

     In the summer of 1994, Lon traveled by airline to attend a very important natural healthcare education and training program in Mesa, Arizona  (about twelve miles from downtown Phoenix).

     Several years later, Lon and Janie traveled 200+ miles to Myrtle Beach to attend a health-related convention   about several important water purification equipment systems.

     Thereafter, Lon also attended a series of important   natural healthcare education seminars that were conducted in Hendersonville, North Carolina (about 60 miles from Mauldin, South Carolina). 

     Lon also attended three very important natural   healthcare education and training seminars in Asheville, North Carolina (75 miles from Mauldin, SC).  (Lon made three separate trips to the Asheville area for educational seminars.)   

     Lon also traveled about 150 mile south to Atlanta, Georgia to attend important natural health-related seminars (three separate trips to the Atlanta area).

     He was such a determined natural healthcare concepts education student that he also completed more than 40 natural healthcare-related education concepts  seminars that were presented on audio tapes or video tapes. 

     Lon Willoughby also managed, operated, and usually worked in our complex corporate natural health products retail store in Greenville County, South Carolina for 15 years. (1/4/1999 until 4/24/2014 when the health products store was closed permanently)

     That challenging work enabled Lon to acquire very important experiences with hundreds of health store customers, and he also acquired very valuable work experiences with hundreds of natural nutrition supplement products

     From those many diverse natural healthcare education experiences, you can see that Lon Willoughby was a serious-minded student of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education

     He could see clearly that millions of American adult citizens needed to be educated about how they could improve their natural healthcare and wellness concepts actions

     Lon remembered the devastating health consequences for his parents due to their lack of natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge.  He also remembered how difficult and time consuming and expensive it had been for him to acquire his very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge.

     Lon Willoughby could envision that natural healthcare benefits could be enormous for millions of American families if they had practical and reasonable opportunities for getting educated about taking much better care of their precious natural health and their natural healthcare assets.

     That natural healthcare and wellness concepts education objective became a passionate motivating force for Lon Willoughby. 

     He was strongly determined to responsibly help develop those very important and very valuable   natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services for thousands of people living in the Greenville, South Carolina area. 

Topic 12

Becoming a Natural Healthcare Consultant

     Over a period of many years, Lon Willoughby was also strongly motivated to gradually become a well-informed natural healthcare and wellness concepts consultant, nutrition consultanthealthy lifestyle consultant, and a classroom healthcare educator.

      He learned how to use the amazing Internet to educate thousands of people in South Carolina.  Lon Willoughby is now capable of educating thousands of "qualified visitors" about the really smart ways of taking much better care of their very important natural health." 

     This introductory educational website is being used to educate "qualified visitors" about our "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services.

     Lon and wife Janie recently completed a major development in this website about remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services that all "qualified visitors"   need to learn about ASAP.     

     These special healthcare educational services are also needed by medical doctors and nurses and many other types of healthcare practitioners - such as acupuncturist, chiropractic physicians, dentist, dietitians, eye care specialist, massage therapist and physical therapist, natural healthcare consultants, naturopathic physicians, nutritionist, pharmacist, etc. (listed in alphabetical order for convenience to "qualified visitors"). 

     For obvious reasons, Lon and Janie will not try to teach healthcare practitioner competitors about our many copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     They would likely use some of our very valuable copyrighted healthcare and wellness concepts as if they owned the copyrights to our unique healthcare concepts, and those competitive practitioner actions could have the practical effect over time of helping put us out of business.

     NOTE:  The special healthcare educational concepts reported herein include very important   healthcare and wellness concepts that can be incredibly helpful to "qualified visitors" (living in selected upstate South Carolina ZIP Codes).

     Lon will introduce "qualified visitors" to our special Americans 4 Justice education services at this website.  He has also developed a separate website for that special education about our Americans 4 Justice-SC club (A4J club).  

     That private website explains that Lon and Janie developed a private education club for natural-born American adult citizens who are Christian-oriented, and also patriotic toward the USA, and live in selected Zip Code areas of upstate South Carolina.

     For important reasons that are explained at this website, Lon has restricted the advertisement and promotion of memberships in our exclusive A4J private education club to selected "qualified visitors" as explained herein previously.  those special South Carolina citizens.  He will explain more about these restrictive conditions as he goes forward in this website's presentation. 

Topic 13

Nasal and Sinus Congestion Problems

    This true autobiographical educational report also presents very important information about nasal congestion and sinus congestion problems.  

     Lon Willoughby has learned that approximately 50% of Americans have problems with nasal and sinus congestion at times, similar to the frustrating and irritating nasal and sinus congestion problems that he suffered with for 25+ years

     Fortunately, after coping with those congestion problems for 25+ years, Lon finally learned which food products were causing those chronic congestion problems. 

     This very important nasal and sinus congestion   education can be very helpful to many American citizens, including teenagers and many younger children, through their educated parents.

World-wide Health Problem

     In fact, this nasal and sinus congestion problem is a serious world-wide health problem.  Lon has learned that about half of all humans on Planet Earth can have serious  nasal and sinus congestion problems caused by consumption of mucus causing foods, similar to Lon's very serious health problems for 25+ years

     Many of those people may also have serious bowel problems caused by the same food consumption issues  (constipation problems for some people but loose bowel problems for other people).  These bowel problems are quite common with people who suffer with these nasal and sinus congestion problems. 

     Colon cancer is one of the major cancer killers in America.  Those serious bowel problems may become killer conditions for many Americans if they do not learn about the vital natural healthcare education presented herein as soon as possible (ASAP). 

     It can be very helpful for those people to discuss their health problems with a nutrition consultant ASAP  (about nasal and sinus congestion conditions and/or any related bowel problems that they may also have).

     Lon will educate A4J Private Education Club Members about the mucus causing food products that can cause these serious nasal and sinus congestion problems, and that may also cause serious bowel problems for millions of American citizens.  

     Lon's personal experiences with several medical doctors over many years found that medical doctors generally are not knowledgeable enough about food consumption issues to be helpful with nasal and sinus congestion problem issues and/or related bowel problems, as related above.

     These natural healthcare concepts can be helpful to many American adults.  Parents of teenagers, and/or younger children, need to learn about the vital natural   healthcare and wellness concepts introduced herein so they can help their children learn about these very important healthcare and wellness concepts

     Lon wants to introduce "qualified visitors" to these serious health problems.  This special education may enable some parents to help their children avoid suffering for many years with nasal and sinus congestion problems, like Lon did, days and nights, most of the time for 25+ years

     During those long years, with thousands of frustrating and irritating daily congestion problems, Lon Willoughby had no idea that mucus causing foods in his regular diet were causing his very serious nasal and sinus congestion problems. 

      Lon got no help for those chronic nasal congestion problems from the Eye, Nose, and Throat specialist medical doctor that he consulted in Charleston, South Carolina in year 1961 - even after having the nasal surgery that the doctor recommended and performed.

     Lon realizes that many millions of American residents likely suffer with these types of congestion problems.  He and Janie want the "free to review" education presented in this introductory education website to help thousands of "qualified visitors."

     Unfortunately, the American marketplace has been allowed to be so unfair, so unethical, and so corrupt for so many years that ABC of Health cannot risk trying to educate millions of American adults who need to have access to the major breakthrough revolutionary natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that is introduced in Lon's autobiographical report (Part One and Part Two).

Topic 14

Listing of Important

Natural Healthcare Concepts

     Lon has provided a listing below of natural healthcare and wellness concepts that will illustrate some of the very important healthcare education deficiencies that have existed in the USA for many years for almost all American adults

     This listing of very important health concepts is not intended to be a complete listing; Lon omitted some very important issues that are highly confidential.  He does not inform our "competitors" or America's "political enemies" about all of the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we educate our education clients about (natural-born American citizens who become members of our A4J Private Education Club).  (Our A4J Club)

     The listing below identifies some of the natural healthcare concepts that Lon realizes are very important education concepts for most Americans.  These are some of the natural healthcare concepts that A4J education club members can easily learn at home using the Internet to gain access to our "state of the artonline education classroom.

     When you review the listing below, pause for a few moments and think about the vital healthcare concepts  that you have not been educated about adequately.  Then think about why you have not been educated about those vital healthcare concepts

     Then consider how you can responsibly and sensibly obtain adequate education about these vital  natural healthcare concepts at home so you will have much better opportunities to take good care of your natural health and live a better, more enjoyable, more satisfying life, and likely live a longer life. 

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that most American adults, and many teenagers, can be taught to be more health-conscious and become healthier, happier, and more successful American citizens with easy and interesting education about:

     1.  Eat and drink at meals and snacks in a much healthier and more sensible manner that Lon developed - hardly anyone knows how to do this - not even most medical doctors and medical nurses.

    2.  What are the primary food types that humans need to be able to digest?

    3.  What are the primary types of enzymes that are needed to digest those types of food?  A4J club members learn how they can ensure the presence of those essential enzymes at each meal.

    4.  Drink liquids with meals and snacks much more responsibly and sensibly.  A4J club members are taught the food digestion concepts that all American citizens need to understand in order to achieve that exceptionally important healthcare ability.

    5.  Digesting foods much better at meals and snacks can enable much better nutrition (amino acids, essential fats, minerals, proteins, vitamins, etc.) from the foods consumed. 

   This vital ability can also help minimize the potential for developing cancer conditions, cardiovascular problems, many other health problems, including frustrating heartburn/re-flux conditions that probably affect millions of Americans.

    6.  Greatly improve the daily diet and lifestyle for better health in later years.  A4J club members are taught how to develop this vital skill (also reduce consumption of harmful microbes on raw foods), and  

    7.  Improve their knowledge of enzymes, herbs, quality minerals, vitamins, and special nutrition type supplements such as probiotics.

    8.  How to reduce and minimize nasal congestion, sinus congestion, nasal drip, phlegm in the throat.

    9.  How to manage bowel functions better and minimize constipation or loose bowel problems. 

    NOTE:  Colon cancer is a very prominent killer condition for Americans so this natural healthcare knowledge can be very important.

  10.  Learn about the great importance of pH values of body fluids in the human body, and also learn how to help manage body pH values.

  11.  Help protect bones in the body much better.

  12.  Reduce nuisance and migraine headaches.

  13.  Develop more energy and enjoy more vitality.

  14.  Boost Immune System functions & reliability.

  15.  Greatly improve Lymphatic System functions.

  16.  Easily improve blood flow throughout the body.

  17.  Manage high blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides - without using any big pharma drugs.

  18.  Manage and improve relaxation and sleep.

  19.  Reduce potential for allergies, colds, and flu.

  20.  Improve brain functions: learning ability, memory retention and recall abilities.

  21.  Enjoy better thinking and clearer thinking.

  22.  Reduce stress and tension in a reliable manner  without using alcoholic beverages or pharmaceutical drugs.

  23.  Develop a much better attitude about job/work, co-workers, family, and marital responsibilities.

  24.  Develop more empathy, patience, and understanding of other people - develop much more tolerance for other people and their individuality.

  25.  Reduce and minimize the potential for several diseases - likely avoid most sickness and diseases.

  26.  Reduce potential for heart attacks and strokes.

  27.  Reduce potential for various cancer conditions.

  28.  Greatly reduce potential for anxiety, frustration, nervousness, and most depression conditions.

  29.  Greatly reduce potential for suicidal thoughts.

  30.  Reduce potential for accidents (injuries).

  31.  Enjoy more productivity and achievements.

  32.  Learn about glycemic index values for carbohydrate foods (and  sweet beverages).

  33.  Reduce potential for Diabetes Mellitus (Type II) or learn how to have much better control and management of their diabetic reactions.

  34.  Reduce potential for Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar conditions/low glucose levels) or have much better management of their hypoglycemic reactions.

  35.  Reduce potential for fat gain and weight gain.

  36.  Improve potential for losing excess fat and excess weight safely.

  37.  Reduce potential for suffering with Dementia/Alzheimer's Conditions or improve those conditions sensibly.

  38.  Reduce potential for developing cataracts (eyes).  A very serious eye problem for many senior citizens that could have been minimized easily.

 39.  Improve many chronic painful conditions.

 40.  How to have cleaner air and cleaner drinking water at home.

 41.  Improve home exercise activities at low cost - much better than having a swimming pool.

 42.  Help manage and slow down the aging process.

    The natural healthcare and wellness concepts listed above are action items that many American adult and teenage citizens can get educated about using our Alternative Health type A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Services.

     Some of the important healthcare improvements listed above can help our A4J education club members rise to the challenges of each new day much more effectively.

     The listing of important healthcare concepts above provides an overview of some of the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we (ABC of Healtheducate A4J private education club members about during their first year of A4J club membership.

     Some of these natural healthcare concepts should be taught gradually to teenagers and some younger children by their A4J educated parents.

     A4J club members can gradually learn how to  accomplish these natural healthcare and wellness concepts improvements at a time of their own choosing, and they can learn at their own pace. 

     It is very important to gradually strive toward that healthcare objective during their first year of A4J private education club membership

     Think for a moment about how life will improve for A4J club members who learn how to accomplish these natural healthcare and wellness concepts objectives.  We make this easy to achieve in a practical, responsible, and sensible manner. 

     Lon had more than 40 years of diligent and difficult research and study efforts to learn these vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     He and Janie have worked for many thousands of hours over many years to make it possible for A4J club members to learn all of these vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts in their first year of A4J club membership

     Think for a few moments about how that A4J club member education can dramatically improve a person's life - for the rest of their life.  WOW!!!

     A lot of our A4J club member education about natural healthcare and wellness concepts is available at our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website on the Internet 24 hrs per day and 7 days per week.  A4J club members can review a lesson whenever they choose to do so, fitting that education time into their personal lifestyle.      

     That special A4J club member education is in security code protected departments that A4J club members can access using special security codes.  "Qualified visitors" who have not joined our A4J private education club cannot enter into those special education departments.

Topic 15

Competing Interest

in Healthcare Services

     The information presented previously about some competing interests in the healthcare marketplace  enables selected "qualified visitors" to now understand why a tragically deficient natural healthcare and wellness concepts education marketplace still exists in America in year 2023.

     It is clear to Lon and Janie Willoughby that powerful political influences want it to be this way.  Do you understand this very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts education situation?

     It is important to also understand that the "powers that be" in America will not encourage us or help us in our dedicated efforts to greatly improve the natural   healthcare and wellness concepts education services   that are needed badly ASAP by almost all American adult citizens, including the ruthless competitors who have prevented a free and open healthcare education marketplace in the United States of America

     Lon realizes that the "powers that be" in America at the federal level and also at the state level here in South Carolina may in fact harmhinder, and willfully interfere with our Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Services for selected American natural-born citizens that live in the upstate area of South Carolina (selected "qualified visitors"). 

     We currently restrict our A4J Natural Healthcare Concepts Educational Services to selected upstate ZIP Code areas of South Carolina to reduce potential difficulties and legal expenses that can be involved for our company (ABC of Health) with possible harassment and persecution litigation by some competing health related services (the medical profession high level hierarchy or the pharmaceutical drug industries) - or possibly by federal government authorities (FDA or FTC) or by some SC state level government authorities. 

     Is that likely?  We do not know, but Lon and Janie Willoughby realize that those potential litigation dangers likely exist for ABC of Health.

     Lon realizes that potential dangers and risks can   occur for any company that presents Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational services anywhere in America - due to the major "healthcare services"  competition that is explained herein. 

     They have repeatedly demonstrated during the past 80+ years their malicious and ruthless "robber baron"   mentality (totally destroy any serious competition, in any way possible, wherever possible, in the most damaging and most expensive way (for them) that is feasible).

     If we do not have to contend with those types of "competitive" harassment and suppressive litigation interference during the next year or so, we may then expand our educational geographic area (more ZIP Code areas in South Carolina) for Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education of more American adult natural-born citizens who are also Christian-oriented and patriotic-minded citizens.

Improved Education Effectiveness

     To help our vital Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Services work better and also be more feasible financially for many "qualified visitors"Lon and Janie developed a sales affiliate "networking" income opportunity for our A4J club members

     A4J sales affiliates voluntarily choose to earn generous affiliate awards income (very easy finder's fee commissions) by simply helping us advertise this website to "apparently qualifiablenatural-born Christian-oriented American citizens that they know. 

     You can see how easy it will be for A4J sales affiliates to selectively invite some of their personally known contacts (local family members, relatives, church members, club members, business associates, etc.) to visit this very important introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts education website

     That very easy "introduction action" is very important advertising "work" because it will invite some of their personally known "apparently qualifiable" contacts to begin their natural healthcare concepts education at this introductory education website

     Each contact can then review very important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts education that can help each contact for the rest of their life in truly remarkable ways - at no cost for this review - not even a penny.

     A4J club member sales affiliates will be able to earn a generous "finder's fee sales commission" for each  "qualified visitor" that visits this website, likes the  remarkable vital education services that we offer A4J private education club members, and then voluntarily qualifies for membership and joins our Patriotic A4J Private Education Club.  

     That new club membership was initiated by their "website advertising efforts" (they simply shared this very important website address with some of their "apparently qualifiable" known contacts). 

     Yes, that is how easy it is for A4J club member sales affiliates to earn generous affiliate award income (finder's fee commission income) for each new A4J club member that joins A4J due to their initial introductory website advertisement work

     Each new A4J club member needs an A4J club member sponsor, and our office personnel always ask about how they first learned about this special introductory education website.  We keep very good records for those "introductory work actions."

     Our ABC of Health office personnel then perform all of the membership qualification evaluation work that is involved in approving a "qualified visitor" for membership in our Americans 4 Justice Private Education Club.  (Our A4J Club.)

     A4J club members can easily help us improve the health of "qualified visitors" by referring them to the "free to reviewAdvanced Natural Health Concepts Education Services that are presented at this introductory   educational website.

     Remember that potentially qualifiable American adult citizens that live within selected ZIP Code areas of the upstate area of South Carolina may be invited to visit this introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts  educational website. (They will also be detoured to our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts   education website)

     Selected "qualified visitors" can review the "free to reviewNatural Health Concepts Education that is presented in each of these private websites.

     A4J sales affiliate "advertising actions" that invite contacts to visit this introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website will also be helping develop a better and healthier America, one person, and/or one married couple, or one family at a time - starting in the selected ZIP Code areas of upstate South Carolina. 

     Each person, or married couple, can then share this very important introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website address with some of their personally known "apparently qualifiable" local contacts. 

     You can see how this "sharing a website address"   education project can quickly help many "qualified visitors" learn about our vital "free to reviewAdvanced Natural Health Concepts educational services.      

     Selected "qualified visitors" to this special  introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts   educational website can helpfully share just one   important website address (this website) with other apparently "qualified visitor" local adult family members, relatives, friends, church and club members, business contacts, and other personally known local contacts.

     Our A4J sales affiliates will also be referring to this introductory educational website to some of their personally known local contacts that are apparently "qualifiable visitors."

     This Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website will also detour "qualified visitors" to our main  Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website for additional "free to review" education. 

     This website detour will occur at the end of this  website's Part One autobiographical health-oriented report Lon will present a convenient website detour hyperlink at the appropriate time (at the end of the Government Info Department's presentation).

     "Qualified visitors" will be easily detoured to our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts   educational website - where they can review additional   "free to reviewNatural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts education

     Consequently, visiting this introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational  website opens the pathway to some very important and very valuable   Advanced Natural Health Concepts education -  without any initial upfront costs for selected "qualified visitors."

Topic 16

Our Vital Healthcare Education Services

During This Tragic Coronavirus Viral Pandemic

     Our Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational services are also much more important and much more valuable during the very dangerous ongoing coronavirus pandemic

     Our natural healthcare educational work is very important at all times because it can be the difference between life and death in many healthcare situations. 

     Our Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts education services can be exceptionally important during the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting many millions of American residents in very serious dangerous ways.

     Lon will explain more about our Americans 4 Justice Private Education Club (our A4J Club) down below.  Additional information will be presented when "qualified visitors" are detoured to our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website (at the end of Part One of this introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website's true report).

Education of A4J Club Members

     Our special Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational services can help our A4J private education club members learn how to improve vital nutrition to trillions of body cells. 

     A few of the subjects that we teach our A4J club members are listed below.  They can learn how to:

  1.  digest their food much better and get more usable nutrition out of the food that they consume;

  2.  improve blood flow throughout the body and thereby improve nutrition and oxygen distribution to trillions of body cells throughout the body;

  3.  improve their lymphatic system's cleansing and recycling functions for reusable components;

  4.  boast their immune system's protective capabilities and improve its reliability;

  5.  improve the production and normal distribution of vital hormones within the body;

  6.  improve nutrient distribution to the brain and learn how to use special nutrition supplements to improve brain functions in remarkable ways

  7.  improve energy production and improve vitality;

  8.  improve relaxation and sleep conditions;

  9.  improve piece of mind, happiness, and satisfaction with life;

10.  Help manage (slow down) the aging process.

     This combination of natural healthcare and wellness concepts education can greatly improve life-improving healthcare actions for A4J club members

     This education can also be the difference between life and death in many health situations, and this is especially important with a very serious respiratory infection like Covid-19.

Pharmaceutical Drug Companies

     Lon realizes that some pharmaceutical drug companies have produced special drugs that can help some Americans a lot.  Drug companies have also produced some over-the-counter non-prescription drug products that are very helpful to many American residents

Unfair Competitive Situations

     However, Lon Willoughby is very strongly opposed to the unfair, unethical, and ruthless robber-baron mentality competitive attitude of some pharmaceutical drug companies that has apparently existed for many years in America's marketplace (80+ years?).

     That ruthless "robber-baron mentality" competition has repeatedly interfered with, severely damaged, and also effectively destroyed  some natural healthcare competition in their efforts to present alternative type healthcare services in various locations in America.

     Lon's main complaint in this department's  autobiographical report is that there have been numerous unfair, unreasonable, unethical, and disgustingly corrupt self-serving ruthless actions from high level people associated in some way with the medical profession, or the pharmaceutical drug producing companies, to actively oppose and prevent responsible alternative healthcare educational services that could have potentially helped millions of American citizens

     Some of those self-serving ruthless actions interfered with and opposed individuals, medical doctors, some scientist, and some companies that were trying to responsibly develop and/or provide better health practices and healthcare services in America.  

     Those high level people also willfully interfered with and opposed some Americans who were trying to help inform and educate Americans about how they could take better care of their natural health

     Lon will explain some of his complaint situations in more detail in the Home Extension Department (at this website).

     Many Americans have become aware of some of those unfair and unreasonable competitive situations by high level people in the medical profession (and maybe the closely allied Food and Drug Administration, and the closely allied pharmaceutical drug companies industry)

     "Qualified visitors" need to responsibly consider that those repressive and retaliatory type persecution and punishment actions are usually clandestine actions (done secretly, as much as possible), to avoid public knowledge of those unfairunethicaldespicable, and corrupt self-serving suppressive actions

     Fortunately, some of those ruthless unfair and unethical actions did get exposed in ways that responsibly informed substantial numbers of Americans about some of those actions.  Several important books and reports have been published about some of those actions

     That educational information has been circulated privately, and many Americans have helped in sharing and spreading awareness of that very important educational expose' reporting. 

     The major national news media outlets did not actively help with distribution of those very important educational expose' reports. 

     That was a very important indication of how well the major national news media outlets are tightly "controlled" by powerful political forces.  They selectively will not expose (publish or broadcast) some important "politically sensitive" news items that are very important to the American people.

     Such "politically sensitive" news items are not presented to the American public.  One of the reasons for that may be that such news reporting could negatively affect their large advertising income from pharmaceutical drug advertisements. 

     As you have likely observed, the pharmaceutical drug companies spend a lot of money advertising various drug products in magazine and TV advertisements. 

     Those very expensive advertising actions, repeated again and again on the TV, tend to brain-wash people and subconsciously push many American adults away from the helpful natural healthcare support that is available to them in alternative health type natural healthcare products and natural healthcare services.

     More and more American adults apparently realize that they have been brain-washed over the years by the persistent and relentless advertising efforts of the pharmaceutical drug companies industry and the closely allied medical profession

Some Americans are WAKING UP!!!

     More and more American adults are beginning to WAKE UP and realize that they are personally responsible for learning how to take practical, reasonable, and sensible care of their own health, rather than casually depending too much on obtaining basic fundamental healthcare advice piecemeal (a bit here and a bit there) from their local medical doctor and nursing staff members.

     Trends show that more Americans have started using alternative and complementary type natural healthcare services and products.  The trend has  gradually moved strongly in that direction, and those actions appear to be nation-wide in America.

Recognition of Those Problems

      As explained herein, Lon and Janie Willoughby recognized some of those important problems many years ago, and they worked responsibly together as an education team for years to finally develop our evolved Americans 4 Justice Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational services.

     Those dedicated teamwork efforts eventually developed an easy, convenient, and cost-effective healthcare educational system for teaching the vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts that Lonnie Willoughby personally developed and copyrighted in years 2000 to 2020 for ABC of Health.

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understood that many elderly Americans had responsibly accumulated money during a lifetime for their retirement funds, but they were having to spend those carefully  saved funds to pay for very expensive medical services during their retirement years. 

     For many years, patient medical costs have been a major cause of tragic bankruptcy situations for a lot of American senior citizens.  There are many such financial tragedies in America each year!!!!

     That is a heart-breaking situation for many families across America because family members did not know how to take good care of their natural health and thereby minimize very expensive medical costs during their retirement years.

     Very important international healthcare status research has revealed that American adults in general are not healthy compared to adult citizens in many other modern industrialized countries.

     That very important international health status survey showed that the United States of America was way down the listing of health status for modern industrialized countries

     American adults will be shocked to learn that there were 24 countries whose adult citizens are routinely healthier than American adults

     It is clear to Lon and Janie Willoughby that American adults in general need much better natural healthcare and wellness concepts education than the education that is routinely presented in American public education. 

Topic 17

Expensive Medical Patient Services

     Lon realizes that hospital in-patients are typically charged thousands of dollars per day for expensive hospital services such as room and board fees - with nursing care services, various test procedures (CAT Scans, MRI Tests, Blood Test, Lipid Test, Urine Test, etc.) and maybe some expensive pharmaceutical drug fees

     Some of those tests costs thousands of dollars for one test.  Are the tests really needed and necessary for each patient?  Or is this an easy way to increase the cost of hospital care and also reduce the potential for liability claims from some patients (and have the high costs of the tests charged to the patient's medical billing expenses)?

     Nationwide for the USA, some of these "optional testing costs" probably amount to many billions of dollars per year, and these "optional medical costsare helping bankrupt the United States of America. 

     Can USA income tax paying citizens and the U.S. government afford to continue using so many of the very expensive "optional medical tests?" (CAT Scans, MRI Tests, etc.)

     It is very important to understand that sick people do not get well by simply taking expensive tests

     The tests may be very helpful in diagnosing and evaluating some health deficiencies or health problems, but the test themselves will not usually produce any vital healing functions.  Yet, tests can make up a substantial part of the cost of hospital inpatient care.

Patient's Nutrition Considerations

     Lon has observed that it appears that hospital patients are usually fed low nutrition foods that do not provide the quality vitamins and minerals and the balanced nine essential amino acids type protein supplements that patients need badly to boost and recover their natural health quickly. 

     Lon has also observed that hospital patients are not normally given quality nutrition supplements (a potent multi-vitamin and mineral product) to ensure that they are getting a good assortment of very important vitamins and minerals

     Hospital patients are not generally served a quality protein drink supplement product that will ensure that each patient is getting the nine essential amino acids daily to help rebuild body tissue rapidly.  This is especially important after surgery to help ensure that the surgery wounds will heal well and rapidly.

     Lon believes that the hospital staff medical doctors do not normally have the special nutritional knowledge needed to properly select and prescribe special nutrition supplements appropriately for each patient.  

     Their medical doctor education and training has apparently been so focused on prescribing   pharmaceutical drugs to hospital patients that they did not get educated and trained about selecting and prescribing vital nutrition supplement products such as those identified briefly above.

     The human body requires proper high quality nutrition (in the kinds of nutrients and also in the amounts of each nutrient) to be able to repair damaged body organ tissues and/or other damaged body tissues, especially after surgery occurs. 

     As indicated above, most hospital medical patients (perhaps all medical patients) are not provided with the special nutrition supplements (in the kinds of nutrients and the therapeutic amounts of each nutrient) that are needed (and readily available in the American public marketplace). 

     It is very important to understand that an individual who loses her/his health to such an extent that it is necessary to become a hospital patient also simultaneously loses control over their body and most of their healthcare actions. 

     They are now under the complete control of the medical doctors that become involved with their hospital healthcare services.  For the multiple reasons explained herein, that can be a precarious position for a person to get into.

     The practical and sensible way to avoid getting into that situation is to learn how to be healthy enough that hospitalization will not become necessary.

      Lon managed to do this for many years.  Until November in year 2022, he did not spent a night in a hospital bed since the summer of 1963 (57+ years ago), when he trustingly and foolishly allowed a medical doctor to conduct surgery on his nasal system (as explained previously about his nasal surgery in Charleston, SC in the summer of year 1963). 

      It is clear that some surgeries are needed and beneficial; however, research data show that many unnecessary surgeries are conducted each year in America.  

     Surgeries can bring in a lot of money for the doctors who perform the surgeries, and they can also bring in lots of money for the hospitals that care for the inpatients as they recover from some surgeries.

Better Therapy for Patients

     Lon believes that most medical patients (as in-patients or as out-patients), very likely need to be taking daily servings of selected herbs and a good formulation of vitamins and minerals (a high quality multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formulation) with additional selected   vitamins and minerals to get daily doses of those vital nutrients up to therapeutic levels - not the low potency RDA amounts that are typically recommended for those nutrients by national nutritional authorities. 

     Hospital patients also likely need quality plant-based smoothie protein drinks daily that contain a balance of the nine essential amino acids, along with a diet of healthy food and purified water to drink. 

     Hospitals typically serve patients commercial bottled water to drink that is likely better quality water than tap water. 

     Generally speaking, this bottled water may be water that does not contain the toxic residue of ammonia and chlorine and chlorine byproducts that would likely be found in most municipal tap water.  However, most brands of bottled water will likely contain the toxic fluoride chemical.  

     The Greenville County water system is one of the best municipal water systems in Continental America.  However, the chemicals identified above are standard components in tap water "drinking water" from the Greenville County water system.     

     Lon Willoughby is pleased and proud of the overall quality of our excellent municipal water system; he realizes that Greenville County personnel have worked responsibly for many years to develop one of the very best municipal water systems in America

     However, due to Lon's advanced level technical knowledge about water quality issues, he and Janie use a high quality counter-top Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier system daily to greatly reduce the residual content of ammonia, chlorine, and chlorine byproducts, and also greatly reduce the municipally added toxic fluoride from their drinking and cooking water.

Consider the Low Cost

of Nutrition Supplements

     Lon realizes that the special nutrition for medical patients that he would recommend for inpatient care and also outpatient care can be provided for a cost of about $6.00 per day for a few weeks time to enable body tissues throughout their body to achieve a healthier higher level of natural health

     Considering that hospital patients will likely be charged several thousand dollars per day for their hospital care (maybe $3,000 to $15,000+ per day), the added cost of $6.00 per day for their supplemental inpatient nutrition care is a very small percentage of added cost for   potentially great benefits for hospital patients. 

     It would also be very helpful if that same or similar nutritional supplement support was recommended for outpatient care for medical patients leaving the hospital (for at least a few weeks), but those nutritional services are not generally recommended for outpatient care.

Mental Thought Processes Education

     Lon understands that hospital medical patients could also benefit greatly from mental "positive thought exercises" several times daily. 

     Hospital patients need to be taught that their thought processes can be a very important part of their health recovery process because their thoughts can have powerful effects on important hormone production and distribution throughout the body.

     Those thoughts can also have important effects upon the patient's immune system functions that are essential in a health recovery process. 

     Positive nourishing thoughts help both the hormone systems and the very complex immune system function better. 

     It is also very important for patients to deliberately think of things that will bring a smile to their face - several times each day (more times = better effects).

     Negative discouraging thoughts can be detrimental to the hormone systems and the critically important immune system, and they can also reduces the energy level that is produced in the body.

     Vital positive effects can occur daily in each person's life through "positive thinking" and smiling frequently;  these are very important actions that can help stimulate good health each day in everyone's life, including young children. 

     Laughter can have a very positive effect on complex hormone functions within the body.  The more laughter, the more beneficial hormone effects within the body.

     These are some of the reasons why "positive thinking" daily is very important for everyone, even teenagers and younger children. 

     Lon understands that everyone needs to be taught that a positive attitude is helpful each day of life and a negative attitude is seriously harmful each day that it is allowed to occur.  Most American citizens can be taught how to control their attitude throughout each day.

     That is why Lon developed and copyrighted his "Positive, Constructive, Productive" (PCPMental Attitude Concept many years ago.  Lon teaches this exceptionally beneficial "mental attitude concept" to our A4J private education club members (this is a dramatic powerful "life-improving concept").

Physical Exercise Activities

     Hospital patients would also benefit greatly from physical exercise actions that activate and stimulate their lymphatic system (limited of course by their current physical condition).  Many hospital doctors understand the importance of hospital patients getting easy exercise as soon as possible (walking the hallways if possible).

     However, some very important easy exercises can be done in a hospital bed (for patients who are unable to get out of bed and walk or jog lightly in their hospital room). 

     The complex lymphatic system is dependent upon body motion to function properly.  Without helpful body motion, the lymphatic system is severely deactivated and cannot function properly and that can be harmful to a hospital patient very quickly.

Beneficial Actions

     Those are things that Lon Willoughby recognizes as vital beneficial actions to help a damaged body recover as quickly as reasonably possible.

     Typically, the medical services in hospitals (inpatient servicesdo not provide enough of these very important healthcare services that Lon Willoughby would recommend for many hospital patients. 

     When hospital patients are released to go home, their recommended "outpatient services" do not include hardly any of the high quality nutrition product supplements that Lon Willoughby would recommend (as related briefly above). 

     Topic 18 below will explain why the beneficial actions identified above are likely not taken routinely for most hospital inpatients.

Topic 18

BIG Medical Profession Problems

     One of the very big problems with the medical profession is the fact that medical doctors have been educated to focus on prescribing patented   pharmaceutical drugs to patients - rather than prescribing nutrition supplementation with quality herbs, vitamins, minerals, and plant-based balanced essential amino acid protein nutrients.

     Consequently, most medical doctors likely do not responsibly know how to competently select and recommend those types of quality nutrition supplements.

     The "controlling medical profession hierarchy" is likely strongly opposed to those types of nutritional supplement products being prescribed for inpatients and/or being recommended for outpatient nutrition therapy.

     It is very important to realize that the less nutrition   therapy that medical patients receive as inpatients or as outpatientsthe less healthy they will likely be in the future

     That situation generally means the more likely those people will be to need additional medical doctor type services as outpatients or again become inpatients in the hospital. 

     In other words, less beneficial and less effective nutrition services will likely mean more income for the medical profession and more opportunities to prescribe additional pharmaceutical drugs to those medical patients. 

     Do you understand how those medical strategies work to keep the money coming in for the medical profession and for pharmaceutical drug companies?

     It is very important to understand that many   thousands of medical system patients in the USA have died due to harmful side effects of taking medical doctor prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. 

     Let's pause for a few moment to consider that statement responsibly: many thousands of medical doctor patients are no longer alive because the medical doctor recommended pharmaceutical drugs that they were taking apparently helped kill them.

     Did the medical profession's "controlling hierarchy" have strong objections to those kinds of medical practices - that cause thousands of patient deaths?  No published objections that Lon is aware of.

     Lon understands that prescribed pharmaceutical   drugs can sometimes be helpful to a sick or diseased body that is affected by bacterial infections, viral infections, leukemia, malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. 

     Lon also realizes that most hospital patients likely need nutritional support with digestive enzymes, herbs, mineral supplements, protein supplements, and vitamin supplements. This is where the medical profession services are typically very deficient

     Lon Willoughby understands that properly selected  quality nutrition supplements could be very helpful to most hospital patients (as indicated above), but those vital nutritional supplements are generally not a part of the standard protocol for most hospital patients. 

     Why?  Apparently because most medical doctors have been taught to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, but they have not been taught how to use and prescribe important nutritional supplements that could be found in most small independent "health food stores" up until around years 2010 to 2012.

     After that time period, most small independent "health food stores" in America had been put out of business due to the crushing competition of many other sources of nutrition supplement products sold at deep discount prices - drug stores (pharmacies), grocery stores, Costco, Sam's Club, Target, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, many Internet sales nutrition businesses, etc. 

Medical Services - Home Repairs

     Think of healthcare services in terms of getting repairs made to your home.  If you need roof repairs, you contact a roofing company. 

     If you need electrical repairs, you contact a company that can perform electrical repairs. 

     If you have a plumbing problem, you contact a plumbing company.  

     If you want to replace some carpet, you contact a company that performs carpet replacement work. 

     If you need some painting work, you may also contact someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about the kind of painting work that you need - inside painting or outside painting. 

     You would not expect a roofing person to make plumbing repairs or expect an electrician to make flooring repairs or do the painting work.  Right?

     Unfortunately, for many years, most American citizens have improperly expected medical doctors to know how to do everything that can be done to manage human health, including nutritional education and   recommendations about nutrition products to take.  However, that has been a really BIG MISTAKE

     Most people have been brain-washed (from childhood to adulthood) to think of medical doctors as the only   healthcare service providers

     Parents probably ignored the other kinds of healthcare practitioners that may have been available in their local area, so the only healthcare service providers for their children and teenagers while growing up was the local medical doctor.  That is how most people in America grew up.

     Yes, that is also how Lon Willoughby grew up, and he realized many years later that he had also been   brainwashed like everyone else. 

     For many years, until year 1980, he also thought that medical doctors were the healthcare practitioners that he should consult with about his health conditions.

     It is important to understand that Lon was 44 years of age when he finally de-programmed himself from those erroneous brain-washed beliefs about medical doctors. 

     You will learn herein that Lon truly believed that   erroneous health concept for many years of his adult life, and that improper healthcare belief caused him a lot of health suffering that could have been avoided - if he had not been brainwashed into his strong false belief about medical doctors.

     Effective brainwashing can be a very powerful influence on one's thought processes, and persistent repeated brainwashing can be very difficult to overcome.

     You see, Lon had also been brain-washed since his childhood to think that medical doctors were the   healthcare practitioners who knew how to help people with practically all healthcare problems. 

     Lon was about 44 years of age when he finally overpowered that erroneous brainwashing effect.

     Like most Americans, Lon didn't even know that   nutrition consultant healthcare practitioners were available in some cities.  In fact, they were usually available only in some large cities - because almost all Americans were brainwashed while growing up to only consider consulting with a medical doctor. 

     For those reasons, other kinds of important healthcare practitioners had very little client business; it was very difficult for them to make a reasonable income by being a non-medical doctor healthcare practitioner - even though their valuable services were needed badly by many people. 

     It is still that way today, but those situations have improved somewhat because some Americans are gradually learning about nutrition consultants (dietitians   and nutritionist) and naturopathic physicians.

     As reported herein, Lon suffered a lot with very serious healthcare problems for more than 25 years because he consulted only with medical doctors.  His brain-washed type education about healthcare actions taught him nothing about nutrition consultants for many years.

     He consulted a medical doctor in Charleston, South Carolina in 1963 when he decided to get professional help for his very serious chronic nasal and sinus congestion health conditions. 

     He did not realize at that time that he should have consulted with a nutrition consultant about his nasal and sinus congestion problems. 

     At that point in his life, Lon had not been educated  about the availability and relevance of that kind of  special healthcare practitioner.

     Lon also spent about ten years, from 1970 to 1980, trying to find a medical doctor to help him with his hypoglycemia health problem.  All of that time, he should have been trying to consult with a nutrition consultant, but he did not know that during those years.

     By June of 1980, Lon had finally given up on consulting medical doctors about his hypoglycemia problem.  He had responsibly consulted with a series of medical doctors during a ten years period, from 1970 to 1980, trying to find a medical doctor to help him cope with his hypoglycemia health problem.  All of that time, he should have been trying to consult with a nutrition consultant, but he did not know that during those years.

     By June of 1980, Lon had finally given up on consulting medical doctors about his hypoglycemia problem.  He had been very disappointed with his repeated responsible efforts to get help from medical doctors for that very serious chronic healthcare problem condition. 

     Lon recalled that he had reviewed two books authored by nutritionist about healthcare issues (first in 1972 and then in 1975). 

     He recalled his multiple serious disappointments with medical doctor consultations about his chronic healthcare issues, dating back to 1963 with the eye, nose, and throat medical doctor specialist in Charleston, South Carolina (his useless nasal surgery), and continuing through a series of medical doctors up to year 1980

     Fortunately, his U.S. Air Force education and training about brainwashing effects, and his education from those two nutrition books finally enabled Lon Willoughby to realize that nutrition consultants can also be very important healthcare consultants.

     All of that information enabled Lon to break through and overcome his lifelong brainwashing about medical doctors "being the responsible healthcare providers for all healthcare issues." 

     In 1980, Lon was finally able to deprogram himself   from those strongly implanted brain-washed thought processes about medical doctors

     His many years of experience with medical doctors had proven conclusively that those brain-washed thought processes were clearly improper and WRONG!!!

     Lon finally decided that he should try to get help for his hypoglycemia health condition from a nutrition consultant

 Was That A Good Decision?

     That was a very good decision because Lon had gradually learned that medical doctors in America   generally have not been educated adequately about nutrition concepts and nutrition supplement products - like those sold in health stores and nutrition product Internet stores

     Consequently, Lon had gradually learned that most medical doctors do not know much about   important nutrition concepts, and they cannot help medical patients much with nutrition-related healthcare issues

     Lon did not know those things in earlier years, but he learned those very important healthcare concepts during his personal self-taught ongoing education about natural healthcare issues up to year 1980, and continuing for 40+ years after 1980

     Lon's experiences during the past 60+ years did not find any medical doctor that he could consult with who was adequately educated and trained to provide competent nutritional concepts advice for Lon's very serious healthcare problems.

     The information below will show how unreasonable Lon's brain-washed thinking was about healthcare issues in modern day America.

     Lon explains that situation herein because he realizes that most, if not all, natural-born American adults  probably think about medical doctors in a similar brain-washed way - like Lon used to think about medical doctors (until he was 43 years old).

     Lon eventually learned that human nutrition is a very complex subject area, and it requires a lot of special education to acquire a reasonably competent understanding of the major nutrition concepts that can be very helpful to most natural-born American citizens.

     Lon's ongoing complex study of natural healthcare and wellness concepts found that the medical profession in America apparently decided many years ago (80+ years) that nutrition was too complex for medical doctors to also try to provide adequate nutrition education services for their medical patients. 

     The knowledge required of medical doctors was already exceptionally complex, so much so that they were divided into several medical specialties.

     A review of the yellow pages of a large city phone book will show that there are several distinct specialties for medical doctors (physicians). 

     The controlling medical system high level hierarchy managers were very smart people, and they apparently decided many years ago that they were not going to require medical doctors to also become reasonably competent nutritionist

     That situation would have added a lot of additional complexity to an already exceptionally complex career field (medical doctors).

     The high level medical system hierarchy managers   probably realized that most medical patients do not have the science education needed to easily and quickly understand many important nutrition concepts.  (Medical patients usually do not have a practical working knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics.)

      It would be too difficult, and also take too much time for medical doctors and medical nurses to try to educate medical patients about what they likely need to know about important nutrition concepts

      Consequently, the medical doctors and medical nurses were not taught very important nutrition information - not for their own personal use or for use by medical system patients.

      It was apparently clear that it would be better for the medical profession to avoid getting involved in the complex nutrition area as an additional  medical service for medical system patients.

      In addition to those important considerations, as shown below, the medical profession is actually more profitable when medical doctors and nurses do not provide significant nutrition advice or education for     medical system patients

     You can likely understand that medical patients who are less knowledgeable about nutrition concepts and nutrition supplement products are more likely to need medical doctor services than people who are better educated about natural healthcare conceptsimportant nutrition concepts, and helpful nutrition supplement products.

     Do you now understand that it is extremely  unreasonable for medical patients to expect medical doctors or medical nurses to also educate medical patients about complex nutrition concepts knowledge and nutrition supplement knowledge

     Yes, there are a few medical doctors in America who have recognized the great importance of those serious nutrition deficiencies in the medical profession.  A few medical doctors have acquired specialized knowledge about vital nutrition concepts and nutrition supplement products that can be purchased in natural health type nutrition stores

     However, those special medical doctors are far and few between.  That is not the typical General Practitioner  (GP) family practice medical doctor in America.  Those GP's already have very complicated healthcare responsibilities without getting involved in the complex subject of nutrition and nutrition supplement products for their medical patients.

Very Important Healthcare Concept

      It is very important to understand that vital healthcare and wellness concept properly. 

     Unfortunately, adults living in America die prematurely  by the tens of thousands each week - because they did not understand that very mportant healthcare concept.

     Those dying adults did not understand that they were personally responsibly for seeking special nutrition healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge that would enable them to learn how to take much better care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets

     You see, throughout America, most adults residents  have not been educated to understand this very important situation adequately. 

     Consequently, most natural-born American adults do not know very much about how to take good care of their precious natural health

     Unfortunately, they gradually lose their natural health as they age because they routinely do a lot of things that are harmful to their natural health without understanding how to avoid those harmful health-related conditions.

     Lon and Janie Willoughby understand that situation well.  That is why ABC of Health specializes in educating our A4J private education club members about very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts

     Lon and Janie realize that almost all natural-born American adult citizens need our special natural  healthcare and wellness concepts educational services.

     Unfortunately, most natural-born American adult citizens will not be able to qualify to join our Americans 4 Justice Private Education Club - for the extremely unfair and tragic marketplace reasons that are explained at this website.

     Lon explains herein why we have to be very careful about how and where we offer our A4J private education club membership services

    ABC of Health has to be very careful about the geographic locations where we offer to sell our A4J club membership services.  Lon explains herein why these very important precautions are needed for the survival and continuation of our vital educational services business.

     However, as this website shows, ABC of Health can offer our "free to reviewnatural healthcare and wellness concepts education to natural-born American adult citizens who live within selected ZIP Code areas in the upstate of South Carolina if they are also Christian-oriented and also patriotic-minded about America - with the exceptions listed in Topic 8 in the Home Department

      We do have more freedom in what we can say if we do not charge a fee for some of our healthcare educational services.  Lon will explain later that ABC of Health can still have some very serious litigation dangers even when educating with our "free to review" education format.

     The "free to reviewnatural healthcare concepts education presented herein can help many selected  "qualified visitors" learn about, and understand for the first time in their life, very important health concepts   and natural healthcare and wellness concepts.

     Lon will come back to this natural healthcare concepts education subject later in this very important report.

     The special education presented herein is adequate and sufficient for many selected "qualified visitors" to be able to deprogram themselves from any brain-washed thought processes that they may have about "medical doctors" being the only healthcare practitioners to consult about healthcare problem conditions.

Lon Deprogrammed Himself

     If Lon Willoughby had not deprogrammed himself about those false thought processes in year 1980 and then had his critically important six natural healthcare consultation sessions with Mrs. Dorothy Christopher in year 1980, you would not be reviewing this special   introductory educational website because Lonnie Willoughby would have likely died many years ago. 

     Those very important natural healthcare consultation sessions for Lon during July, August, and September of year 1980 enabled him (and Janie) to dramatically move forward with their natural healthcare and wellness   concepts education

     40+ years later, they arrived at the very advanced   natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge status where they are today.  WOW!!!  What an incredible difference those six natural healthcare consultation sessions during year 1980 made in their life together.

Topic 19

Topic 60

Free Enterprise Considerations

     The USA "free enterprise economic system" requires that we market our natural healthcare concepts education improvement services in a "free enterprise competitive manner."  Our vital natural healthcare education services cannot be presented as a U.S. Government sponsored education service because that could affect millions of American citizens adversely financially.

     First consideration:  there is no national consensus as to what natural healthcare concepts should be taught to natural-born American adults, and there is no national consensus as to how those natural healthcare concepts should be taught.

     Second consideration:  there is a lot of financial incentive for some major companies and some entire industries to strongly oppose a well-designed and badly needed natural healthcare concepts education service.

      Third consideration:  millions of people work within the USA medical type healthcare systems throughout the USA, and they can be affected in adverse financial ways by the marketing of (selling) very effective natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services.

Adversely Affected People

     Examples of those adversely affected people: medical doctors and nurses, and millions of support personnel within the medical profession in the USA, and also many people that work within the pharmaceutical drug production companies in America (and in other countries), and including thousands of pharmacist throughout the USA.

     Why can those people be affected adversely by our special natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services?  Most of those people get paid for providing services that assist or help sick and diseased people who do not know how to take good care of their natural health

     Now consider what ABC of Health does for our education clients (our A4J private education club members).  We teach them how to take good care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets

     We also teach them very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts that they cannot get anywhere else in such well designed and presented natural healthcare concepts education services

     As our A4J education clients learn how to take much better care of their natural health and their natural healthcare assets, they will likely have much less need for services provided by the people associated in some way with the medical professions in the USA or the pharmaceutical drug production companies

     Do you see and understand clearly this very important natural healthcare education concept

     The listing below identifies many people in the USA whose work occupation could be affected beneficially by the marketing of our natural healthcare and wellness concepts education services.

Beneficially Affected People

     Examples of people who may be affected beneficially:   (Listed in alphabetical order) chiropractic physicians, dietitians, massage and physical therapist, natural healthcare consultants, naturopathic physiciansnutrition consultants (nutritionist), and sales staff personnel in health products stores and many other retail stores and Internet businesses that sell nutrition supplements to customers (such as herbs, homeopathic products,   minerals, probiotics, protein type supplements,   vitamins, weight loss products, etc.). 

     Consequently, you can see why we must market (sell) our A4J Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts   Education Services in a "free enterprise competitive manner" in whatever geographic area of South Carolina  we choose to market our A4J six lessons natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services.  

     However, Lon Willoughby is well aware of the fact that the "free enterprise" healthcare education marketplace is operated in an extremely unfair and unethical manner - for the "competitive" reasons explained in this website.

Topic 20

Diabetes and Hypoglycemia Information

     Our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website reports that Lon continued learning about important natural healthcare and wellness concepts as much as possible for many years after he resigned from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in October 1979

     Those extensive natural healthcare concepts education actions were motivated in large part by Lon's persistent and determined responsible efforts to learn how to cope more effectively with his very confusing and frustrating hypoglycemia health problem condition   

     Due to his ongoing self-education efforts, in the summer of 1984, Lon and Janie traveled about 80 miles from DeLand, Florida (the apartment complex that they managed) to Orlando, Florida where they attended (for one day) a very important health-related national Chiropractic Convention

     One of the nutrition company vendor exhibitors at that convention (from California) fortunately and luckily helped Lon learn about two very important nutrition supplements that could likely help his hypoglycemic condition

     Over time, Lon gradually learned that those two     nutritional supplements were critically important in his ongoing efforts to gain better management control of his hypoglycemia condition.

     Those two nutrition supplements enabled very important improvements in Lon's ability to manage his very frustrating hypoglycemia condition on a day-to-day basis.

     He had conducted a lot of trial-and-error experiments about how to manage his daily diet very carefully to control his blood glucose level variations, and those two nutritional supplements enabled Lon to have more noticeable success with his daily diet management efforts.

     As shown later in this website, during the 15 years that Lon Willoughby managed the corporately owned ABC of Health natural healthcare products store in Greenville County South Carolina, (starting in January 1999), Lon gradually learned about several other nutrition supplements that were also helpful in improving the health of his body cells and improving his overall health status.

     Lon gradually learned about several healthcare actions that he could take to improve the health of his body cells and those health improvements enabled him to make important improvements in his overall health.

     Over many years, Lon purchased and reviewed 15 books about hypoglycemiaand he also purchased and reviewed 8 books about diabetes.  Those two health problems are very different, but there are some very important food selection considerations that are essentially identical for both of those health problem conditions.

     It can be very important for a person with either health problem to learn about the other health condition.  Fortunately and luckily, Lon learned about two very important nutrition supplements that helped his   hypoglycemic condition.  

     Several helpful books are available today at Internet online bookstores about hypoglycemia, but back in the 1970's very little relevant healthcare information was available to help Lon make important improvements in his hypoglycemic health problem condition. 

     Remember also that Internet research services did not begin until 1989 so it was very difficult for Lon to do any practical research and study about his very confusing health problem during the 1970's time period.   

     Lon struggled to cope with his hypoglycemia health condition for many years. His determined and persistent self-education efforts continued gradually, year after year, because he had been unable to get any help from the series of medical doctors that he consulted during a ten-year period of time.

     Fortunately, Lon's diligent persistent education efforts eventually succeeded. He gradually learned about several actions that helped in a cumulative way (over a period of 45+ yearsin managing well his hypoglycemia condition - through a lot of diligent and responsible self-directed natural healthcare and wellness concepts education efforts.

     Unfortunately, that situation apparently has not improved in the medical profession over those 45+ years.  That is shown convincingly by the data base at the CDC website (www dot CDC dot GOV). In year 2023,   hypoglycemia is still not listed as a separate health problem (as it should be listed).

     The medical profession apparently still considers   hypoglycemia to be a part of diabetes, but not a separate health problem that affects millions of American citizens who are not diabetics.

     The medical profession in America is still so ignorant about hypoglycemia that it is very discouraging for Lon to  think about the millions of Americans who are likely trying to cope with this very confusing and frustrating health problem daily but cannot get any competent responsible help from their local medical doctor. 

     Like Lon Willoughby, those confused and frustrated suffering people do not realize that they should be consulting with nutrition consultants (dietitians or   nutritionist) rather than continuing to consult with medical doctors about nutrition-related health issues

    The nutritionist and the medical doctor who coauthored the book "Low Blood Sugar and You" (Dr. Carlton Frederick, Ph.D. Nutritionist and Herman Goodman, M.D.) made special studies about the   hypoglycemia health condition.  They published their mutual professional opinion in that book that there are likely about 20 million hypoglycemics in the USA.    


Medical Profession Deficiencies 

      Lon is not aware of any pharmaceutical drug developed for hypoglycemia - apparently because a large portion of the medical profession still  "prefers to believe that this "alleged health condition" does not really exist. 

     In their casual and grossly irresponsible way of thinking, they apparently want to continue believing that this "alleged health condition" exists only in the patient's mind (a psychosomatic illness).

     It looks like the medical profession in America and the drug production industry in America have not worked together cooperatively to develop a practical and responsible treatment program for hypoglycemia.

     It also looks like they stubbornly continue to ignore this very serious health condition, as if it is not wrecking the lives of millions of American citizens.

     How is that for responsible professional medical duty for a very serious health condition that likely affects about 20 million Americans?

     Their responsible professional duty about learning how to help Americans that suffer with this serious health condition appears to be non-existent.

     This illustrates a medical situation where a serious health condition that affects millions of Americans has been casually ignored by the American Medical Profession for 90+ years because they did not have a pharmaceutical drug to prescribe to help with this complex health problem condition.

    That medical situation has continued for many years even though very good nutrition supplement products   have been developed by several nutrition supplement companies (many years ago) that can help a lot in the management of hypoglycemia and also diabetes.

    It appears that many medical doctors (perhaps most medical doctors) in American will not provide responsible helpful consideration for using those vital health store type nutrition supplements because they are not "standard of care" approved drugs.  

     How is that for responsible professional medical duty for a very serious health condition that likely affects about 20 million Americans?

     Their responsible professional duty about learning how to help Americans that suffer with this serious health condition appears to be non-existent.

     This illustrates a medical situation where a serious health condition that affects millions of Americans has been casually ignored by the American Medical Profession for 90+ years because they did not have a pharmaceutical drug to prescribe to help with this complex health problem condition.

    This is another very important reason to consult with nutrition consultant about either health conditions (diabetes or hypoglycemia).  

    They may know about some of those special nutrition supplements (beneficial for both diabetes and hypoglycemia)and they may also know where those very important supplements can be purchased locally - or on the Internet.

    To further illustrate the medical profession's grossly irresponsible and unprofessional actions with regard to the hypoglycemic health condition, it is very important to understand that this very serious complex health condition problem was evaluated competently more than 95 years ago by a prominent medical doctor (Seale Harris, M.D.).

     He responsibly published his very important medical research report about that newly discovered health condition (hypoglycemia) in year 1924.

     In later years, some other medical doctors learned about his published report about the hypoglycemic   condition.

     Those medical doctors gained very important experience working with patients and evaluating patients who apparently had this very confusing health condition.

     Some of those medical doctors also published   important medical reports about their experiences with patients who were apparently hypoglycemic.    

     One of those medical doctors had previously had a lot of difficulty getting a correct diagnosis for his own very serious hypoglycemic condition

     He had gotten several wrong medical doctor diagnoses before he finally got a correct diagnosis of his hypoglycemic condition.

     Even when the doctor finally got a correct diagnosis of his hypoglycemic condition, the medical doctor prescribed treatment protocol was seriously wrong (it made his hypoglycemic condition worse).

    Lon Willoughby learned about Dr. Seale Harris, and the other medical doctors mentioned above in "The Low Blood Sugar and Youbook by Dr. Carlton Fredericks, Ph.D. Nutritionist (published in 1969).  That book has been reprinted numerous times because about a million copies have been purchased.

     The author published an updated version of that book about 16 years later (in 1985). It is titled "New Low Blood Sugar and You." 

     Lon found it to be a much better book, and it was also published in a larger paperback format that made it much easier to read.

     You can read about Doctor Seale Harris's major discoveries about hypoglycemia at website www dot Wikipedia dot org. 

     You will find that Dr. Harris was a very competent medical doctor.  He was responsible for several important improvements hypoglycemic condition, the medical doctor prescribed treatment protocol was seriously wrong (it made his hypoglycemic condition wor made his hypoglycemic condition worse).

    Lon Willoughby learned about Dr. Seale Harris, and the other medical doctors mentioned above in "The Low Blood Sugar and Youbook by Dr. Carlton Fredericks, Ph.D. Nutritionist (published in 1969).  That book has been reprinted numerous times because about a million copies have been purchased.

     The author published an updated version of that book about 16 years later (in 1985). It is titled "New Low Blood Sugar and You." 

     Lon found it to be a much better book, and it was also published in a larger paperback format that made it much easier to read.

     You can read about Doctor Seale Harris's major discoveries about hypoglycemia at website www dot Wikipedia dot org. 

     You will find that Dr. Harris was a very competent medical doctor.  He was responsible for several important improvements in the American medical profession.    

      He was an exceptional medical doctor, but it appears that the modern day Medical Profession Hierarchy has forgotten about him; they still ignore the very important major medical research report that he published about hypoglycemia back in year 1924.

     NOTE: While you are at www dot Wikipedia dot org, you may find it interesting and helpful to search for and review an excellent report about Reactive Hypoglycemia.

     Hypoglycemia clearly does exist as a separate health condition, as Doctor Seale Harris reported in his exceptionally important research report in year 1924.

      Lon Willoughby's hypoglycemic condition has proven that conclusively for many years.  He has never been diabetic, but he was seriously hypoglycemic for more than 50 continuous years.

     In all of the years since 1924, with several very important medical reports published about hypoglycemia, the American Medical Profession Hierarchy still does not responsibly acknowledge that this very serious health condition apparently exists for many Americans who are not diabetic.

     The American Medical Profession Hierarchy has not been willing to help American citizens learn how to cope with the hypoglycemic health condition in a practical, responsible, and sensible way.

     Is that because no pharmaceutical drug has been developed that can be prescribed by medical doctors to help with this complex health problem?

     Lon learned that the hypoglycemic health condition needs to be managed daily by careful food and drink choices at each meal and at each snack.

     The amount of glucose being produced in the blood system needs to be carefully managed, but those objectives require some special nutrition knowledge that is not usually known by conventionally educated American medical doctors.

     Lon understands that very few medical doctors are knowledgeable enough about nutrition subjects to provide that kind of detailed nutrition education to a medical patient.

     Providing detailed nutrition education to patients is usually outside their competent medical expertise. 

     That type of detailed nutrition education can more likely be obtained from nutrition consultant (a dietitian or a (a dietitian or a nutritionist). 

     However, those nutrition consultants will need to review a very good book about hypoglycemia to become knowledgeable enough about this complex health condition to be very helpful to consultation client. 

     The medical profession in American still does not responsibly acknowledge that this very serious health condition apparently exists for many Americans who are not diabetic.

     The two books identified herein contain some very important information in them, but the best book that Lon has found about hypoglycemia is the book titled "Hypoglycemia for DUMMIES" (2nd Edition) by Cheryl Chow and James Chow, MD, (husband and wife team), published in 2007 by Wiley Publishing. 

     Cheryl Chow had her own personal problems coping with hypoglycemia. That situation probably contributed to that publication being a super book to learn more about hypoglycemia - after carefully reviewing the very helpful summarized overview information that is presented herein.

     A hypoglycemic person should purchase two copies of that book and then study the book carefully.  The second copy of the book should be loaned (or given) to the nutrition consultant that they select to work with them as their paid hypoglycemic consultant "mentor."

     The hypoglycemic client will need that special "mentor" to help them learn how to cope much more effectively with their hypoglycemic health condition.

     The nutrition consultant will need to study the book to learn how to help the hypoglycemic client cope more effectively with their very complex hypoglycemic condition.

     The hypoglycemic information presented herein can be a BIG HELP for the nutrition consultant, so a client should refer their mentor to this vital information - if they are also a "qualified visitor."   

     This is highly specialized nutrition knowledge and one should not assume that a nutrition consultant will already have this kind of specialized nutrition knowledge.  They won't have that very special knowledge unless they have already competently worked as a mentor previously for a hypoglycemic client.

     Cheryl Chow had her own personal problems coping with hypoglycemia. That situation probably contributed to that publication being a super book to learn more about hypoglycemia - after carefully reviewing the very helpful summarized overview information that is presented herein.

     A hypoglycemic person should purchase two copies of that book and then study the book carefully.  The second copy of the book should be loaned (or given) to the nutrition consultant that they select to work with them as their paid hypoglycemic consultant "mentor."

     The hypoglycemic client will need that special "mentor" to help them learn how to cope much more effectively with their hypoglycemic health condition.

     The nutrition consultant will need to study the book to learn how to help the hypoglycemic client cope more effectively with their very complex hypoglycemic condition.

     The hypoglycemic information presented herein can be a BIG HELP for the nutrition consultant, so a client should refer their mentor to this vital information - if they are also a "qualified visitor."  

     However, the detailed in-depth nutrition knowledge that the nutrition consultant has already acquired will enable them to become knowledgeable about   hypoglycemia within three to five hours of study of the best book identified above.

     The nutrition consultant will need to help the new   hypoglycemic client obtain a good understanding of the glycemic index characteristics of various carbohydrate type foods so the client can gradually learn how to choose special food components for their diet and choose the quantity of each food component at each meal and each snack.      

     The special easy to understand overview education presented herein is exceptionally important for anyone who has diabetes or hypoglycemia

    Several very good books have been published to help people learn about the glycemic index values of various carbohydrate foods. Your local library may also have one of these books but that is not likely. 

     See online bookstores for glycemic index books.  Lon found the book "Glycemic Index Diet for DUMMIES" by Meri Reffetto, RD to be very helpful. 

     To get a preview of the glycemic index subject, review the website at www dot GlycemicIndex dot com.

     This is critically important education for anyone who is hypoglycemic or diabetic.  However, the website shown above can be very helpful to anyone who wants to learn about the Glycemic Index.

     It will be helpful to also purchase two copies of a glycemic index book.  One book is for the client and one book is for the nutrition consultant "mentor" who is going to help either a hypoglycemic or a diabetic client understand how they can learn to help manage their health condition much better each day - on a "meal to meal" basis and on a "snack to snack" basis.

     If Lon Willoughby could have been educated adequately in year 1975 about the glycemic index subject, it would have saved him many years of very serious   glycemic index related health problems.       

     However, that was not possible in year 1975 because the glycemic index food concepts were not developed and published until year 1980 - by a medical doctor research team working together in Canada. 

    They successfully developed very important  educational information about glycemic index values to help diabetics learn how to choose (select) carbohydrate foods much better for their daily meals and snacks. 

    Many years later, Lon's ongoing research discovered a vital report about that Canadian research that helped diabetics learn how to choose (select) carbohydrate foods much better for their daily meals and snacks.  Lon then gradually found and purchased three glycemic index books by different authors.

    It will be helpful to also purchase two copies of a glycemic index book.  One book is for the client and one book is for the nutrition consultant "mentor" who is going to help either a hypoglycemic or a diabetic client understand how they can learn to help manage their health condition much better each day - on a "meal to meal" basis and on a "snack to snack" basis. 

    Those books enabled Lon to learn how various carbohydrate foods can affect the glucose level in the human blood system each day. 

    Different carbohydrate foods have different glycemic index values, and that vital Canadian research was exceptionally important in Lon learning about   glycemic index values of different carbohydrate type foods.

    NOTE:  The books referenced above are inexpensive paperback books, but they can be critically important to any responsible adult person who wants to cope more effectively with diabetes or also critically important to any responsible adult person who wants to cope more effectively with hypoglycemia. 

     These books can help one understand how to manage their health condition much better each day - on a "meal to meal" basis and on a "snack to snack" basis. 

Topic 21

Vital Education for 

selected "qualified visitors"

      It is very important to understand that all American adults (and many teenagers) need to have a practical working knowledge of special glycemic index values   because this is essential information for understanding how to help manage the amount of glucose that will likely be produced in the blood system from each meal or each snack.

     The glycemic index education is critically important  food education if one wants to stay healthy for a longer period of time and enjoy a more successful lifetime. 

     Remember that more than 70% of natural-born American adult citizens very likely have serious health problems because they had not been educated about the glycemic index books by different authors.

     Those books enabled Lon to learn how various carbohydrate foods (in meals and snacks) can affect the glucose level in the human blood system each day. 

     Different carbohydrate foods have different glycemic index values and that vital Canadian research was exceptionally important in Lon learning about   glycemic index values of different carbohydrate type foods.

    NOTE:  The books referenced above are inexpensive paperback books, but they can be critically important to any responsible adult who wants to cope much more effectively with diabetes or hypoglycemia  

     Remember that more than 70% of natural-born American adult citizens very likely already have serious health problems because they had not been educated about the vital importance of learning how to help manage glucose production in their blood system.  These vital blood sugar management actions are needed with each meal and each snack on a daily basis. 

     Avoiding sweet foods and desserts and fruit juice drinks are major helpful actions to take ASAP for  millions of health-conscious Americans. 

    Avoiding sweetened beverages (coffee, tea, lemonade, and all carbonated beverages - even the ones that contain artificial sweeteners) is also very important

     Minimize all sources of sugar (and also artificial   sweeteners) to quickly begin having much better health conditions!!!

    You now understand how critically important this   special education can be for responsible adults (and they can help educate their children when it is appropriate to do so). 

    ABC of Health promotes this special education only for "qualified visitors" (select American adult citizens that live in selected ZIP Code areas of upstate South Carolina - as explained previously.)

     Those citizens need to review this exceptionally important introductory education website ASAP to get a very helpful understanding of this critically important glucose management healthcare subject.

Medical Doctors in America

      Lon Willoughby has learned that some medical doctors in American understand that diabetics can have hypoglycemic reactions at times - when they get too much insulin injected for their "present glucose level condition." 

     An un-intentional overdose of insulin can cause them to temporarily develop a hypoglycemic reaction - (a low blood sugar condition).  The excess insulin causes their glucose level to go down too low (well below their fasting level of glucose).

     However, it still looks like many medical doctors in America do not yet understand that there are many people that have hypoglycemic conditions who are not diabetics 

     Doctor Seale Harris published that specific finding in his exceptionally important research report about   hypoglycemia way back in 1924

     Unfortunately, the American Medical Profession has irresponsibly and stubbornly failed to evaluate this very serious health condition in a competent manner. 

     They apparently have ignored very important evidence that showed that this very serious health condition likely affects millions of American citizens.

Can Hypoglycemia be Corrected?

     In Lon's diligent search for important natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge that might help him cope with his health condition (hypoglycemia), he reviewed many natural health type education books, a lot of health-related research data, and a lot of other health-related reports.

     His extensive search for natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge was very helpful to him as the years passed, and his natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge increased a lot.

     Lon learned how to improve the health of body cells and organ cells by using good quality food, purified water, and several nutrition supplements (available in health stores and also at Internet nutrition stores).  

     Several nutritional supplements have been developed over the years that can help a lot in coping with diabetes   and hypoglycemia, but they are not approved "standard of care pharmaceutical drugs." Consequently, a person will not likely learn about these very important nutrition supplements from a medical doctor.

     One can consult with a nutrition consultant to inquire about these very special nutrition supplements (that can be very helpful for diabetes and also hypoglycemia).

     Lon fortunately learned about those special nutrition supplements, and he added two of them to his daily nutrition supplement protocol back in year 1984

     He currently has very good management control of his hypoglycemic health condition in year 2022, and it has effectively disappeared.    

     Lon's pancreas has apparently become healthy because it function normally now. He does not have a problem with it overreacting and producing excessive amounts of insulin frequently, like it used to do (for 40+ years). Lon's pancreas functions well now, even when he deliberately does not use his routine well-managed hypoglycemic diet concepts knowledge (as a test).

     Lon's former hypoglycemia problems are like a distant memory, and he is very happy with his much better health status at age 85+ than in the past 40+ years. 

     He may be the only person in the USA who has managed to overcome a very serious hypoglycemic condition that had continued for many years, and then gradually improved so much that he now lives a normal life at age 85+  

Lon Willoughby Learned How to

Educate Millions of Americans

     Due to his natural healthcare and wellness concepts related experiences over many years, Lon understands how to educate millions of American adult citizens about managing diabetes and hypoglycemia much better than has generally been known in the past by most medical doctors.

     Lon understands how to educate people with those serious health conditions so their health condition may get better over time and then may gradually disappear as they get healthier.    

     Lon's advanced level of knowledge about these two very serious health problems (hypoglycemia and diabetes) can potentially help many American adult citizens, and he can also help many teenagers and younger children and help then avoid developing diabetes or hypoglycemia - by educating their parents.

    Lon has learned how to help American parents with children at home learn how to teach their children some of the very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are introduced at this website.

    Fortunately, Lon's extensive natural healthcare studies during the past 40+ years enabled him to acquire very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge that can be very helpful to many American adult citizens - about improving their daily lifestyle for better health and well-being.  

     Selected "qualified visitors" have learned herein about Janie Willoughby's 39 years of public-school teaching experiences - at the junior high school level (eight years) and high school level (31 years).   Janie's extensive public- school teaching experiences are a very important component of our unique six-subject education services for our Americans 4 Justice private education club members

     Remember that she had many years of teaching experiences with teaching courses in American History and American Government.  That experience can be very beneficial to some of the Government Information that we teach Americans 4 Justice private education club members.  (One of our Bonus Education Subjects.)

Topic 22

 Helpful Review Info

     At the appropriate time during this introductory  education website's presentation, Lon will provide a convenient hyperlink (link) to detour apparently "qualified visitors" to our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website. (The link is presented at the end of the Government Info Department).

     Our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts education website presents very important education that all responsible American adult citizens could benefit substantially from.

     Lon and Janie developed this very special   Introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts Education Website to introduce selected American adult visitors ("qualified visitors") to some very important   natural healthcare concepts before those visitors review our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website

     Lon wanted apparently "qualified visitors" to this introductory education website to have an easy to understand "overview" of what ABC of Health is doing to help educate many "qualified visitorsabout vital Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts that are critically important and very valuable for these American citizens

     ABC of Health has been active in this Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Business for more than 30 years, and this is the most important Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Services Project that we have ever developed.  It is truly an exceptionally   important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational service

     Our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website also presents very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts   education that is "free to reviewfor "qualified visitors"(selected natural-born American adult citizens who are Christian-oriented, and patriotic-minded toward America, and who live in selected ZIP Code areas in upstate South Carolina).

     "Qualified visitors" who wisely take time to also review our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website can get introduced  to   additional very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts with no cost because we have several education departments that present those educational services using our "free to review"   educational format.  

     That "free to revieweducation can be worth   thousands of dollars for selected "qualified visitors" because it can be life-improving for practically all of them.  

     It may also be life-saving education for many    selected "qualified visitors."     

     WOW!!!  What a terrific bargain in natural healthcare   concepts education!!!  This introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website and our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts   educational website are the only websites where our special copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services are available to "qualified visitors" as "free to revieweducation

     Lon and Janie Willoughby have made it very easy for selected "qualified visitors" (who like the "free to review"  education format that we present) to share this special  introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts  educational website address with people that they personally know and care about who are also apparently "qualifiable visitors."

     You now have a very good opportunity to help some other apparently "qualifiable visitors" that you know get introduced to this exceptionally  important introductory  Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website

     You can help ABC of Health enable other selected  apparently "qualifiable visitors" have a fair chance to learn why they should responsibly strive to improve their lifestyle and develop a much better life for themself and maybe some of their immediate family members. 

     Will you take a little time to encourage some of your personally known local contacts (apparently "qualifiable visitors") to visit this introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational  website

     Your referral actions to this website address can enable those contacts to review these exceptionally important and valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts as "free to revieweducation.

     As shown herein, this will also help achieve some really important and valuable benefits for America as a nation, with selected American adult citizens living in upstate areas of South Carolina. 

     Remember that these educational services are available only to natural-born American adult citizen who are Christian-oriented and patriotic-minded about  America and who live in a selected ZIP Code area with a primary permanent home or residence address ZIP Codes of 296 - - or 293 - -.

    Thank you for your responsible patriotic support of our vital natural healthcare and wellness concepts   educational services,

Lonnie Willoughby, founder and president of our parent company, ABC's of Health, Inc. and the founder and director of Americans 4 Justice-SC.

+ + + + +


     Lon Willoughby recommends that most selected "qualified visitors" should stop their review of this website for today and come back as soon as possible to continue a review of this very important healthcare -oriented report

     If you decide to stop for today, you can begin your next visit to this website at this Home Extension Department in the next Topic.

Topic 23

Introduction and Review Information

    This Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational  website presents very important education about our alternative health and complementary health type  Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational services. 

     IMPORTANT NOTE:  A very helpful Index Registry  is presented at the end of this departmenthat can help you search for specific subjects within this department - when you come back later to carefully review some of the important information presented in this department.

     You have learned that the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., our parent company, is Lonnie Willoughby, Jr. (Lon Will o bee). 

     He established a natural healthcare products sales company named ABC of Health in Greenville, South Carolina in January 1999 because he had acquired very important and very valuable education about alternative health and complementary health type natural healthcare and wellness concepts, and he realized that adults in the Greenville area did not have good opportunities to get educated about how to take much better care of their precious natural health

     Lon Willoughby understood the great need to make  major improvements in that very important natural  healthcare concepts education situation

     He realized that he had acquired a lot of very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that could help him accomplish that major educational improvement objective in practical, responsible, and sensible ways.

     Lon understood that his special natural healthcare and wellness concepts education, and his experience in working with natural healthcare and wellness concepts, enabled him to understand how to make badly needed improvements in natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services

     Lon understood that natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services could help thousands of adult citizens who lived in the upstate area near Greenville, South Carolina.

      The Home Department of this website explained that Lon and his wife Janie Willoughby closed the ABC of Health health store permanently on April 24, 2014

     After they moved everything out of that 3,000 square feet (floor space) retail store facility, they then began working together as an educational team to develop this introductory educational website. 

     Due to the very important and very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts education and experience that Lon Willoughby had acquired, they decided to keep the ABC of Health corporation in business as a natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational company.

     They realized that they would need a complex website that could introduce people in the Greenville area to the remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services that they intended for ABC of Health to provide for selected people in the Greenville area. 

     This educational project gradually developed into a two-part autobiographical report about Lon's life, and this report explains what motivated him to diligently acquire his extensive natural healthcare and wellness concepts education (a very complex and difficult education task during the time period that he was diligently acquiring that special education). 

      His two-part autobiographical educational report also explains how he acquired many years of practical natural healthcare and wellness concepts work experiences that were very helpful and very important to him.  

     You will also learn herein about Lon's persistent diligent efforts to help educate many people in the Greenville area when this website detours you later to our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website(located at 

www dot ABCofHealth dot com)

     Lon will present an active link for that website detour action at the appropriate time in this website's Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational presentations.

      ABC of Health closed our natural healthcare products health store in Mauldin, SC on April 24, 2014 because Lon had learned that ABC of Health could not compete successfully with the large amount of competition that had developed locally in the Greenville area, and on the internet, for sales of natural healthcare nutrition supplement products

     However, Lon Willoughby still had his incredibly important knowledge about natural healthcare and wellness concepts that could truly help thousands of people living in the upstate area near Greenville io remarkable ways

     So the ABC of Health corporation stayed in business as a Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Business because Lon Willoughby still had a serious responsible interest in helping educate thousands of adults in the upstate area about how they could take much better care of their natural health

     He realized that many people were suffering from various health problems, and dying prematurely in many situations, and Lon knew how to help many of those people.

     He also knew how to help people in pretty good health improve their potential for healthy longevity (becoming healthier and living longer by developing a much healthier lifestyle). 

     Lon realized that tens-of-thousands of adults living in the upstate area of South Carolina needed  some very important help in getting educated about the health concepts and the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that are introduced in this new introductory education website.

    Lon, and his wife Janie Willoughby, worked together as a natural healthcare concepts education team, for thousands of hours over a period of several years as they continued with the development of this introductory education website

     The website project became much more difficult and time-consuming that they had initially anticipated. 

     They eventually developed an exclusive private education club for ABC of Health, named Americans 4 Justice-SC (A4J club), as explained briefly in the Home Department of this website.  

     This A4J private education club can help ABC of Health (Lon and Janie) educate thousands of carefully selected club members about ABC's of Health's very important and very valuable copyrighted  natural healthcare and wellness concepts.  

     Americans 4 Justice (A4Jclub members have opportunities to learn about vital actions that can help them develop a much healthier lifestyle and potentially develop a longer healthy life.   

     A4J club members can learn how to improve their daily lifestyle in very important ways that can improve their life in truly exciting ways by using remarkable advancements  in natural healthcare and wellness concepts education that Lon and Janie Willoughby developed for ABC of Health - to use in corporate educational services

      Lon Willoughby knows how to help our A4J club members improve their routine lifestyle and enjoy a better life - one that is more interesting, safer and more secure, more comfortable, more fulfilling, and more productive and rewarding on a regular basis.
      This remarkable natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational service was developed by Lon and Janie over a period of almost ten years as they worked together as a dedicated natural healthcare and wellness concepts education team (with Lon usually working 70 to 80 hours per week).  

     They both realized how badly this innovative natural healthcare and wellness concepts education was needed by tens-of-thousands of American adult citizens in the upstate area of South Carolina.

     Americans4Justice private education club members  can learn how to improve their natural healthcare and wellness concepts actions conveniently and economically because ABC of Health has developed into a company that is on the cutting edge of natural healthcare and wellness concepts educational services.

     This introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website presents very mportant information about the Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational services that ABC of Health can present for our natural healthcare education clients (our A4J private education club members). 

     You have already learned that this introductory educational website introduces very important natural  healthcare and wellness concepts education that is "free to review" for selected natural-born American adult  citizens who are Christian-oriented and also patriotic-minded toward America, and who live in selected ZIP Code areas of upstate South Carolina ("qualified visitors").

      This introductory Advanced Natural Health Concepts educational website also presents an introduction to our main Natural Healthcare and Wellness Concepts educational website - a much larger website that presents numerous healthcare concepts  education departments

      Eight of those departments have been modified extensively to make them "free to review" departments for "qualified visitors."  Some of them are lengthy departments - would be 20 to 30+ pages long if the entire department was in a printed format.   

                     Too Busy for Our Vital Education?